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Bernie Sanders Starts To Take The Gloves Off

Bernie sanders for president 2016

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Comment by mr1stroke on March 24, 2016 at 5:14pm

the American society is so retarded the whole world is laughing, they are always complaining and crying like babies, they are wasting energy in candidates like trump whom many dont even like but being forced by the media while they are bypassing a candidate like Sanders who have a record that speaks for itself, he do not have to lie, the same issues he stood for 40 years ago are still his fight, someone who stands for the general public, one who stands for the less fortunate who believes equality can be shared and does not have to be kept on a selfish level, the future is in your hands the decision you make today will affect you and your kids, do understand every time a politician or new administration take office the policies they set into place will always affect your life, especially those who have special interest, we both know Donald trump will be about himself, he is money and power hungry as a billionaire its never enough for him, Hillary is taking millions of dollars from big corporations and super-pacs, therefore she will have to return the favors with new policies and demands that will benefits them, now ask yourself, where do you stand, what will be left for you? If you teach yourself and your kids about Bernie Sanders just maybe we can have a brighter future, Now we Know the voters in NY and California are very wise about voting, do your research about Bernie sanders avoid the Media from Making up your mind for you, because 2016 election is a year you do not want to regret, just like many in 2008 regret for voting for Bush when they could not breathe with debt, Bernie Sanders have a plan for all and always have the choice is up to you to give him that chance, Vote Bernie Sanders in your states for 2016, a candidate you can depend on, a president you can trust.

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