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Breaking Down Cardi B & Offset + Kanye West vs Drake w/ Guest Host Lil’ Rel Howerya

Drake’s baby mama has jumped into his beef with Kanye West


Brawl breaks out at a Pusha T concert in Toronto {VIDEO} Is Drake to BLAME? Drake
So, if you’re keeping score, it appears that Drake’s baby mama has jumped into his beef with Kanye West.

Sophie Brussaux, the mother of Drake’s son Adonis, apparently dipped into The Shade Room‘s Instagram comments section after the site posted a screenshot Thursday of Ariana Grande’s tweet about the the two rappers feud.

The pint-size pop star tweeted, “guys, i know there are grown men arguing online rn but miley and i dropping our beautiful, new songs tonight so if y’all could please jus behave for just like a few hours so the girls can shine that’d be so sick thank u.”

In response, Brussaux commented, “I would hardly call Kanye arguing with himself ‘grown men,’” apparently sticking up for the “Champagne Papi” in his war of words against “Yeezy.”

Keep in mind, part of the Drizzy and Ye beef stems from allegations that Kanye told fellow rapper Pusha T about Drake’s then-secret son, which lead to Pusha to coming hard at Drake in the track, “The Story of Adidon.”

Drake responded by confirming he had a son on the track, “March 14.” Here are those lyrics:
“Yesterday morning was crazy; I had to come to terms with the fact that it’s not a maybe; That s*** is in stone, sealed and signed; She not my lover like Billie Jean, but the kid is mine.”

Kanye has since denied his involvement, tweeting earlier this week, “I told you I ain’t tell Pusha about your son.”

But wait, Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, even chimed in via Twitter warning Drake to know his role:

“@drake Never threaten my husband or our family. He paved the way for there to be a Drake,” Kim K. tweeted.

Oh, okay then.

Go to Twitter to enjoy the hilarious responses in the comment sections under all of these bold statements as well as keep up with Kanye as he continues to manically tweet about everything and nothing… including making up with his sister-in-law Kylie Jenner’s baby daddy, rapper Travis Scott.


Kanye West debuts 'Blexit' clothing line endorsing campaign for black voters to exit the Democratic Party


Who Told Pusha T About Drake’s Baby? | The Joe Budden Podcast

Kanye West's 'Blexit' clothing line endorses campaign for black voters to exit the

  • The rapper's latest fashion venture was unveiled at the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, on Saturday 
  • The line features a selection of aqua, salmon and lilac tees and denim hats with the words 'Blexit' and 'We Free' boldly printed on the front, ranging from $25-$28
  • West's 'Blexit' efforts will no doubt please his pal President Donald Trump, with whom he met earlier this month in the Oval Office 
Kanye West has debuted a line of clothing for 'Blexit', a campaign encouraging the black community to abandon the Democratic Party

The line available at features aqua, salmon and lilac tees and denim hats with the words 'Blexit' and 'We Free' boldly printed on the front, ranging from $25-$28

The line available at features aqua, salmon and lilac tees and denim hats with the words 'Blexit' and 'We Free' boldly printed on the front, ranging from $25-$28

West's 'Blexit' efforts will no doubt please his pal President Donald Trump, with whom he met earlier this month in the Oval Office. 

During the now-infamous meeting West went on an unhinged rant that included several mentions of race issues. 

He and Trump then shared a strong embrace that was not well-received by many members of West's community.  

Trump has since repeatedly mentioned at rallies that he expects the African American community will throw its support behind the Republican Party in the upcoming midterm elections - although pollsters say otherwise. 

West's calls for African American voters to throw their weight behind the Republican Party will no doubt please President Donald Trump, with whom he met this month in the Oval Office
Kanye West says racism is an invisible wall

During her speech Saturday, which West did not attend, Owens pledged to bring the Blexit movement to cities across the country, including the rapper's native Chicago.

Ironically, West recently revealed he'd donated $73,000 to Amara Enyia, a Democratic candidate for mayor of Chicago. 

Last week West attended a rally for Enyia alongside Chance the Rapper, an outspoken liberal supporter.   

The 'Blexit' clothing line was unveiled at the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, on Saturday, an event organized by Candace Owens of the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA. A tweet advertising the merchandise is seen above

The 'Blexit' clothing line was unveiled at the Young Black Leadership Summit in Washington, DC, on Saturday, an event organized by Candace Owens of the conservative advocacy group Turning Point USA. A tweet advertising the merchandise is seen above


It wasn’t Kanye: Pusha T reveals who really leaked the info about Drake’s secret son


Drake Brings Out LeBron James On Stage During his LA Concert {VIDEO}

According to Pusha T, Drake may owe Kanye West an apology for jumping to conclusions.

Just days after Drake made headlines for telling LeBron James how hurt and betrayed he felt by West giving his nemesis ammo against him, Pusha T once again shocked the hip-hop community by revealing who actually told him about Drake’s secret son, Adonis during an interview on “The Joe Budden Podcast.”

According to Pusha it wasn’t Kanye who told him Drake had a secret love child but instead Drake’s longtime producer and close friend, Noah “40” Shebib.

“It may make sense in Drake’s mind — ‘Oh, Ye told Push about my son and my situation when we was in Wyoming’ — it’s wrong,” he said. “Didn’t happen like that. The information came from 40. It didn’t come from Kanye. At all.”

He then explained how the loose lips of Drake’s most trusted collaborator led to him having the smoking gun he needed to record the brutal diss track “The Story of Adidon,” in which the world found out that Drizzy had a child with a former porn star.

“40 is sleeping with a woman, he talks to her daily, five, six hours a day,” he said. “Provides opportunities for her. And ultimately speaks to her about how he’s disgruntled about notoriety and things involving Drake and his career, so on and so forth. With that also came the fact that Drake has a child. With that also came the trip that everybody took to go see the child and bring him gifts. All of this information. She divulged this information. That’s where it came from.”

