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Lauren London's Boyfriend Nipsey Hussle Thinks Black Women Are A Disgrace To Black Culture

Nipsey Hussle co-signs tweet about Black Females being a disgrace to Black culture. Is it ok to joke about that sorta thing? VISIT OUR SITE:

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Comment by Big Shot... on September 20, 2015 at 10:37am
@Lucy Hall: Your example is whats going on all over. Its sad, very sad, these dumb birds are at such a low mental level that they almost cant be helped. They fight everyone to remain ignorant. They are comfortable and confident in their ratchetness believing that they are doing it big, or getting it, when its only conditioned failure. They teach their children to think and behave the same way. As of right now, that is our growing future because its become overwhelming to deal with and its totally out of control.

Others do see and can tell the difference just as we can. Every race has their junk, every race has garbage, the problem is people dont always know who or what they really are, treasure or trash. Everyone wants to be seen as a treasure, but most dont have a clue on what that is actually.

Your husband was right to say just leave that place alone. We know its hard to change up sometimes once you get comfortable there or have finally found someone to do a job you want done correctly. But, sometimes the Cons just out weigh the Pro's too much, to the point it becomes a lot more work to get the same job done. Once that is the case, it is time to replace. You should not feel robbed or bothered when you pay for something, you should feel happy &/or relieved.
Comment by Bombahdrop on September 11, 2015 at 10:06pm

I'm @ tha point Lucky that im to tired to have time for this generation on ratchetness and nations going against nations that all that matters to me is Seeking the Kingdom of God  if we can save some so be it but we cant win them all because some are deeply rooted in evilness they cant sleep until they do evil ignorant s***.

Comment by Bombahdrop on September 11, 2015 at 3:47pm

No lucky youre not the only one thought like that. God has been cursing black women for thinking they can do whatever they want and not answer to nobody for it and it be some skanky disrespectful s*** they do mostly jealousy and self hate not to mention the treatment from they mommas who like to teach them violence. The mothers be whipping these black females asses in the house and outside the house punching them all in the face and s*** in front of others and the other sibling watching feel inferior to the one getting smashed by momma smh its all a form of disrespect then they grow up to think that putting they hands on somebody solves the problems aint this a b****. I could go on and on.

Comment by Bombahdrop on September 10, 2015 at 8:14pm

I don't care what nobody say black women are a hot mess they just dont care and they want to do what they want to do not what God requires of them. and you wonder why they have no hair and need pounds and pounds of unattractive horse hair on the top of they head looking just as hideous. smh


I think I been threw hell and back for my short life and I did not and refuse to let those things make me an ugly person or to alter my appearance or to put pounds of different colored hair on my head . its just crazy how they behave and the kids follow suite. no end to the sick cycle  cause black women wanna do them and keep getting cursed by God as he takes away their beauty meaning their crown/hair. And this goes out to all the ratchet black women kids and teens. hell even grandma.

Comment by Rachel Rothechild on September 9, 2015 at 7:29pm

So His Girl Is Just Passing For So Called Black Then..

Comment by Big Shot... on September 8, 2015 at 1:24pm
@Lucky: Theres one more thing I have to add really quick because a lot of women tend to race to the same old stereotypical talking points to attack Blackmales when they get angry (and whats being said are inflated or unfactual statistics most times). All Blackmales arent in jail, arent owing child support or have to pay child support, some DONT even have children, all dont have 3-5 baby mama's, many ARE in school, many DO have jobs and many are faithful in their relationships, many are taking care of children that arent theirs (some not even knowing), some are helping their women go to school while balancing life (at the risk of her leaving once shes gets her degree or training. This happens often) many are taking care of multiple families, sick parents, relatives etc., all with the pressure of the Whiteman AND his counterpart on his neck opposing unity.. Too many females blanket all Blackmen the same way because of one or 2 things they may have gone through or something theyve heard somewhere, and in most times in theyre situation, they are the cause or a major contributor to the problems they have... Like, You cant call a man a dead beat dad if hes paying support or hes providing for the child he help created. You cant call a man a dead beat dad if hes spending or attempting to spend time with the child but the mother is doing everything to make it impossible. Hes not a dead beat dad if its not his child... Many females run off with the kid or dismiss the father cause they only want the check and theyre so bitter that they mistreat the man, which is also mistreating the kid, but they dont care. This is an unfit mother. Unless that man is causing harm to that child, she has no right to play him. It is also common for women to pool in with others telling lies, half truths, stories or DO NOT speak up telling the truth when they are not in the same bad category. These females are part of the problem. They contribute to unjust male bashing if they sit in silence (nodding in agreement) and allow it all to go on right in front of them. You cant say all if its not all you know?.

