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Hood Stories Never Have Happy Endings - Hip Hop Spoken Word-Kamal Supreme

"Hood stories never have happy endings" shows the flip side of the flossing & gang posturing that goes on in the urban streets of America. Via the art of hip hop poetry/spoken word, Kamal Supreme illustrates and drops knowledge about the streets. Hot beat

I came to ressurect Allahs descendants
cause Hood stories never have happy endings

In the drug game, the agencies that bring keys
to inner cities are the real
and the T-h-u-gs that trap thier own ethnicities
causes us to suffer losses are not real bosses
their just H-o-es
cause originally, the p-a-c-t for the b-l-o-ods
and the c-r-i-ps were to protect thier communities
from outside enemies
I came to ressurect Allahs descendants
cause hood stories never have happy endings

Now have you forgot?
On who to lick a shot?
Always pointing at your brother, blastin off glocks
knowing deep in your heart if your foolishness don't stop
you'll never get off your block you gon rot!

So if you gon go out...
Go out as a man
elevating your queen
taking care of your seeds
taking care of your fam
If you gon go out
have a real ass plan

but don't go out as a boy
a juvenile delinquent
a kller of your own people
a black devil
a serpent
cause after you trap
hustle, rise and fall
you'll be lucky to get your name in graffitti on the bodega wall
you'll be luck to get a mural on the projects wall
and the projects are slated for demolition
so what's your legacy gon be?
What's your mission

I came to ressurect Allahs descendants
cause hood stories never have happy endings

Every city up on youtube reppin they set
wavin flags, throwing signs like they the biggest threat
If everybody getting money why they so upset?
blood thirsty
can't wait to see a black man wet
the klu klux klan outta business cause your doing they job
Why don't you be a man and just come up hard
it aint easy being a man in the society
but don't let criminality be your legacy


I came to ressurect Allahs descendants
cause hood stories never have happy endings

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