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With Joe Biden Set to Win Election 2020 – Where Does the Black Vote Go from Here? Dr. Cornel West, Tonetalks & Dr. Cosby

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Comment by caribmama on November 12, 2020 at 7:05am

As much as we want to see change in our communities, I don't think even in our lifetime we will. You are right we were not raised to shoot for the stars. Only a handful of us realize there is more to just getting a paycheck. I have to absolutely say you have opened my eyes to a lot of stuff and I thank you for that. Keep doing what you do and put those on that do want to see a brighter day. At this point in my life, what I do I do for my legacy, I'll preach in peoples ear what I learn, then you have to fly and try it for yourself. I can't worry about the next man no more. Each one, teach one!

Comment by mr1stroke on November 11, 2020 at 4:32pm

caribmama but who told them to buy their debts in order to vote he did not do that until the democrats told him too, $100 millions is a lot of money to buy an election, he wasnt the only one put that money together it was a group of them, and by no means i am putting the black community problems on him, i dont really care for those negros they are all sell out. They dont do anything until there white folks tell them too, the same way they are all spending money on nonsense, what of every 4 years theu all put up $100k and back up the candidate with best interest in the black community, every thing starts in small steps, to sit there and say we cant is already a way for them to continue and fail, but hey its just me, if every one are ok with the way things are going and not willing to embrace no type of change and make any sacrifice than live like but do not cry and complaint every time shot hoes down lik the rest of us suppose to fix them, let them be happy

Comment by caribmama on November 11, 2020 at 11:45am

Brother....but who was in Lebrons ear about how to invest his money in the black community? Lebron did what he felt was right at the time. Should he....could he have paid for those men's bail so they didn't have a record? Of course! But who was in his ear to guide him in that direction? Should we dump the black comlmunities problem in Lebrons lap an expect him to create miracles? Lebron is only one rich black man. You cannot compare that to Jews who run the entire world with their wealth. They can buy anybody that they want. We have rich black men, but they are more interested in buying material things instead of investing in black communities. The majority of them I would say 80% are marrying other than black and do you think their other than black wives are concerned about investing in black businesses or black communities? So the generational wealth is not coming into our communities to support any causes. When is the self hatred going to stop? When are our black men going to return to our black mothers and fathers and love and appreciate them. When are our black me going to cherish that we are a strong and beautiful race that have endured over time and stop running to other than black cause you want to forget who and what you are. You cannot erase your skin color.

Comment by mr1stroke on November 11, 2020 at 10:58am

All im saying we have to seek change like other communities so we can grow instead of being stuck in 1963 like this is the only choice we have, if republican are so bad and we will not even trying to negotiate than the democrats must be that good what have they done so far, your votes count for what, what is the reward for your vote? You have to know your ability and your worth, you may not be able to write 20$ million check like the jews, but if the democrats want your vote so bad and you have demands and agenda place them on the table and see where they will meet you and with that your votes is worth more than $20 million, or else why do you think they dont do nothing for you, they ignore you and only remembers me you at every election, they dont even walk your community they come to your churches, so no one sees anything wrong with that other than criticise the republicans they dont vote for, well i guess all will be well now with Biden lol lets watch as of Jan 20, 2021

Comment by mr1stroke on November 11, 2020 at 10:50am

caribmama good morning it is raining on my side of the town i hope all is well with you.

Ok to start, the black community can afford 20 million dollars if they wanted too and if they couldnt they would spend what ever amount they can afford, how so? The black celebrities like Lebron James and his possy just invested more than $100 million to pay fees owed to statez by fellons so they can vote, now please understand politics, what they did they just purchasing voting rights, they tell those guys who to vote for, now why dont you ask your self where were those celebrities when those black men were being charge, if they put up the legal fees which may be was cheaper those black men wouldnt have criminal records that destroy their lives for so long, another slap in the face Bloomberg who had a similar policy like Biden in NY "stop and frisk" also put up $115 million dollars for the same reason now do you see what is going on with black people

Ok you ask what does republican do for the black community? You can go around the world i dont know anything good that starts without conversation, agreement and disagreement, negotiation, compromising, whether its relationships or business deals, all your negro leaders said they would not sit woth Trump talk or work with him, now what chance did he had when those same people claimed they are against him and did not vote for him, just because massa nancy told them to.

The black community is afraid of change and like to rely on white people to come do for them, if republicans were that bad why do they create business and hire black people, why do they give so many business opportunity to black people? And you can research that many blacks who live in republican districts get more opportunities and doing way better than most, i dont see any one hold them back, open a business in the hood for a year than open that same business in a white dominate community and tell me which one is doing well or still in business?

Like i say i am not against any one who thinks like that, id they are comfortable why they are so against people like me and ice cube who are trying different approach, why are they still complaining if they are satisfy? I just dont get it

Comment by caribmama on November 11, 2020 at 10:37am

Shyt sir....if you can convince me good enough, I'll switch to republican.....LOL!

Comment by caribmama on November 11, 2020 at 10:35am

And the most detrimental part of our black communities is that our black men marry other than black dwindling our generational wealth. So how can the black communities write 20 Million dollar checks?

Comment by caribmama on November 11, 2020 at 10:32am

Mr1stroke you make hella valid points, but it would be nice if the black community had that clout to write 20 million dollar checks. Unfortunately their god is Jordans and red bottoms. What good is it for the black community to support republicans? What do the republicans do for the black communities....will they stop law inforcement from killing our black men? The only good that I see in Repubs is in a business sense. I don't need no politician telling me what I can do with my body. I don't need no politician putting me in situations where I can't afford to get a much needed surgery or my hard earned social security is gone by the time I retire. I find Democrat's are a bunch of bullshit too! After a long hard sit-down with a friend of discussing the things Obama did in office, I was disgusted. I may just switch to independent, but what good would that do since there are no reputable candidates in that position? So please sir, please tell us what good it benefits a black person to be a republican other than business wise?

Comment by mr1stroke on November 11, 2020 at 12:46am

rafael monzon i said 2 years because i know nothing will be done and the negros will find an excuse for their master, the biggest excuse will be covid, but with 87% black people voted for that man, they should be priority, but that is the same man in 1972 when he got elected in the senate and the talk of reparation came up he said he would be damn to pay for something that took place 500 years ago in this country, since the negros know him so well let see what he will do, but if he does not do anything they will come back to the community next 4 years for their votes and make false promises all over again, the sad part the community will be okay with it, the democrats have negros like steve harvey, al sharpton and rolland Martin including the black pastors to sell the community

As for the politics it self if you learn the jewish community tactic, they go to the democrats and make demand, once the democrats promise return the jewish make support and contribution for ever the campaign ask, if its $20 million they write the checks, than do the same thing with tthe republicans thats why they always get what they want, the black community dont have any political power, all they do is rely and beg, thats why nothing geta done

Comment by caribmama on November 11, 2020 at 12:24am

I think after 45, people are woke. But time will tell and we will see what Biden and Harris do and if our black communities will stay on top of critical issues in the communities. Harris talks a lot too, so she also needs to be held accountable cause I'm sure she is going to try and run for president when Biden steps down.

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