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'You'll never get your hands on my money': Final words of newlywed doctor who shot wife dead and then himself in bitter pre-nup dispute on their WEDDING DAY minutes after guests left


  • George 'Scott' Samson shot dead his new wife Kelly Ecker Sunday morning
  • Newlyweds began arguing at their reception after-party at their home
  • This caused guests to leave around 1.17am because of the fighting
  • At 1.20am Ecker made a series of frantic phone calls to 911 asking for help
  • Police arrived to the Terre Haute mansion of Samson to find both dead
  • Samson is an anesthesiologist who worked at Union Hospital in Indiana
  • Ecker works as a nurse at the same hospital and has a 10-year-old son 
  • Samson held a Federal Firearms License which allowed him to trade guns
  • Police recovered assault rifles and hundreds of rounds of ammunition 

An Indiana anesthesiologist shot dead his wife minutes after the last guest left their wedding party early on Sunday morning after an alleged alcohol fueled argument over a pre-nuptial agreement turned tragic.

Dr. George 'Scott' Samson, 54, is said to have told his new wife, Kelly Ecker, 50, that she would 'never get her hands on his money' during the wedding reception at the Ohio Building in Terre Haute on Saturday evening.

According to witnesses, the argument became increasingly bitter when the wedding after-party moved to Samson and Ecker's mansion, with guests deciding to leave at 1.17am on Sunday morning as the fighting escalated.

Tragedy: George 'Scott' Samson and Kelly Ecker married on Saturday evening and returned to Samson's Terre Haute home for their wedding party

Tragedy: George 'Scott' Samson and Kelly Ecker married on Saturday evening and returned to Samson's Terre Haute home for their wedding party

Kelly and friend, Charlene Bloodworth
Kelly and friend, Britany Wright

Shock: Kelly Ecker with her friend's Charlene Bloodworth (left) and Britany Wright (right). The pictures are believed to show Kelly in her wedding dress on Saturday eveninf

Three minutes after the final guest departed, Ecker, who is a nurse at the same hospital as Samson, made the first of three terrified 911 calls claiming her husband was going to kill her.

The first two frantic calls to the dispatcher ended abruptly, but moments later Ecker phoned back, her trembling voice pleading for help, before a volley of gunshots rang out and the phone line cut.

Less than half-an-hour later, officers who who responded to the couple's Terre Haute home discovered the body of Ecker, fatally shot in the head and neck and in the basement the body of Samson, who had taken his own life with a 45-caliber semi automatic pistol.

According to Advance Indiana, the reception had been changed from the newlywed's home to the Ohio Building at the last minute and the marquee tent set up in their garden still hauntingly sits outside their home.

Indeed, according to Advance Indiana, police recovered a literal arsenal of weapons from the home, including assault rifles, hand guns and several hundred rounds of ammunition. 

'They had just gotten married and something went terribly wrong,' said Vigo County Coroner, Dr. Susan Amos.

'He shot her and then shot himself. We are still in a second autopsy to confirm that.'

Witnesses told the IndyStar that the couple had argued at the end of their reception and the final guest left anesthesiologist Samson's home at 1.17am.

Kelly Ecker
Kelly Ecker

Frantic cries for help: Kelly Ecker phoned 911 in the early hours of Sunday morning to plead for help from her husband who she claimed was trying to kill her

Friends: Kelly Ecker poses with one of her co-workers before her wedding to George 'Scott' Samson on Saturday

Friends: Kelly Ecker poses with one of her co-workers before her wedding to George 'Scott' Samson on Saturday

George 'Scott' Samson and Kelly Ecker's 10-year-old son
The Terre Haute home shared by Samson and Ecker

Scene: George 'Scott' Samson and Ecker's 10-year-old son (left). Ecker posted the picture of Samson's home to Facebook in July commenting that she was delighted to be moving in with her son. She was found dead in his bedroom at the property. The 10-year-old was unharmed

Ecker, a nurse at Union Hospital, phoned 911 at 1.20am after witnesses said their argument about money spiraled out of control.

'The investigation has revealed that there was an verbal argument between the couple toward the end of the reception, which carried over to the after party at the couples' home,' said Vigo County Chief Deputy Sheriff Clark Cottom in an email to the IndyStar.

'Shortly after the last guest left at around 1:17 a.m., Kelly Ecker Samson called 911 reporting that her husband had threatened to kill her. 

'There were a total of three very brief 911 calls, which in the first two the caller disconnected.'

Cottom said that Ekcer was found in the bedroom her 10-year-old son from a previous relationship slept in, while Samson shot himself once in the head with a registered gun.

Haunting: The marquee tent erected in the garden of Samson's home still stands the day after the tragic murder suicide

'Deputies did find the female victim inside the child's bedroom deceased,' said Cottom to WISHTV.

Cottom said that Ekcer's son and an elderly couple believed to be Samson's parents were inside the home at the time of the shooting, but were not harmed and escorted out by police when they arrived.

'We received information from the elderly male that the female's husband Scott Samson had retreated to the basement,' said Cottom to WISHTV.


1st CALL

Dispatch: '911 what's the address of your emergency?'

Tragic notes left by friends: Kelly Ecker at a Christmas party with Brooke Llewelyn

Tragic notes left by friends: Kelly Ecker at a Christmas party with Brooke Llewelyn

Kelly: '4205 North Creal. Please.

Dispatch: What's the address?'

Kelly: '4205 North Creal.'

Dispatch: 'Ok what's going on there?'

Kelly: 'He's beating the s*** out of me.'

Dispatch: 'Who is?'

Kelly: 'My husband.'

Dispatch: Who's your husband?'

Kelly: 'Scott Samson. He's got guns inside.

Call ends


Dispatcher then called back, but that call was answered and then hung up


3rd CALL

Kelly: 'Help!'

Dispatch: 'What's the address of your emergency?'

Kelly: '4205 North Creal.'

Dispatch: 'Ok 4205...'

Kelly Interrupts...

Kelly: 'Oh my God!'

(Multiple shots are heard being fired)

Call ends

Samson, 54, is a doctor at Union Hospital in Taure Haute and one witness told WISHTV that guests left the wedding party because of the argument that the newlyweds were having.

'They were having some domestic problems at the house. Within a short amount of time guests decided it would be best if they left. Shortly after the last guest left that's when things went terribly wrong,' said Cottom.

When police arrived, they discovered the basement locked and so had to call out the Terre Haute Police Department Special Response Team.

'The remote camera was able to determine he was in the basement, unresponsive,' said Cottom.

Friends such as Brooke Llewellyn took to Facebook to express their grief at the loss of their friend.

'Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine on this day that our time as friends would be cut so short,' wrote Brooke.

'You will forever be remembered by many as the most outgoing and energetic woman'


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Comment by Bigmikey on October 14, 2014 at 7:36am
Damn I wonder how many times they argue before they got married what a damn shame
Comment by dc on October 13, 2014 at 1:23pm

This world is something else. People are not marrying for LOVE. The LOVE of Money is the ROOT of all evil. Read your bible pray everyday!

Comment by CHIQUITA on October 12, 2014 at 1:14am

That's a tragic shame!  Unbelievable! 

Comment by Diane Chinnery on October 11, 2014 at 6:49pm
S*** why didn't that dispatcher send the cops right away why a half hour later the first call should've been enough.

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