All Videos Tagged motivation (CaribbeanFever / FeverEyes / CaribFever) - CaribbeanFever / FeverEyes / CaribFever 2022-09-29T16:50:09Z Youth Message-Spoken Word Poem-Blast Off,2012-12-15:2663233:Video:1024781 2012-12-15T18:19:38.281Z Kamal Imani <a href=""><br /> <img alt="Thumbnail" height="180" src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240"></img><br /> </a> <br></br>Internationally known Spoken Word Performance Poet Kamal breaks down real life with real talk for today's young people.<br></br> <br></br> Lyrics/Poem (edited edition)<br></br> <br></br> Blast Off Youth Message by Kamal Imani<br></br> <br></br> You blasted off from the infatuation<br></br> To be the first to reach the ovum<br></br> miraculous conception<br></br> you are now here for a purpose and… <a href=""><br /> <img src=";width=240&amp;height=180" width="240" height="180" alt="Thumbnail" /><br /> </a><br />Internationally known Spoken Word Performance Poet Kamal breaks down real life with real talk for today's young people.<br /> <br /> Lyrics/Poem (edited edition)<br /> <br /> Blast Off Youth Message by Kamal Imani<br /> <br /> You blasted off from the infatuation<br /> To be the first to reach the ovum<br /> miraculous conception<br /> you are now here for a purpose and a cause<br /> the world is in your hands bredren<br /> it's yours<br /> you are a spiritual being<br /> descendent of the most high supreme<br /> so step up<br /> take your place on the world scene<br /> blast off<br /> <br /> Now sister, don't let him blast off in ya<br /> unless he got a ring on your finger<br /> education<br /> a degree or certification<br /> or else you gonna end up in a tight situation<br /> blast off<br /> <br /> now brother don't blast of and step off<br /> be a man with yours<br /> don't leave your shorty and your seeds alone to fight these wars<br /> blast off<br /> I see some of yall need clarification<br /> the real blast off is the jump off and that's education<br /> <br /> cause yo, cats gonna bling, blaze, bang and do they thang<br /> <br /> but you gotta innerstand understand and overstand the unseen hand<br /> <br /> Cause there's a war going on outside no man is safe from<br /> <br /> to get you out of school into the prison industrial system<br /> to make you just a number in the beast computer arteries<br /> or just a tombstone in the cemetary<br /> <br /> either way the system gets paid you just a matrix battery<br /> <br /> so don't let them stop you<br /> and get out your own way<br /> <br /> you keeping real?<br /> <br /> Keepin it real is good credit and straight A's<br /> and the world will bow to you and write you a blank check<br /> <br /> You'll be too big for pimpin rides and mtv cribs<br /> you'll be rulin the world like Nas and Lauren Hill talked about<br /> and you'll be like yo "that cat kamal was the truth no doubt<br /> <br /> Blast off.<br /> <br /> Focus on a goal take control and role<br /> let the whole cipher know that you got soul<br /> like the atom in the womb of the universe that grew into the sun<br /> be determined and rise like helium<br /> <br /> blast off!<br /> Purchase on Bandcamp for only $.99 cent!<br /><br /> From the spoken word album "The Mic Is Calling Me"