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The Black Mans Theme Spoken Word Poetry | Kamal Imani

The Black Mans Theme-Spoken Word Poetry

Authentic spoken word poetry over a smoothed out beat and bass line. The commander of propaganda
Kamal Supreme aka Kamal Imani gives updated messages to the Black masses.

Red black and green is the set you rep
thats the bandana you should have on your head
red black and greens your flag! Peace

Genesis 15:13-14

I'm about to break the science down nah mean?
Straight out the bible
Cause they been coming at our necks since our arrival.

And he said unto Abram, Know of a surety that thy seed shall be a stranger
in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict
them four hundred years;
And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward
shall they come out with great substance.

We had rulership before the slave ships, now some are waiting on the Messiah and the
mothership, but at the same time, you gotta remember your assignment
get a divine realignment, cause we are the children of the sun
and from this Babylon we are supposed to overcome
but Black Man, why do you continue to run?
From your responsibilities, you aint supposed to pull your gun and squeeze
shooting your seed in these, superfine, genuine, daughters of the divine
messin wit they minds, waisting they time and leaving Gods Chilrun behind
to fend for themselves, searching for loving,
on the streets they hang, finding new fams, gangs and how to work that oven
work them corners
Thinking it's all about the block but soon they'll be gonnas, shot
or in the prison industrial system they'll rot
While white collar investors by shares in prison stocks
It's the new slavery baby and they mad at us
So white conservatives get on the air and fuss
they need a scapegoat
cause way before Obama did a president slit Uncle Sams throat!

black leadership pimps still trying to sell us faith and hope
They're headline hunters and ambulance chasers
afro saxons, two legged dogs, black rascist
and we must face this
and erase this
get back to Elijah Muhammad and Noble Drew Ali
Halle Sallassie and Marcus Garvey
One God one Aim on Destiny

Young black thug you still aint off the hook
there aint no manhood in leaving your brother shook
there aint no future in being a crook

You let this reptillian set you up
He out thought you
you about to self destruct
cause you need to learn - there aint no short cuts
gotta go hard, do it the hard way
and all the obstacles will fade away
but you gotta man up be
life is all about family
the R-a-C-E
and leaving a legacy
dont got no more time for you bums
I want rituals with African drums
the smell of blue nile and frankinscense
no stress no body tense
as a group we should have dollars and sense
heres the trick about integration
Americas still full of segregation
African americans under an illusion
in there own circles people keep cash movin
but we just spread it around
and they're moving up while we get down!
You better google Marcus Garvey
One God One Aim One Destiny

Red black and green is the set you rep
thats the bandana you should have on your head
red black and greens your flag! Peace

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