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Martin Luther King in Montgomery, Alabama on March 25, 1965.

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Comment by Timothy Soloman on March 17, 2011 at 1:43pm

My Sister what I like about you is the fact that you are among the few on this network that is about enlightenment and I am hoping that those that desire to represent the Caribbean would make this Site more Educational than a place of Sodom for others to believe that this is what the Caribbean is about.

Marcus Garvey Martin L King Malcolm X they are all of the Past which is called the Dead. Theirs failure is made Perfect in us the Living.

The word Agree to Disagree is one that I do not cherish. It is like the saying that you cannot have your cake and eat it!

I either Agree or I Disagree, For or Against, to live in the Middle is called the state of Confusion  and this is where the World live. It is only amongst the People of this world that the word agree to disagree exists.

The World from  which I speak, and from  which Truth is born, is without Confusion or Conflict. There is no such thing as Agree to Disagree. If it was so we would be a totally a lost People not finding a Solid Foundation on which to Stand.

But then in this World I have learnt Patience, and am not angry with the people that disagree, because it is only when one is brought into the Total LIght will the Conflict of the people disappear, until then we Pray for each other, especially those that is seeking to become conscious in an unconscious World.


Comment by JamRockLady on March 14, 2011 at 11:15pm

@Timothy Soloman.....thanks for the words of wisdom. We'll agree to disagree because after Martin Luther King, yes, the "white only" signs came down, they stopped hanging us from trees, stopped spraying us with hoses, changed a few laws so they could sleep better at nights....and that was it. We are no less racial oppressed than before Martin, the only thing is it's not so "in your face" or "out in the open" anymore. Today, we are suffering from "mental slavery and oppression" even more than ever before.

Martin avoided a massacre....that's a bad thing, not a good thing, for the overall advancement of our people. Sorry but, there has never been a MAJOR revolution, resistance or revolt in history without blood shed. THERE MUST BE BLOODSHED...IT'S INEVITABLE AND UNAVOIDABLE.


This white society, with it's cell phones, TELL-LIE-VISION, Holly-weird, Lame-stream news, propaganda, and chemical food and water, has made our people soft, fearful, COWARDS. We need to FIGHT! As in bear arms and physically go to war. Of course we have to use our wisdom and brains to formulate a strategic plan but after that...we must implement it.

Martin Luther King, although I respect the man for trying, had it wrong. I NEVER want to see a world where
"little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers." Hell no! They only "sisters" and "brothers" we have are those with melanin in their skin! Period!  Yes, black and white people can (and should) peacefully co-exists without inter-breeding with eachother. That's an illusion (thinking that white folks want PEACE). They are thieves, they want to steal all God's earth has and profit financial while doing it.  They are demons...they fear us and want to steal as much from us (and our culture) as possible. They want us wipe us off the face of the earth (exterminate us) and (as the video that I posted states)...they will use their white women to mate with our black men (much like they're doing now) stunt our progress as a race and people. 


White women are ATTEMPTING to infiltrate, undermine and dilute our race and culture until no memory of us being of African-descant is left.  Them white demons want a white woman on the inside to keep our black man from fighting against their evil and moving our race forward.   Look at what they're doing now-a-days, dragging young black folks away from their roots, culture, God-given-African-spirituality, African ancestry, using "media mind control", electronics, music, movies, news, advertisement and so on.  SMH!

Comment by Timothy Soloman on March 14, 2011 at 10:12pm

Bless my Sista,

About intigrating with white, yes it was wrong,  because Israel was suppose to keep their eyes on their Deliveror to take them out of Bondage.

The time was not yet fulfilled so we were told to live Peacibly with our masters. Garvey preached separation but had to turn to the masters for the means of transportation.

What King did was to take the Masters at their own game. He stood up for what was written in  their Constitution and used it to Condemn  them.

At the end of his life if you listen to what he said, even in  the speech How Long.  He came to the Conclusion that it is only the intervention of the Creator that will set the people at Liberty, that is why he said that he has been to the Mountain Top.

There are three Videos that is linked to Prophetic words and if you go to "Life Over Death A", in  my writings "Uprising" you will see that King was written of in Prophetic Writings.

Malcolm X had a more radical view of things and if King took that view when he lead the march on Washington, that is what would give the Masters the legal right to destroy a Million Black People. King used Wisdom and averted a massacre.

Comment by JamRockLady on March 14, 2011 at 2:31pm

Martin Luther King's intentions were good...but "peaceful marching" while demons sprayed up with hoses did nothing to advance racism and oppression of our people.  His idea of "integrating" with whitie was all wrong (that will only allow them to infiltrate our culture and intersect our progress from "the inside" of our families (which is EXACTLY what's going on today with inter-racial dating, breeding and marriages).  Malcom X had the better idea...."by any means necessary..."

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