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Reparations Now Reggae and Spoken Word Dub Poetry Song

Reparations Now
Red man nation reparation
Yellow man nation reparation
Jew man nation reparation
Why Black man Nation no reparation?
No reparation?
There's a big giant elephant in America that nobody wants to see when it comes to giving up the money.....

For us building this great country. Yes, your forefathers the slavemasters created what you don't want to see
You need to give us what we deserve, acting like it's in the past while you hide out in luxurious suburbs
And you even go to services as if you're getting gods word
If your preacher isn't talking reparations, community control, dual citizenship and repatriation
He/she must be of the devil
For the African Nation, America and the world to go up another level
We need to stop the cognitive dissonance as if we forgot that Black African Slaves paved the way for what all Americans enjoy today and that goes for the immigrants too.
Your riding on the tracks we built allowing you to come through

See we were raped, not educated, miseducated, terrorized, whipped, castrated, babys cut out of our womens stomachs
Did I say that your grandfathers raped our grandmothers and grandfathers?
We were hung on trees
And not feed for 2 or 3 days while whites had pic a n***** pic nics
And all of this you want us to forget?
While the Japanese, Jews and Native Americans get
Cash, because our leaders sell us out for some hush money, tv cameras and some hoe ass chicks?

We have now adopted the slogan "We will never forget".
So we will be a thorn in your side, and we won't go away
You're giving 400 million to places like Pakistan and think we don't have nothing to say?
How much is the war in Afghanistan? How much was the war in Iraq? We're over there fighting and we don't get none of that.
I think we better all better reevaluate that.
So your saying we are not humans, as Africa you ruin
With pollution, war, international debt and disease
When will you stop the Arabs in the Sudan and what's going on with the Chinese?
We won't forget, the Black man and woman must have a nation!
So my people, now's the time to resurrect the call for Reparations!
Red man nation reparation
Yellow man nation reparation
Jew man nation reparation
Why Black man Nation no reparation?
No reparation?
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