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Daddy Come Back Home- A Love Letter - Spoken Word Poetry

This is a message to all the Father's out there who are considered "Dead Beat Dad's". Your children want and need for you to come back home. Via the art of spoken word poetry with a hot hip hop beat, Spoken Word Performance Poet Kamal Imani articulates a childs pain and yearning for his father in a very real and in depth way. Check out.

Daddy Please Come Back Home 2013 Kamal Imani (T.Oats)

Poppa, They say you was a rollin stone
Due to the pressures of society and post traumatic slavery syndrome
But there’s nothing worse than a good excuse
When… in a hostile environment your children are on the loose
The fact is Daddy…We need you here at home
And maybe you’re being neglectful
Because you think you’re unsuccessful
And we could all use a little money
But there’s something greater than that and that is L-O-V-E
I mean, even if you and mom can’t get along
She would at least secretly admire you for being where you belong
With your seeds
The ones who need
To see life from a perspective that’s masculine
To learn how to fall down and get back up again
That unique feeling of holding a strong mans hands
That laughter kids get from ticklin, that skill we inherit from playfighting
To see how you keep your head up in a world that beats you down
Everything will be ok daddy. We just need you home right now.
We’re in pain and our pain may one day translate into errors, mistakes and pathologies that will put us in situations that you ever could have imagined yourself to be in
In… your self-perceived subconscious victimization.
We understand your pain, fear, self pity and frustration
We understand the world’s covert plan for your extermination
You coming home would help some innocent kid who really loves you
An at the same time help to rebuild a family, community and nation!
Daddy please…I know it’s hard
But I forgive you and so does God
You’re love, smile, wisdom and hug
Will mean the world to me
Please, not for one more day
Should you leave me alone
I’m begging you daddy
Please come back home
I love you! I miss you Your spittin image

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