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Wow.. The Simple Cure For Ebola.. Gov't is Rejecting.. Doctor Talks About it On Video..

Simple cure for EBOLA monster virus

Dr. Rima Laibow, Medical Director of the Natural Solutions Foundation, adamantly says there is a simple cure for the flesh-eating Ebola virus. She then adds that governmental and political powers don’t want that cure known. Instead, they want to use Ebola to help reduce the world population. Below are Dr. Rima’s own words about the viral monster and those who created the monster. Boldface type has been added.

Watch Video... Simple Cure For Ebola

July 31, 2014 - The international community says, with a single voice, that there is no cure for Ebola and no prevention, either.  They tell us that because the Ebola Virus strain devastating West Africa is a novel one, no antibiotic can touch it and that the organism has an astonishing kill rate of 90%.

Leaving aside the World Health Agency and all associated laboratories and research institutions, I find it impossible to believe that the US Government’s Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DFRA, Defense Department) and United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), two agencies with large budgets publishing nearly 100 scientific papers on Ebola and its treatment since 2000, could not come up with a cure, prevention or treatment for it.

Oh!  Wait!  They DID come up with a cure, prevention and treatment for it: 10 PPM Nano Silver.  That’s right!  OOPS!  US Government, WHO (World Health Organization) and their associated minions are lying!  Again!

And the kill rate for this disease of convenience, genetically engineered to be more deadly than ever before, just happens, I am sure coincidentally, to be the exact number depopulationists like Bill Gates and George Soros have wet dreams about: 90%.

The US government study (declassified in 2009) which showed definitively that Nano Silver at 10 PPM is the definitive prevention and therapy for Ebola virus “somehow” got “overlooked.” We do not know how long before that the work actually took place, but the US civilian authorities knew not later than 2009 that there is a cure, treatment and prevention for Ebola virus. . . .

This past Monday (July 28, 2014) I wrote a letter to the Presidents of the four afflicted countries (including a copy to the President of what may well be the next country afflicted, the United States since an Ebola-stricken volunteer is being flown to Atlanta for treatment).

What about the staff of the airplane conveying that victim? The airport personnel and passengers who are in her vicinity?  The hospital personnel?  This is a perfect recipe for disaster, but do not feel bad about it.  If you live in the US, you are not alone in having governments spread the contagion to you.  An Ebola victim is being flown to Heidelberg for treatment, too, so Europe is about to go down.

Once that happens, the globalists get their wish: the population is reduced, the “need” for WHO to seize government powers is established, the “need” for the total authoritarian control of the populace by the Global Health Security Initiative is established and lots and lots and lots of us die because “THERE IS NO CURE, NO PREVENTION AND NO TREATMENT” for this disease 

apparently engineered at a Level II Biosecurity Laboratory inside Kenama Hospital in Sierra Leone.  As a matter of public record, the Level II BioSecurity facility was funded by George Soros, Bill and Melinda Gates, the US, WHO, Tulane University and a bunch of other bad actors who apparently want to see most of us dead.

Think I’m exaggerating?  Think again.

And, oh, by the way, Ebola virus should only be handled at a Level IV lab.  A Level II lab is designed to be “suitable for work involving agents of moderate potential hazard to personnel and the environment. . . .

Why would Soros, Gates and all their friends put a BioSafety Lab in a Hospital when CDC says that the principle focus for the spread of Ebola virus is hospitals? And why would they make it a Level 2 lab instead of a level IV lab?  And why would they genetically engineer the organism to have a stunningly high fatality level?  Did they forget biosafety precautions just like they forgot that Nano Silver was known AT LEAST in 2009 as the definitive antiviral agent against Ebola virus?

Did they “forget” that organisms cannot develop resistance against Nano Silver so it will keep on working?  Is that the real reason it is illegal in Europe and the FDA has been trying to take it away from us for years?

Perhaps these guardians of our lives and futures need some CBD, ginkgo biloba and piracitam to help them remember things like that.

Or perhaps they are unfit for power and exceedingly dangerous to our health and longevity.

To repeat: US Government research, declassified in 2009, shows, beyond a shadow of a doubt that NANO SILVER, at 10 PPM, effectively kills the Ebola virus. . . . .

You MUST buy enough Nano Silver to protect yourself and your families.  And you MUST help spread the information here. . . .

