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Soulmates Wedding Song Spoken Word Lyrics
Soul mates!
That’s your fate.
So never mind the soothsayers, spirit killers and folks that aggravate.
I mean
How many people can truly relate?
To two heart chakras becoming one?
2 stars becoming the sun?
See love is something that’s inside us
and outsiders can’t necessarily detect, appreciate or provide us….with.
Love is the Creators magnificent gift
God is love
So when it comes to love
Only God is the judge
God is the architect of this sacred union that we must all respect.
In Mother Africa
We jumped the broom and two families, clans or tribes became eternally unified.
Supporting the 2
Who are making all things new
And helping them and future generations to survive
Loved ones
We ask you this day
To make an oath as well.
To surrender all negative judgement and karma
Baptize yourself in unconditional love
And commit yourselves to help Raymond & Renee to thrive and survive.
Now Mister I understand that you’re a quiet type man short on words but big on action.
Don’t ever let the honeymoon be over
Keep whispering in her ear and giving her that quiet satisfaction.
Sister, I hear that you’re the talker of the two
So I suggest that when times get rough, you do some subtle whispering too.
Overstand that at times the daily grind can be a bore.
So make sure you keep the fire burning with the high maintenance of bedroom décor.
Nah mean?
Take a lot of weekend vacations
2 days and even 4
An a 7 day honeymoon every year to celebrate this sacred day.
Live your life like its Golden, no matter what dem say.
Cause how many people can truly state, in there heart of hearts, that they have found their soul mate?
You can’t block the inertia of destinies momentum so just let it ride.
Be like Will and Jada and Bonnie and Clyde
Be remembered like Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee
Coltrane and Alice
And hold your heads up with pride.
I want everyone in here to know that once a special kind of fire is lit, there just aint no stopping it.
It burns obstacles at every turn
It warms emotions when hearts turn cold
It rekindles spirits and helps the soul unfold
It will be there from this day until you get old
It will accompany you in the afterlife.
As your souls ascend to paradise.
And in the Olympic games called life
You’ll hold it up high when you win.
But grin,
Cause you’re a winner everyday
Cause your soulmate has come your way.
Congratulations Today.
Soulmates was originally performed at a beautiful wedding on the steps of the Swedish museum in downtown Philadelphia. Kamal was invited to present his spoken word poem which was tailor made for the bride and groom based on their characteristics. Afterwards he has shared it with future newleyweds for a great musical and poetic addition to their marriages. Enjoy!

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From the CD, “Jump The Broom” by Kamal Imani

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