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With Joe Biden Set to Win Election 2020 – Where Does the Black Vote Go from Here? Dr. Cornel West, Tonetalks & Dr. Cosby

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Comment by rafael monzon on November 7, 2020 at 11:16am

Hey Stroke I agree with you except for one thing. I think two years is way too long to see a change. If he claims he has been making way for the black community for as long as he has, if he claims people aren't black if they didn't vote for him, then everything he's been doing in the past should be ready to roll out in months not even a year. Yes holding him accountable for what he promised will do one of two things, either succeed or it will fail. Right now there's a mess that was created economically which one side doesn't want to be accountable for fixing under their reign so they will allow the other side to be elected as president but the cards are stacked in their favor for Congress. I noticed that when we elect a Republican as president, Democrats usually fill up Congress. And when Democrats win presidency the Republicans usually fill Congress. So it's always a tug of war as to which side is going to have their way but meanwhile the people are what they are using as the rope pulling from side to side. All the while both parties collect their paychecks and continue to dangle that carrot in front of us. You said it before people vote elects in but don't hold them accountable for anything they promise while they are in your face asking for your vote. Well my dude, time will tell and we will certainly see.

Comment by Elizabeth Roscoe on November 7, 2020 at 7:26am
Comment by mr1stroke on November 7, 2020 at 1:30am

You can argue with me now it will not help, you and i can be wrong in 2 to 4 years so let see who right you can be and how much i can learn about your political decisions

Comment by mr1stroke on November 7, 2020 at 1:29am
  • If Biden is call the winner this election will prove 2 things, it will prove that the black community finally stands up and the democrats are finally listening, or the community comfortably accept slavery, so let see we can all observe the first 2 years and see how Biden address the black community, in 4 years he should already approve all of the issues you have been there while was senator and vice president i am sure he is familiar with what you have been marching for, let see if he will address other communities before you, the black community never held the people they vote for accountable, they vote for democrats they blame republicans, but never question the democrats, every politicians the community vote for are always those who do nothing, they raise Biden like he is Jesus, but quick to forgive him for every racist hate remakes towars black people, if only you could forgive your own like R Kelly and Bill Cosby, i guess they are the worse person on earth? You had a democratic congress for more than 4 years what have they done, and they may control the senate in 2021, let see what excuses you are going to make for your masters, i do not delete comments, every first comments i made from my first day is a member should serve as proof, so lets hold these comments as evidence for the future

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