Answers to EBOLA cure questions

EDITOR’S NOTE:  After we posted “Simple cure for EBOLA monster virus,” we received repeated questions: Is Nano Silver just another name for colloidal silver?  If not, what is it?  Where can it be purchased? Can you purchase a machine to make your own Nano Silver? What is the protocol for using Nano Silver against Ebola?

Most of the answers can be found in the following message that Dr. Rima Laibow posted on her Natural Solutions Foundation website on August 10, 2014.

URGENT! PLEASE get this out for me

US Department of Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) Ebola/Nano Silver Study, declassified in 2009, makes it clear that despite what the WHO, US government and its agencies (FDA, CDC, etc.) are saying, there ISactually something that will stop the Ebola virus outbreak.

That something is Nano Silver 10 PPM which is NOT colloidal, ionic, protein, soft or other silver preparations.

They might work; they might not BUT NANO SILVER 10 PPM is the one that was shown to regulate virus replication in vitro.

The precise, identical nutrient silver solution used in that research is available at from the Natural Solutions Foundation.

Sign-Up Here for the Dr. Rima Nano Silver Protocol

Here are the rest of the answers: 
(1)  A nano measurement is one-billionth of a meter.  To make that number real, the width of a human hair is approximately 80,000 nanometers.  A nanometer-size particle is smaller than a living cell and can only be seen with the most powerful microscopes available.  A nano particle can enter any biological cell and therefore easily destroy a virus from the inside out.  It requires special equipment to get silver particles that small.

(2)  If you wish to make your own Nano Silver, begin your search for equipment at which several Nano Silver manufacturers have recommended.

GOOD NEWS!!! – Dr. Rima Laibow posted this on her website on August 11, 2014:

This weekend I have spent countless hours talking to members of governments and their advisers from the West African countries afflicted by Ebola.

The bottom line is that our information about Nano Silver 10 PPM and Ebola is so powerful that they are asking us to do clinical trials there immediately so that they can then begin making our Nano Silver 10 PPM available to their entire nation. And we said yes, of course!

Did You know Disease CANNOT survive in an Alkalined Body?  Get Your Body Alkalined with THIS....


please help save lives and share this information!

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Comment by tym2revolute on November 7, 2014 at 11:04am
Damn Mr. KJ. Couldnt have said it better!!!! I have been affiliated with this foundation (Natural Solutions Foundation) for many years now. They always expose the dutty evilous lies the government tells. When the bird flu panic was about, I was receiving emails about it from the NSF foundation long before it was widespread on the news. They also get involved in politics. Whenever the government tries to implement legislation that takes away our freedoms or is harmful to the population in any way, the NSF will broadcast videos and emails for people to take action in any possible way. I already got me a 6 pack of nano silver. I recommend you guys do the same. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.
Comment by Pearl Green on October 22, 2014 at 11:10pm

Everyone should share and repost this as much as possible!...

Comment by mr fix on October 15, 2014 at 7:50pm

Thank you @Loveli 

Comment by Vinny Pat on October 14, 2014 at 4:45pm

more ppl should be reading this

Comment by King-Tut on October 11, 2014 at 4:06am

The first known outbreak occurred in 1976, and none of the wealthiest nations have developed a cure? I find this very hard to believe. this is all about population control, and the best place to start the reduction is with earths first.

It is so sad that man has reduced himself to such levels!!

Comment by conscious1 on October 10, 2014 at 4:25pm

@Mr. KJ, EXTREMELY INFORMATIVE AND INTERESTING VIDEOS.  Thank you very much for your comment.  Hope other CF readers tune in!!

Comment by Mr. KJ on October 9, 2014 at 9:55pm

Here's the TRUTH on the Ebola virus and the US owns the PATENT on the Ebola Virus. 

Bill Gates promotes these viruses in African Countries because they have no structure to prevent.

First Case of Ebola HERE & Proof Bill Gates and the ELITE utilizes poison vaccines to push their de-population agenda. - Link: & Link:

The ELITE are implementing their agenda RIGHT NOW to De-populate the world and genocide still against the BLACK RACE. Why do you think all these life-threatening diseases start in Africa? That's the ELITES testing ground to produce the FEAR so they can make Billions off the vaccines.

DO NOT allow them to deceive you in taking the vaccines that they will try to force upon all Americans.

God said, He would not have us ignorant of satan devices/plans.

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