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Empire - Spoken Word Poetry - Kamal Supreme

This Jazzy Hip Hop Track starts with some serious spoken word about Black men at their socioeconomic and political crossroads and it delves deeper into the potential ramifications and repercussions of their actions, when they should build an empire!

Spoken Word and Hip Hop Fusion talking spitting and transmitten the truth about the state of the black man, woman and child with a cold freestyle by no other than the premier spoken word poet Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme Amen

Kamal Imani (c) 2015
Let's Build This Empire-Spoken Word/Hip Hop Poetry

Kamal Supreme

The Question of the times is will the Blackman be a coward or self empowered?
Will he empower his woman, children and family?
Or will he dwell on the block of chemical weed smoke and irresponsibility
being a pawn in the game of the prison industrial complex
immature boys masquerading as pimps, players and connoseurs of sex

Killing their brother man from the motherland for the other mans contraband cause you don't
overstand that your being set up for a genocidal plan
You aint a real man if you aint taking care of your fam
and a real man is worth more than a jive n***** with a billion
so what's it gonna be T-h-u-g?
You gonna build this real empire with me?
The ancestors and babies are waiting for us to rise higher, inspire, man up, let's build this empire!

Young black aboriginal, the world is waiting for you to man up, stand up, get a plan up
pull your pants up, be responsible and pull your clan up
put your woman on her throne, respect, never neglect
leaving her and the babies alone
caue your Gods son
so never run from
the Babylon system
when you do the right thing you inherit the kingdom
and leave a legacy for your children
see real men, build family
which becomes community
you become an elder and OG
in the collective consciousness
and historical memory
the world is waiting for you
to leave a legacy
so let's work hard and never tire
inspire, set this world on fire
and build this empire!

Kamal Imani (c) 2015

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Kamal Imani aka Kamal Supreme
Spoken Word Hip Hop Poetry!

"This Style Is REvolutionaryArt!"
Bless The Mic Innertainment LLC.

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