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Your Willingness To Overlook Racism Is Racism

Staying Silent About Racism Is Racist As Hell

Staying Silent About Racism Is Racist As Hell

Many overtly racist White people are willing and able to overlook Donald Trump’s and the RNC’s racism to support his presidency because the White Pied Piper checks all the boxes of their inner Whiteness. But there are a significant number of White liberals, moderates, and progressive White racists in the Democratic Party willing to overlook causal and overt racism from Donald Trump and other racists because: (1.) they benefit from racism, or (2.) they secretly harbor racist feelings towards one or more racial groups.

If you’re White or a person of color, know your anti-Blackness and unwillingness to address racism is racism. Indifference, silence, and pretending to be clueless makes a statement about their racism just like a mistress showing up at a funeral wearing an expense pair or red shoes and a spicy hot red dress sitting on the front row of a church pew.

We all know good people can do bad things sometimes. Likewise, bad people can do good things sometimes too. Racists are bad people all the time until they decide to not be racist anymore. There can not be such a thing as being partially in and out. There is no lukewarm or cold. Sometimes you’re racist when you feel provoked or attacked, and other times you wanna do medical missions in Guatemala or Afghanistan with your shirt. Giving to ASPCA does not erase your racism. Adopting and raising Black and Brown children into your racist family won’t absolve you of racism either. Ignoring racism always does more harm than good. Always, always, always. An unwillingness to address racism is racism, and nothing else you do good will wash it away.

Overlooking racism is racism, which probably makes you closeted racist. Period. No one with a good heart and sound mind can overlook someone or something being injured and not try to do all they could to help the injured. Overlooking racism and not doing anything about it is as bad as driving past a terrible car accident where people are lying bleeding in the street to go to Whole foods to buy the ingredients to make your favorite avocado toast. Overlooking racism means you don’t care about the victims. That makes you racist. Take it up with your Gods.

Either you’re racist or you’re not. There is a constant theme to liberal racism that has been irking my nerves lately, so I thought I’d jot a few down. Too many White people appear to not understand what not addressing racism looks like. It’s a passive-aggressive behavior that is a microaggression. An unwillingness to constantly addresses racist biases harms others always, even if the person can’t see it, even if you the intent wasn’t to ignore or deny. White people (and people of color = PoC) willfully pretending racism isn’t happening in order to maintain their comfort and peace at anytime is racism.

What Overlooking Looks Like

Your willingness to overlook racism because racists White people can speak to your racist “inner Whiteness” with all the coded stuff we’ve heard over the last four years is racism. It’s the same stuff you’ve heard all of your life, which is the reason it activates and motivates you. This type of overlooking means you don’t have to hold other White people accountable. It also means you don’t have to hold yourself accountable. By overlooking racism you think you can absolve yourself from it when in fact your overlooking works more like an indictment. You don’t have to say a word. The inaction says everything.

Your ability to tune out all the child rapes in detention centers, all the anti-Blackness America has ever offered, or the rash of young White men parading as Whiteness rangers stalking and killing Black and Brown people to protect your skin color is racism.

The fact you’re so ashamed of your racism and you can’t (or won’t) admit or acknowledge that racism exists is racist. That racism allows you to act inhumanely. You can’t deflect your way out of this in 2020.

Your wilful ignorance is racism. Knowingly ignoring racism because it doesn’t affect you directly is racist. You’re helping put others at risk.

Your willingness to still believe you’re a patriot as the President puts our military service members at-risk around the globe every day, and your fellow White and White-passing citizenry installed a traitor in your White House is racist. Your willingness to ignore or discount the screams of victims to appease Whiteness is racism. White patriots willing to tolerate treason is racism.

Your willingness to ignore racist symbols and racialized anti-Black and Brown code is racismSymbols and codes are used as subliminal messaging to let everyone know who is in charge. White people have long been in charge of determining what’s racist and what’s not racist symbols on behalf of the people those symbols have been used to intimidate. Symbols and codes speak for White people when words can indict.

Your ability and continued knack to defend the most indefensible racist actions committed by racist White people repeatedly is racism. Forcing Black people and people of color to constantly provide evidence means you’re not willing to deal with your own racist s***.

The fact you continue to blame Black people for the racist actions of White people is racist. We didn’t elect Trump, White people did. And we didn’t rebel when America was moving forward with Obama, White people did. We didn’t create the Tea Party, Jim Crow, birtherism, White people did that too. Black and brown people didn’t create the codes and symbols used to intimidate people of color for the last 400-years. Racists have a very hard time accepting responsibility for White people’s actions. Economic anxiety didn’t lead White folks to Trump, so please stop insulting us with that lie, but their hateful racial anxieties absolutely lead to Orange Sherbert’s presidency.

