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Why Blacks Shows Are Jumping on the Gay Love Train (Because ultiamely they are owned by jewish Hollywood to denigrate black men)

By G. Brown

When you tune in for this newest season of “Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood” expect the usual amount of high drama full of on-screen fights, backstabbing and alcohol induced disclosures of secrets best kept under lock and key.  The new twist will be Milan Christopher and Miles Brock—a Black, gay couple added to the mix.

VH1is hoping the same-sex couple’s relationship will not only be entertaining but enlightening. The franchise’s exec producer Mona Scott-Young says, “We’ve had same-sex relationships happening around us since the beginning of time. But somehow we tiptoe around the subject and we never want to give it the same prominence and visibility as we do heterosexual relationships. Here was an opportunity to do something that was reflective of our time.”

“Love & Hip Hop” is late to the party it seems with other shows already aboard the gay love train like the recent escapade between lead actress Viola Davis and a guest star on “How to Get Away With Murder”.  The show which professed it would blow the lid off the homophobic Black community “Empire” was among the first high-profile shows to add same-sex relationships.

While it looks like Hollywood is ground zero for the war on sex, you don’t advance the fight without casualties. The rush to force same-sex love at viewers is completely turning some viewers off. Rapper Fifty Cent recently said that “Empire’s” once dominate numbers are slipping because people are tired of all “the gay stuff”.

Some gay actors say amidst the revolution, once they come out as gay, it’s harder to get jobs. Actor Darryl Stephens says in an interview with the Los Angeles Times “You can be black or you can be gay. You can’t be both.” The article goes on to say when it comes to hiring gays in Hollywood, race still factors in because “all the gays are white, all the blacks are straight.”

It’s a paradoxical morass—because while more Black-cast shows are being tailor-made for Black viewers who currently comprise the largest TV viewing audiences; Black viewers are showing that they will only tolerate so much same-sex plot lines.

While Black show runners are now joining the fight it seems to push the gay agenda, Blacks are still losing in the latest war on sex. One TRN commenter recently wrote that shows like “Scandal” & “Empire” still portray Blacks as stereotypes who are still slaves to sex with White men and women.

Peer pressure is never good…whether it’s a group of friends taunting you to try something you really don’t want to try or a room full of Hollywood execs telling you “all the shows are doing it”. Black show runners are feeling the pressure of peer shows and trying to keep up with the Joneses. But should their first allegiance be to the viewers and listening to what they want in a show?

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Comment by El-Bull on October 24, 2015 at 11:40pm

Because they are owned by the jewish controlled Hollywood and realty have no power, so to get in to fit in they would rather denigrate the image of Black men and in the process, those in control will say: "Hey, we didn't do it, your own people sold this to us."

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