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You R Genius! Animated Inspirational HipHop Poetry #Genius is common

You are Genius, is motivational spoken word poetry over a hip hop beat..It is letting you know that although times may get tough, you have the genius within to get through it and rise above it and reach success and happiness! You have innate talents and intelligence!
By Motivational Speaker and Internationally known Spoken Word Lyricist Kamal Imani

You are Genius!

A star was born when you came out of your mother's womb You got smacked by a cold world now you got battle scars and wounds
But it'll be a drag if you let that stop your swag
You just had a little turbulence so shake off the jet lag
You sang that song before, time to make a remix
Transform from the dung of the earth and fly high like a phoenix
You have genius within don't conceal but reveal itAnd let your dream vibrate so the whole world can feel it!Don't sit around with your head down in a comfort zone being content.
While the world is waiting for you to step up and represent!
Cause You are genius!In Your cranium, you have the same power, that powers the sun. You are pure fire! Electromagnetism.A bio chemical physical luminary carrying the Akashic DNA of great men and women of history.So the question becomes, what's your purpose? Who are you?
Cause what man has done, man can doSo take a look in the mirror you're a miracleAnd there's nothing in this world that you can't do
When you focus like laser beamsYour dreams will be felt and seenAnd when obstacles come on the road
Your head you must hold Keep your balance Flow at a steady pace Stay focused manLove thyself and keep the faith
Remember everything is a process
And bringing anything to birth will be painfulSo give birth to the genius ----- that lives inside of you! You are Genius!
Don't sit around with your head down in a comfort zone being content.While the world is waiting for you to step up and represent!Cause You have genius!©2012 Kamal Imani T.Oats­nius-by-kamal-imani

#Genius is common, #youaregenius #spokenwordpoetkamalimani #ellen

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