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From sultry to sexy, Annaya The Poet will make you BELIEVE IN LOVE AGAIN!

LYRICS: (Posted by popular demand)
In the depths and the core of my SOULin the essence of me where creation begins, I found a place where I want YOU to go with me.

This place is a secret place where Ive never let anyone else go or COME before, BUT I want YOU to go with me.

This place is boundless and without form and infinitely captures who I am and who Im trying to be and I want YOU to go THERE with me.

See, in this place Im sure that not only will you discover ME but also YOU and how two can walk apartbut together in the light of truth; if only you will COME and go with me

Getting into this place is hard; the only pass is a VIP card that I am willing to share BUT only---if you are willing TO let GO with me

If youll let me into your thoughts, embracing the desires or your heartwrapping your passion filled caresses with the anticipation of creating forever in your heart; Ill take you THERE to that place of ecstasy--come on and GO with me.

This journey requires complete confidence in me and mine in you BECAUSE at times we will lead each other blindly and Ill surrender totally to YOU; (BRIDGE)
but only if you will too.

(BabyLet me take a moment to describe this place to you and youll soon see that its a special place to be and that you must be a special soul to be invited there with me.)

On the outer realms of this place there are layers of LOVE, free understanding beyond any demanding of you or ITHIS place spreads farther than the skyand you might get lost so stay close to me and dont be afraid TO let GO with me.

At the very center of this place, there is a power and GRACE that moves mountains and offers miracles tooplease come inside and YOU---WILL---SEE.

For in this place you will find that theres no apparent rhyme or reason for why two souls dance on the wings of foreverit just happens and they connect together; what are you waiting for? Follow me.

In the arms of forever, spreading beyond magnitude is a place called home filled with abundant love where you are not alone; Ill show you where, if youll just follow me THERE.

And see, once you find this place, once you discover it, your heart will be free and fill with love, your life complete and your world will be

(c) 2008 Vinyan Publishing

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