So when debating or discussing a subject that a BlackWomen dont want to hear, we should understand, stick to the subject or problem at hand 1st. Resolve that or come to some sorta understanding or compromise, then we can move to another subject that is dear to you. Because nothing gets resolved with all of the emotional venting. We must also go back to listening and paying attention, hearing what everyone is saying and not just idle waiting or looking for a break just to be heard. Proper communication requires comprehension, its hard to understand a point someone is making if you only waiting for an "ah haaa" moment or pause to dive in. This seems to be the new way of conversing these days, and it gets us all no where like these talk shows with great topics that always leave you with no answers talking about "Stay Tuned" or "See You Next Week". (EVERY WEEK)
Comment by Big Shot... on September 8, 2015 at 12:12pm
@Lucky Hall: (See that #2 statement you made, the story of your friend is more common then you know) Those are the types of decisions that Im talking about, when I speak on women dropping the ball. Yes, in that situation, she ran across some bad men, but look at the time table. It all happened after she left the good positive man that she had, the one that was helping her get what she needed in life. (To many always think the grass is greener on the other side, when the truth is many ppl do a lot of fronting & exaggerating for attention and admiration) She up rooted her son from his father chasing down what might be when she had what is in her hand. Thats a common thing. Its called jealousy. And that bad decision to leave what was solid, has only spun into more bad choices. Karma has banged her in many ways, the worst part of this story is the kids bouncing around being exposed to all of that foolishness. She doesnt even care to see how it all has effected the 1st young male she had that was ripped away from his pops, just to witness her go through pain over and over with losers.

Now, can we blame those men for her position? (We dont know why she had a hard time with those other men, but what we do know for sure is that she doesnt make sound life decisions right? Her history has shown it. So its a good chance that theres something that she does or is doing to cause men to want to move on from her.)
-Did those bad men place her where she is? She is the one that made those choices, does this not effect the child? Is it more important to chase fantasies when youve already started a family? These are some key questions to be asked.
Comment by Big Shot... on September 8, 2015 at 11:42am
@Lucky: Oh yeah, FACTS. The big mouth is usually the one heard most of the time, even tho, a lot of times, its a loud moron acting up or making noise. People tend to believe for some reason, because someone is loud or are always talking, they know what theyre talking about or have all the answers, when some people just like to talk and some people just want to be noticed.
Comment by Big Shot... on September 8, 2015 at 11:36am
@Lucky: I feel you. Its just that when you commented before it came off as if you were co-signing men complaining about ratchetness or being irrisponsible as a problem. I found it strainge because Ive never heard you take an unreasonable stand on our strong topics. You always have some positive jewels to add.

You are surely correct when we over stand the over all veiw of the Blackman and the Blackwomen (the struggle per gender is different, & blk males do have it harder). We are suppose to have the same plan/goals for our families and communities, but it appears that selfishness supersedes everything. Children are only pawns, tools for extortion, the real love is missing, the understanding of cause and effect on the child is non-exsisent, making sure the child receives all they need has turned into a game. Emotions, feelings acts of revenge and/or retaliation are now dictating logical decsions, and in the end, its the kids that suffer the most directly. We all lose because if we miss the stages to teach the kids at the proper age, valuable time is wasted and tons of mistakes are made which destroys or henders the kids for their entire life (this is also handed down, a cycle of destruction or disfunction is created). All of the parents bad decisions are life altering for the child and can not be fixed or repaired in most instances..
Comment by Big Shot... on September 7, 2015 at 6:45pm
@Lucy Hall: Well I have to be real, cause Im just that type of man. Youve been plenty blessed not to have been exposed to any of these types, this i find extremely rare, almost unheard of. Maybe you havent seen some of those around you under certain conditions, which is big, but overall, I am happy for you blessings. However, I have witnessed 1st hand, done a lot of research and have spoke to 1000's over decades about many of our issues. Ive witnessed the shift in awareness/consciousness and family stability from the male and female perspective for a couple of decades. And with the guidance of this corrupted system, many of our women have made choices to destroy their own family, realizing it or not. Media influence is another huge conversation. All Im saying is theres a lot of problems with many of our Blackwomen that have very little to do with simply blaming the males. Now, Men are now speaking out due to years of back breaking frustration. How is that wrong? Most females dont hesitate to complain about any little thing that bugs them or merely appear to be a problem, early. Why is it a problem for him to say something? An adult isnt supposed to see things wrong and ignore it.

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