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Youth Message-Spoken Word Poem-Blast Off

Internationally known Spoken Word Performance Poet Kamal breaks down real life with real talk for today's young people.

Lyrics/Poem (edited edition)

Blast Off Youth Message by Kamal Imani

You blasted off from the infatuation
To be the first to reach the ovum
miraculous conception
you are now here for a purpose and a cause
the world is in your hands bredren
it's yours
you are a spiritual being
descendent of the most high supreme
so step up
take your place on the world scene
blast off

Now sister, don't let him blast off in ya
unless he got a ring on your finger
a degree or certification
or else you gonna end up in a tight situation
blast off

now brother don't blast of and step off
be a man with yours
don't leave your shorty and your seeds alone to fight these wars
blast off
I see some of yall need clarification
the real blast off is the jump off and that's education

cause yo, cats gonna bling, blaze, bang and do they thang

but you gotta innerstand understand and overstand the unseen hand

Cause there's a war going on outside no man is safe from

to get you out of school into the prison industrial system
to make you just a number in the beast computer arteries
or just a tombstone in the cemetary

either way the system gets paid you just a matrix battery

so don't let them stop you
and get out your own way

you keeping real?

Keepin it real is good credit and straight A's
and the world will bow to you and write you a blank check

You'll be too big for pimpin rides and mtv cribs
you'll be rulin the world like Nas and Lauren Hill talked about
and you'll be like yo "that cat kamal was the truth no doubt

Blast off.

Focus on a goal take control and role
let the whole cipher know that you got soul
like the atom in the womb of the universe that grew into the sun
be determined and rise like helium

blast off!
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From the spoken word album "The Mic Is Calling Me"

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