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Southwest Airlines Won’t Serve Alcohol After Passenger Assaults Flight Attendant / WATCH

Woman Punches Flight Attendant’s 2 Front Teeth Out {VIDEO}Southwest - flight-fight-Southwest Airlines says they are holding off on serving alcoholic drinks after a flight attendant was assaulted during one of their flights.

The decision comes after an incident involving a flight attendant and a passenger earlier this week. A clip of the fight shows the female passenger physically assaulting the flight attendant, causing her to sustain injuries to her face and losing two teeth. Southwest Airlines flight attendants’ union president Lyn Montgomery said in a letter to CEO Gary Kelly that there have been over 477 passenger misconduct incidents between April 8 to May 15.

Additionally, American Airlines has also made the decision to stop serving alcoholic beverages in the main cabin but they will continue to serve first and business class during in-flight.


A 28-year-old female by the name of Viviana Kenyonez is now the subject of a charge for battery causing injuries after she was seen on a Southwest flight punching a flight attendant, several times.

The issue came to be when, the passenger took off her seat belt after the plane that was travelling from Sacramento to Sand Diego landed however, it is a well-known fact that what she did is something that is advised against on all flights worldwide.

Even though another passenger interrupted the attack against the flight attendant, the assault sadly left the plane worker with a bloody face as well as two lost teeth.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, there are over 150 recorded incidents of this nature per year however, for this year alone there has been 2500 recorded attacks against flight attendants where they have been pushed, punched and slapped in the face.

President of TL 556, explained that the situations currently being faced by airplane workers have never before been seen. He conceded that “hostility… unprecedented.”

The violent passenger was escorted off the plane after the altercation and slapped with the battery charge, along with being blocked from taking that particular airline again.

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