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Woman shot, killed after being chased on highway by men in pickup truck


On Wednesday night, a woman was shot in the head after she was chased down a highway by men in a white pickup truck.
According to Sgt. Jonathan Howard, three men in a truck were chasing Dinya Farmer at around 7 in the evening near Thomas Road in Phoenix.
Howard said that Farmer had reported that she was being followed before she was shot in the head and taken to the hospital in critical condition before she died.
“This increases the likelihood that the crime may be related to some pre-incident contact that has yet to be determined and lowers the likelihood that it was random violence or traffic altercation related,” said Howard.
Two or three crashes were related to the shooting, and two other people were hospitalized in relation to the shooting.
Farmer wrote a public Facebook post last July looking for help to deal with a child custody situation and breast cancer diagnosis.
“Hello my name is Dinya and I’m happy to find this community because for the past 2yrs I’ve been dealing with parental alienation syndrome and have no one to help me. My story began in 2013 when I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer,” Farmer wrote.
The post in the group Parents Against Parental Alienation has gotten attention in the wake of her murder, and the group’s moderator says the information has been turned over to authorities.
Sgt. Howard said that there were no indications that the shooting was related to a recent serial shooting case and the investigation is ongoing. A GoFundMe page has been started in Farmer’s memory.

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Comment by mr1stroke on September 11, 2016 at 4:36pm

i told you people its going to get tougher than you think, and many of your politicians are the reason for that, people are angry as hell, about 80% of the public is arm these days and about 45% will use it, so news like this will not go away, wait for the next, too bad the had to the victim, pray if you believe in prayer but crimes are real

Comment by Kyra-Lee Marie Wilson on September 10, 2016 at 10:08pm
This Is So Heartbreaking & Sad Why Would Anyone Do This To A Person Who Has Breast Cancer
My Heart Goes Out To Her Family R.I.P Dinya Farmer I Hope The Poilce Catch The Bastards Who
Did This Lock Them Up & Throw The Key Away.

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