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                                                                  Wisdom Above Gnosis
(Spirit of Truth) Being born of the Garden of Life, it is by the spirit that I found a gardener; one who was on a quest to find Gnosis (knowledge).
This is the path I sought, not knowing that this knowledge was already made manifest within I, who was granted True Wisdom from Above; at my conception.
Because he made Gnosis his study, he was enlightened on the path to finding the Truth that is brought to perfection in the Wisdom given to Solo-man, who is born of the Messianic Order, the highest of the enlightened or illuminated ones.
His finding has resonated within what I already know to be true, for it is from this gnosis I am given birth able to bring it to its highest physical (living) manifestation.
As it is said, iron sharpens iron, this is why I am sharing what he has found so as to bring it into the full light of over-standing, that was not made manifest even to him, for he is only the gardener, I am the Garden.
When Gnosis becomes the I Am, it speaks as the all in All, and is not searching to find Truth anymore, rather it manifest the Truth, which is the Half that was hidden until the fullness of recorded time.
The means that Gardner used to achieve (Knowledge) Gnosis is of the material, which was necessary. For his outward quest to know (personal desire), you need finance in order to achieve his goal
The opposite of outward is inward, which is the balance. My outward quest, lead I to an inner finding of Truth, which took the place of personal desire, and is the highest manifestation.
The only way to the inner path is by sacrifice, as it was spoken by Cry-ist, you must become dead to the material world, by taking up the cross of hardship, which cannot be done unless you were born for the purpose
This path does not involve movement for it cannot be achieved at a price; it is an unmovable foundation, that bring Gnosis to self, rather than traveling to find it.
That which he found through his diligent work, and made manifest to I, because it becomes inward, I am able to open it up to what eyes have not seen nor ears heard. For Life must return to the singularity from which it is born.
Inward search lead One into the dungeons where information is kept secret, yet open, to whom it would reveal itself!
When I took on this suffering, in order to go inward, I spent a decade in the Libraries studying, as Paul had instructed (Timothy), “study to show thyself approved”.
I had to die to the world and be buried in the tomb of Lie, (Lie-bury), where the Truth is kept hidden in the pages of the Books and could only be unlock by one that is given life from amongst the spiritually dead.
The vault in the Library is called Reference, where the books are not allowed to be taken out, so your work had to be done under confinement.
It is within this growth, from outward Gnosis, to inward Wisdom, that ones doubts is removed, to allow I to use the word I Am.
When Life returns to its Origin, then multiple opposite, becomes singular opposite, Adam and Eve.
The many names and character of man, is resurrected not as the many, rather as one, same with woman.
It is within Origin, that the final War of the World is brought, for Judgment.
The many names within the Holy Bible, does not speak in the plurality of many tongue, (those not of the resurrection, are unable to over-stand the resurrected language)
I all those mentioned is brought to a single agreement, within a single voice . By the Wisdom given they now speak in one voice as a fulfilled revelation of self manifestation.
This is a spiritual warfare, as to who will forever control the minds of the people.
Education, that rules over the world of invention, that governs over the present life, or Wisdom that rules over the Created World, which exists, and is the Life to come in order to save Self.
Education is born out of rebellion, and is feminine (Sheba). Wisdom is masculine, and upholds the Life of the World, which is woman in her Purity (Virginity)
A woman is three manifestation to a man, mother, sister, wife, and a fourth from his own seed, daughter.
It is written in Ephesians Chap. 5, that a man must lay down his life for his wife in order to make her clean, by the washing with the word.
Sheba is the wife of Solo-man, and when she is washed (by taking a bath), she becomes Bath-Sheba, the unlawful wife of his father David.
This sin brought forth death and resurrection. The first child is the 11th son (Joseph) who died, and was brought back to life within the 12th son Ben-jah-min, who is born the fullness of Israel.
As a sister she is Tamar, the one that was violated (2 Samuel Chap 13) and who was avenged by her brother Absalom, who is "the teacher of righteousness".
Greed and its image will be destroyed, when man condemn his own faults, and no one can tell I that I cannot do so.
In condemning self, all who choose to follow after sin, is already condemned by the Spirit, third in the Trinity, and the final strike out.
The reason for not finding any physical evidence to show that Solo-man Temple existed, is the fact that, History was pointing to a Messianic fulfillment.
There was the physical Temple of Jerusalem, until its final destruction and the deportation into slavery, when Absalom failed in his Righteous and Just war against his fathers’ house. The Creator in the first Book, Genesis, showed the deportation to Abram.
Slavery took the people from that which was once a physical Queendom, to a spiritual Kingdom, for Israel deliverance and salvation is now based upon Faith and not work, which became a stumbling stone in their mist.
It is within the spiritual fulfillment that Solo-man Temple, will be brought into existence as written in the Book of Revelation Chap. 21. I saw a “New Jah-rusalem” that will rise up out of the Earth.
The Bride and Groom is the Unity between Heaven and Earth. Judgment comes down from Above, to resurrect and deliver Israel from Below, with the building of the New City.
Why did the people ask Cry-ist, who walked in Solo-man Porch, to tell them if he is the Cry-ist or not? (John 10:23)
By walking in Solo-man Porch, he was making it manifest to them, that they were one and the same person or title. One represents the above and the other the below.
He is Solo-man when he is in his material glory (wealth). He had to lay down his life for his wife of balance (Sheba) in order to purify and cleanse her, to bring her back from the dead. Because of her rebellion, she became a “Pillar of Salt”
For Solo-man concluded that all is Vanity, and give birth to Greed, (Billionaires) and is the vexation of the Spirit”, which causes the suffering of all Life.
This is his reason for asking to be granted True Wisdom in order to rise above the Gnosis of the material Vanity of the flesh.
Solo-man is a manifestation of Absalom who became one with Cry-ist, when he put down the war of rebellion, and accepted the spiritual Temple that is born of Peace (Music) and the Faith of Abram.
When Absalom went to Syria, he wanted to fulfill a Vow, that he made to the Creator, that if he would again bring him to Jah-rusalem, he would serve Him.
It is out of Syria that he will emerge to become the Prince of Peace, the messianic fulfillment, that will put an end to the total destruction that life is spiraling into.
It is in the Island of "Jah-maker" that Solo-man was granted “True Wisdom from Above”, which is heard within the National Prayer of the Island. (The National Anthem).
It is in Jah-maker, that the Righteous Government of Jah-rusalem will first be gathered, (Out Of Many One People).
It is there that the Stone, (which became the heart of flesh) is made King, (King-Stone) prophesied in the Book of Daniel.
It is the promise made to Abram that will bring the “Exodus” to fulfillment as mentioned in the Judgment of Babylon the Great.
Revelation Chapter 18, is the judgment brought upon the Old, so that it will be removed from the Earth.
One does not put New wine in Old wine-skin, even though the old skin invented a beauty parlor to appear New (Old York City). and so deceived the World
No Army of man regardless of who they worship, or who they follow, can stop that which is already destined.
The election of America is already destined, so voting either way does not change Prophecy.
Heaven and Earth will pass away, My words will never pass away says the Truth. (Mark 13:31)


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