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What Hip Hop Is Not Telling You!

Hip hop is not telling you that
Men are supposed to be the maintainers of women
the providers for women
the respecters, protectors and elevators of women
that men are not to hit women.
That men are to make money that is legit to be able to outfit women
commit to women
be too legit to quit women
Hip hop is not telling you to man up
and control your community
To clean up your enviornment and provide a first class vitality

Hip Hop is not telling you that education is the key
and not selling drugs and being G's.
Hip hop is not telling you that when you engage in criminal activity
Many men in suits are getting rich without even trying
they are vying for the top privitized prison stocks
so when you hustle on the block and get stopped by the cops
their young money blows up, skyrockets and pops, Much more than 50 cent, Cash Money Millionaires or the Roc.
When a soldier from a set gets shot
the funeral industry gets a whole lot of cash
Now that's fast money

Hip Hop ain't telling you while you think you got swag and look fly like a G6
The civilized and rich people of the world look and you and laugh
they think young blacks and hispanics look- mad funny

Hip Hop aint telling you that n***** means slave
won't do for self, to be used like toilet paper, flushed and thrown in a 6 foot grave

Hip Hop ain't telling you that women are the world nations standard of beauty and respect
so when you see a woman representing it shouldn't be all about an image of gyrating sex
Women should be wanted for their personalities, minds and not just their behinds

Hip Hop aint telling you that it should be about doing things together in a collective and not about beefing, drama and showing off individual swag, blinging, pimpin and shine.

Hip aint telling you that when you are laying up on a dialysis machine in the hospital, you can then blame it on the alchohol and throw your drinks up, but it won't be a party when your family comes to visit or link up.

Hip Hop should be telling you to do for self and kind, work, handle your business, handle your responsibilities, celebrate your victories and MAN UP! cause it's TIME! (To truly come up!)

Hip Hop has been keeping truth real secret like gang signs.

It's time to through it all up

Kamal Imani aka KamalSupreme Amen
Is an internationally known Spoken Word Performance Poet and Hip Hop MC/Lyricist!
For bookings contact Mr. Kevin Barksdale 201-923-9213 5/11/11
Itunes 5/19/11
photo of Kamal by Jonathan Lloyd Brooklyn NY

Check out the youth mentoring book "You Got Next! Real Talk for the Hip Hop Generation"
Kamal Imani (c) 2011

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Comment by Bones on June 6, 2011 at 6:30pm
real talk

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