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I hear a lot of talk about Black America is treated unjustly in America as a whole and we don't receive our fair share of the American Dream. We complain about not getting adequate housing in the urban areas, the wealth gap between the races, not enough representation in movies, tv, plays, technology, executive and managerial positions. We complain about being left out of capitalist system that by it's origins was built upon slave labor profits from cotton and blacks as property. We are left out of the table on discussion on serious issues, like we're only trusted to handle the "black topics" . Here's my question, why should white people care about our issues when they make a far majority of the population. They make up 77% of the population, while we makeup only 13%. With the large margin between the races, it's no wonder that they would neither see your side or care about what matters in the African-American community. I mean small portion of the 77% might care, but I would say more than a high majority would not be compelled to ensure that blacks are hired for worked just as much as they are, that they make just as much, They would get incentive to make sure that blacks have just as much economic power as they do.

My point is this is if there were 100 marbles in a jar and I gave you 77 of the marbles and then gave myself 13 and dispersed the remaining marbles to another party. If the marbles were worth one dollar a piece then, what's the obvious question, who has more spending power? Who has the advantage? and what reason would they have to share the wealth? My solution is the use those 13 marbles and provide for ourselves. One thing that is astonishing is the rate of abortions that blacks have. we make a vast majority in abortions, but only have a small portion of the populas. I stand for free choice,but I read an article that state since 1973 we have had 13 million black abortions. In my opinion we've been systematically kept at manageable numbers so we don't have a checks and balances among the races. So we need to build up our people to build purchasing power and financial wealth and design a new financial system instead of capitalism that needs poor people to be a success. 

Just a thought. sorry if its been rushed

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