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I Dont Wanna Hear It! New Hip Hop - Kamal

Shut Up!
At first you hear the sirens, then you hear " I Don't Wanna hear it"
and then the beat drops and the hip hop song really rocks!
This is for that time when you are sick and tired of hearing
someone talk junk. Kamal set's them straight!

I don't wanna hear it
I aint tryna hear it
I don't wanna hear it
you a op and a hipocrite
a hipocrite and a operative
you a agent and a snitch
dont make me dig my ditch
cause I don't wanna hear it.

If I fall back when you talk, it aint my fault
cause your mouth be running like Usain Bolt
You sounding like a op, a agent a snitch
don't make me dig your ditch cause I don't wanna hear it
I don't wanna hear it
I aint tryna hear it
I don't wanna hear it

My slogan and my code, is no drama
even if you articulate like Obama
got game like Ray Allen
but save it for your mama
save it for skeeter, june bug and them
cause you be having ninjas- go out on a limb
and when they come back, they up in some rah rah
cause you gased up they heads, they fell for your blah blah
You got bad karma
don't want a come near it
sieta la boca cause I don't wanna hear it!

I don't wanna hear it
I aint tryna hear it
I don't wanna hear it

I see you scheming,Get yo hand out my pockets
Why you cracking jokes man but looking at my wallet?
what's the moral of the storythat your telling?
What's the punch line? What you selling?
at first you whispering, then you yelling?
what you on man them rocks or that heroin?
aint no water here yo,bounce like a bedoin.
I ain't new to this, I'm a boss yo a veteran

I don't wanna hear it
I aint tryna hear it
I don't wanna hear it

(separate background track-Where my soldiers at, where my ninjas at?
Where my Gods at? Where my Guerillas at?

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