If there were ever a people to be impacted by economic anxiety in America, it’s Black people and Native Americans, but we aren’t voting for racist Republicans because we know leopards don’t change their spots. Your willingness to ignore and excuse the racist behavior (s) of White people is racism.

Your inability to see and understand the nation’s past racist tendencies is racism. It ain’t that hard.

Your inability to connect racist historical and practical dots is intentional, and it’s racism.

Your lack of righteous anger is because of your racism. If you aren’t angry and moved enough to speak out and change the way you think and act, your racism rules you. It’s a decision whether you realize it.

Your “not all White people” and broad brush diatribes is racism. Most White people are conservatively racist and no party affiliation can erase it. We live in a world still affected by colonialism, and the demand to be excluded or included at anytime shows your unearned privilege achieved from the America’s racist social order.

Your unwillingness to admit you don’t or care and/or don’t care to understand racism is covert racism. It’s not that difficult. If you can learn to use a new computer or cellphone, you can learn and understand how racism work and evolves. Just admit you don’t want to know and keep it pushing.

The fact you believe Democrats aren’t racist or engage is racism is racism. You’re ignoring the White people who make up and who have always been the foundation of the party. Liberal racism is the biggest obstacle to forward progress. Dr. Martin Luther King (the favorite Civil Rights activist of White folks to quote because of his non-violence stance) talked about the liberal racist. Liberal racism is far more dangerous to Black folks than overt racism for obvious reason. It allows White people to hide in plain sight.

Caring about property before you care about people raging for their humanity is racism. We knelt quietly. You weren’t happy and you punished us. We write and you harass us. We be quiet and you hunt us down and taunt us. We speak out and you silence us. We wait and you lie to us or make more false promises. We rage, and you tell us you care more about property than you do about our lives. That’s racism of the gaslighting and sociopathic variety.

White liberal comeuppances using Black examples to counter arguments is racism and a willingness to ignore the orignial racism or White privilege that caused your racism to rise up. This is one of the reasons allies can never become too comfortable believing they’ve got allyship licked. You never know what thing can trigger your racism. Acknowledge this and we can work on it. Ignore it and you’re never to be trusted. Never.

Insisting Black people care about the inaccurate sensitive feelings of White people first as we live under duress every, single, day, is racism. Asking us to care about White people before we care about ourselves is racism and a mental slavery White folks learned how to use from the slave-owning ancestors they don’t want to claim. While today’s White people may not have owned any slaves, they damned sure love holding on to their tactics to control and oppress. Willful ignorance is racism.

Your inability to understand things aren’t going to get better in America is racism. Racism helps White people think the best of themselves and sleep better at night. America doesn’t get better until all White people work to do something about racism. Again, it’s not our problem to fix, and White people don’t just get to check out because they aren’t the recipient of the racialized retaliation. Many of you are soon going to learn the ditches you dug for Blacks and people of color are awaiting to swallow you and your racist family members up too. There is a price to pay for overlooking crimes against humanity and White folks are going to learn soon just how inhumane many of them have been. There are going to be some nations in the world happy to watch White people finally suffer. Remember that as you sit on your hands with your heads stuck in the sand.

Your willingness to allow me and my children to be spat on, taunted, provoked, killed, erased, disrespected, harassed, falsely accused, falsely imprisoned, unlawfully tried and executed on the streets extra-judiciously, called out of our names, labeled, cheated, etc., so that fellow White people known and unknown don’t have to suffer the terrible misfortune of being “labeled” a racist is racism. That’s called White comfort and an avoidance of White guilt by White associations.

In Conclusion

White supremacy is indefensible. American Whiteness is indefensible. Racist White people are indefensible. If you love Whiteness in all of its wrong, embrace it. Just don’t force your warped views on the rest of us, don’t attempt to justify your inhumane positions to Black people, and please don’t lecture Blacks and people of color on protecting ourselves from White people as White people continue to reveal to us property and inhumanity are more important than the lives of Black and Brown people.

It’s gettng harder and harder for White people to rationalize their racism. The idiotic love affair with whiteness has been exposed for the fraud it is and I’m so glad about it. But the liberal, progressive, feminst, and other closeted racists are still trying to lurk in the shadows as if we don’t see them. We see your unwilling asses and we want you guys to crawl from under your rocks and out of your closets. Pick a side. Do something about yourselves, then do something about the huge masses or White people subverting justice and systems putting all of us in danger in the name of Whiteness.

Time is running out.

But know if you decide not to pick a side because you’re unwilling and unable to, you’ve chosen your side, and that side is racism.

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Comment by Ignar4Real on October 15, 2020 at 1:25am

Eugenics, though long debunked is still part of the social construct.  We are one race, human. Not sub human.

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