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Woman with Four Kids Gets Furious When Her Baby Daddy Brings Food for His Child Only | WATCH

A video of a mother of four (Eliz McGlaston a/k/a Lisa) nagging one of her baby daddies is going viral as you read this. Lisa is visited by the father of one of her kids. The father has brought a McDonald’s meal specifically (and certainly only enough) for his particular son, and nothing for Lisa’s other kids

This turns Lisa off: instead of thanking him for showing he cares for his son, she threatens to “expose” him for only caring for his own son while neglecting the other three.

“It ain’t more than enough food in that bag for everybody,” she is heard grumbling in the video, as her baby daddy arrives with a McDonald’s meal and a drink for his own son. Obviously, this is what the baby daddy has always been doing; he only brings food for his own son, not the other kids.

She trains her eyes on the bag he is carrying and adds, “That don’t look enough for all my kids!”

She then asks, “What about my other kids?”

The man, quite taken aback, asks, “What about your other kids?” He then quickly answers his own question thus: “They ain’t my kids.”

“But them yo’ kid’s siblings though,” she shoots back. “My other kids finna be left out

The stunned man then asks her, “You didn’t feed them?”

To save the situation, the man reasonably proposes that Lisa should send their shared son to the car to eat his sandwich. Then he says the boy could eat in his room, away from the other three children, or eat in his car. He further makes it clear he is only responsible for his biological child, so she should call her other baby daddies to feed their own kids as he is feeding his.

But the more he explains himself, the more he seems to add petrol to the fire, for she gets even more furious. After some heated back and forth, with both mostly talking at the same time, Lisa asks him to handover the food to her, which he does immediately, only for her to toss the drink and bag on the ground. The drink can be seen rolling on the road.

At this point, the humiliated baby daddy returns to his car and leaves.

People who have viewed the video have given mixed reactions, as expected. Some support the woman, arguing the baby daddy should always bring enough food for all kids, since the others are his son’s siblings.

However, other viewers feel the woman is trying to use the man, arguing that while he should sometimes bring something for the other kids, he is not obliged and should not be forced if he is not up to it. They add that the woman’s conduct partly explains why she is single with four kids.

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Comment by mr1stroke on July 15, 2022 at 12:55am

Even if it was fake that is why I say to people those black females make black men out to be monsters to the rest of the world, not other people, they glorify those bums who don't take care of their kids each time they bash them they are blaming it on black man.

Comment by mr1stroke on July 15, 2022 at 12:54am

Sheldine Forde it is sad looking at a community where 90% of the females have the same culture, having kids for irresponsible men who won't take care of their kids, how many times can one make the same mistake over and over when you see that its not working for the others, what ever happen with family values like marriage?

I know many wants to throw everything at slavery, but when do we improve and evolve from the past, are we not supposed to change what was done to us, how about we say no to those men unless they make a commitment to marriage, those females can walk around bragging all they want to about their kids as soon someone see them the first question they ask is where is their daddies? Every one know they did have the kids by them selves so where is the other person, raising kids on your own was not the 3ay of life and we see the result of bad decision, how can these kids value their selves when that is the environment they are coming from? This is so sad especially when you have people who condone it.

Comment by judy maya on July 14, 2022 at 6:27pm

She has now come out saying it was fake! These people will do anything for likes on social media. SMH

Comment by Sheldine Forde on July 12, 2022 at 11:24am

mr1Stroke, I totally agree. These females be bugging. no morals, no self esteem, no values. just reckless. it is so disgusting.

Comment by mr1stroke on July 12, 2022 at 11:13am

I'm just waiting for the day those black females find some self value, my question is to those females and the people who makes excuses for them. What is the honor and reward in having multiple kids for different men or just having kids without a commitment, than go back and do it all again even though those men keep on walking, when will those females have family values, if they say we shouldn't have sex before marriage but as human we cannot handle that don't you think it makes more sense not to have kids for someone unless he marries you, if that man don't value you enough for marriage what makes you think he will care enough about your kids when he can just pack up and leave. And you females support those bums each time you lay with them and get pregnant even when you know they already have kids they are not taking care off, those black females are trash and finish waste, no way I lay with a woman with multiple kids and she has never been married, that explains what type of female she is I stay away from those.

Comment by mr1stroke on July 12, 2022 at 11:06am

Why should he feels concern whether or not the other children feel left out, his job is to take care of his kid and thank God he is doing that, if she was concern about her other kids she would make sure they have a father or go out and buy them their own food 9nsteas of begging. Asian to feed them, this is so embarrassing, that is why they buried in the project.

Comment by Jessy on July 12, 2022 at 9:37am

This is the problem when you have so many babies' mamas or so many babies' daddies in the picture.   If I was that father, I would take the child out by him or herself and get them something to eat so the other children won't feel left out, but I do think the entire video is hilarious, lol!!!

Comment by vaughn mitchell on July 11, 2022 at 9:33pm
Oh, well tell their other baby father's to buy food for them. Keep your damn legs closed.
Comment by mr1stroke on July 11, 2022 at 5:58pm

By the way folks those are not women, those are the females waste in the community, if we call them women than what do we call those with self respect, value and self esteem? Lets leave them where they belong, just like you can not get upset when some one say the word n***** unless that person say it to you directly, you cannot accept those who lives like niggers or include your self in the n***** category, samething at those hoes running on the loose spreading diseases popping babies

Comment by mr1stroke on July 11, 2022 at 5:55pm

Ok to start, this is why these hoes keep on doing nonsense because society makes these hoes think it's okay. Did she think about having other kids when she was popping those little bastards, where are their fathers, does she pressure their fathers to take care of them?

At least he is taking care of his, hey that say something about a female begging a man to feed her kids, meaning she don't know those other kids fathers. So if he brings school clothes go for his kid he suppose to bring clothes for the others, every man has the obligation to take responsibility, if he lays with bums who won't take care of their kids that is her problem.

These b****** go out there pop babies for any dogs than they want another man to pay for it, he does not have to feed that kid of he don't want to. Now on 2 counts I would hold him unaccountable, 1- if he was living with her or was involve with her, if he is the only man they know than yes treat them as a family, 2- being human with compassion the little bastards probably did not eat all day because the b**** is spending the public assistance money on fake hair and nails, also clothes to chase more men to get her pregnant. Don't she knows how to cook, isn't it her responsibility to feed her kids?

Last night there was a donkey who called the radio station talking about they are just kids, they are family, they don't know about whose father is who, now that is why I stat away from project hoes and women women with more than one kid, isn't it the first person a kid suppose to know are the mom and dad, you females are a waste popping all those them kids without fathers, you have no shame and self esteem, if you can't afford kids or will not have kids with responsible men than have a f****** abortion, it still legal, but so many of you are only worth getting pregnant that is why those men don't stick around. And I don't care about any one who disagree, your views don't matter, because I take care of my daughter like she was the only one in this world, some of us are the symbol of God.

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