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Light Beings-Spoken Word Poetry-Kamal Imani

Kamal Imani © 2011
The Epoch of the light beings!

Light Beings!

In the beginning that never began
In one millennium
One year
One day
One hour
One Nano Second
Once upon a time, there was a species of ancient space travelers
Their home base was a planet formerly called Tiamat which is now called Earth.
They mapped out the planets and stars with precision
They had cosmological swag.
Loungin In the heavenly realms - was how they were livin
They would either astrotravel or fly on spacecrafts to other planets
They built pyramids and elaborate shrines
They would swim, trade and navigate on rivers that flowed from south to north
And when they would pray for rain, it would rain
And when they would pray for the great biochemical physical luminary, The Sun (Ra) would shine.
Their, divine religiosity, theology and ideology was tight!
They were known throughout the galaxies as the people of light
And being benevolent beings, they tried to justify him as some kind of fulfillment of prophecy.
But later found that all he did was lie, cheat, steal and rob.

Their history went into a new chapter
Their oral pages now read “Dark Ages”.
Their families were broken up-separated
To a strange land
How they came from being ethereal beings to physical slaves, they didn’t quite understand???
They were mentally puzzled, fragmented, in bits and pieces
And given an alien type interpretation of their inhumane situation
Which told them to be happy and don’t cry
For one day a savior will come from out of the SKY!

And then the aliens had a war and the locked down light beings were so called set free.
But with a cold people in a cold land they remained
And wanted all the material things their former alien masters had so they started playing a new game called INTEGRATION.
Which led them to become dependent on the so called dominant culture for their survival and salvation.
They now had nice homes, fine cars, Jewelry, drinks, drugs, laptop computers, cell phones, flat screen tv’s, Ipods, Ipads etc…
And then in one year
One day
One hour
One nano second……
The alien race in whom they depended on….Dropped them!
And their subconscious collective minds went into flight
Telling them that everything will be alright
Cause one day the savior
Will be in sight
So they are lost in the wilderness, deaf dumb and blind
They party and bullshit
While looking for a sign
And theres a few things that they forgot from way back when
They are superwomen and supermen
Because the savior God that they are looking and waiting for
Resides within!
Their first eye pineal gland can
Visualize anything that it desires and thinks is best
And with positive focus, thinking and energy
The law of attraction will naturally manifest
So it aint what you been through
It’s what’s inside of you
All you gotta do is push the button that nature gave you
And automatically RENEW!
You are light beings!

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