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Woman Running For Atlanta Mayor Promises To CLOSE ALL STRIP CLUBS


This week citizens of Atlanta get to vote for their new mayor. One of the candidates, a woman named Felicia Moore, is trying to shut down all the strip clubs in the city

Many in the City of Atlanta were unaware of Felicia's radical policies towards the city's nightlife and strip clubs. According to Felicia, she plans on changing the zoning for the clubs - so that they need "special use permission" to open a club in the city.

Then, according to social media posts - she will deny all such "special use permits" - essentially causing all nightclubs and strip clubs in the City of Atlanta to close.

Here's a video circulating on Twitter, where Felicia lays out her nefarious plan:

So what can folks in Atlanta do to save their strip clubs - vote for Felicia's opponent, Andre Dickens. 

We rarely ask folks to go out and vote. But this lady is trying to get rid of Atlanta's strip clubs . . .. if that can't get our people out to vote we don't know what will!!

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Comment by Latoya Wap Johnson on November 30, 2021 at 10:03pm

B**** iz u crazy, my girl woop yo ass u take away her job sheeeeeeit

Comment by Tyrone on November 30, 2021 at 5:03pm

Yeaaaah Right!!!!!!  Let me know how you gonna do that?  This only goes to show how out of touch with reality these politicians are.  You close all strip clubs, then what?  Then you're going to create an underground society, which you won't get any tax revenues from and you make a bad problem even worse. 

Comment by mr1stroke on November 30, 2021 at 4:32pm

lol yea okay, thats like saying you are going to take over the government no more racist white people in charge, the problem with negros they think they can really achieve something that means something when they are too buisy wasting time in nonsense, no one give a f*** about no damn strip clubs, if the b****** dont want to go to school and refuse to work hard and start a real business let the beitches live until they grow old, if they married men who cannot satisfy their wives, or not happy with their fat wives prefer the strip clubs instead of helping her be healthy or cannot get a gopod looking woman, let them settle the strip clubs and settle for the fantasy, if the muther f****** who are either working in a dead end 9-5 feel lonely because they cant get no women, or they are making illegal money and trying to be impoirtant and make it rain let them do so, but if you really want to start something real to help black people, how about you and the rest of the negros in politics form a coalition and fight for equality in the injustice system, police reform, discrination in those corporations continuing to rip off black people, you niggers get me sick, with all those negros in politics buyt cant achieve nothing, all they do is make escuses of what they were trying to do, or what they wrote on paper, but the people are still struggling, but when you have so many dumb niggers making those sell out negros important they cant say what ever that sound good to the idiots

Comment by Jeffrey L Donovan on November 30, 2021 at 1:25pm

When you close the strip clubs, where the Pastors and Politicans are going to go to get their strips of meat?

Comment by jhons lanne on November 30, 2021 at 11:55am

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