Less than a week ago Drake spoke to Lebron James about his issues with both West and Pusha on The Shop.

“I’m in Wyoming, I play him ‘March 14,’” he said, referring to the Scorpion track in which he planned to open up to fans about being a father. “I send him a picture of my son. I tell him I’m having trouble with my son’s mother. We had a conversation.”

Aside from being annoyed by Drake’s incorrect assumptions, Pusha also said he was dumbfounded that West would apologize for something he didn’t even do, saying, “What are you apologizing for, sir? You didn’t give me nothing. You didn’t give me anything in regard to aiding in this drama. Nothing. … You shouldn’t have done that. On top of that, there shouldn’t have been interviews being done because of all of that right there, now dude thinks what he thinks.”

Drake has called Shebib his “brother,” so it will be interesting to see what happens now that the real cat is out the bag. Shebib was diagnosed with multiple scleroses at age 22.

“Only reason this is coming out now — only reason I’m here now, for real for real, is because he was so passionate about the whole MS thing,” Pusha explained. “And they did the backlight and they put the spotlight on his face, ‘When you said my friend’ … But your friend is the reason why. That’s how it came about. That narrative’s gotta die. Listen, it needs to die. It’s done. That narrative is done.”


Drake Says Kanye West Manipulated Him and Gave Pusha T Info On His Son {VIDEO}

Drake Brings Out LeBron James On Stage During his LA Concert


Swizz Beatz Speaks on Kanye West Still Wearing MAGA Hat {VIDEO} Drake The ShopDrake says Kanye West manipulated him and got info about his son and gave it to Pusha T.

Drake has finally broken his silence about his beef with Kanye West and Pusha T. In an interview on HBO’s “The Shop” with Lebron James. Drizzy didn’t hold anything back, he spilled all the beans about what really went down behind the scenes, and now this paint Kanye in an even worst light that we previously thought. Ye denied that he gave Pusha Tthe information on Drake’s secret son Adonis that gave rise to the vicious diss track “The Story Of Adidon.”
Drake is evidently not buying Kanye West denial, and he explained what transpired behind the scenes that lead him to believe that the whole thing was planned from the very start. Drizzy said that earlier this year he and Ye link up and they had a lengthy conversation and played a lot of music for each other before deciding that they are going to Wyoming to work on his album.

“He sold me on this whole speech of like, ‘I’m in a great place, I’m making money, and I’m a father, and I wanna be Quincy Jones and help you, but in order to do that, you’ve gotta be transparent with me,” Drake said Kanye told him during their conversation. “You got to play me your music, and you got to tell me when you’re dropping. And I know you don’t like to do things like that, and so I was in the studio, guess we all kind of felt a genuine vibe from it. So I play him my music, and I told him when I was dropping.”

Drake said that Kanye West played the song “Lift Yourself” up for him and then told him that he could have it for his album. The OVO rapper added that by that time he was pumped, so he started writing the song immediately. He added that Kanye then invited him to his Wyoming retreat to continue working on new music, and he accepted the invitation, but when the time arrived and his producer and close friend Noah “40” Shebib went there, they noticed that things were off.

“Then 40 went to Wyoming early, and he was like, ‘Man, I’m here a day early, man Something’s off,'” Drizzy said. “He’s like, ‘This guy is working on an album.’ And I was like, ‘For real? He just told me he wanted to work on, like he just told me he wanted to give me beats, and he said he wasn’t dropping until like October, November, something like that. And I’m like, ‘It’s all good, let’s just go, and let’s just see what it’s about.'”

Drake said he went to Wyoming nevertheless and met with Kanye West and some other guys and played for him the single “March 14th” which appeared on his new album Scorpion. On the track, Drake raps about his son and some other personal stuff. The 6 God also said he gave Ye a photo of his son and told him about the problems that he was having with his baby mama.

“I wake up, and all these dates are out. Then the next two days, whatever, I wake up now to this text from him, passive like, ‘Yo, I love you brother,'” Drake continues. “‘Lift Yourself’ comes out with him just talking nonsense. Oh this guy’s trolling me. This was like a manipulative, like, ‘I wanna break you’ thing. So I said alright. I’m gonna go back to distancing myself again.”

It appears that’s when their relationship started going downhill, and Drake clearly felt like Kanye West was manipulating and trolling him the whole time.


Kanye West and Nick Cannon Squash Beef Over Kim Kardashian

Swizz Beatz Speaks on Kanye West wearing MAGA Hat STILL

President Trump may have slammed the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” but he had only praise for musical guest and friend, Kanye West. Kanye delivered a bizarre diatribe after the show signed off as he wore a “Make America Great Again” hat.

He also donned the cap during one of his songs on the show. "They bullied me backstage,” he claimed. “They said, 'Don't go out there with that hat on.'” West had the hat on during a flight back to Los Angeles, where he responded to the backlash.


Nick Cannon responds to Kanye’s rant about wife Kim Kardashian {VIDEO}

Kanye West and Nick Cannon will not come to blow over Kim Kardashian.

Last weekend we all thought that if Kanye West and Nick Cannon meet in person, it would’ve popped off. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper posted several videos on his Instagram account where he went after Cannon, Drake, and Tyson Beckford for smashing his wife, Kim Kardashian. It didn’t take long for the actor/rapper to respond saying that he is a grown man and can talk about whatever he wants to talk about.

Fast forward a few days, Kanye West and Nick Cannon sat down and talked about it like grown men. TMZ reported that the two exchanged numbers in their Instagram DMs and then someone placed a phone call, unclear who. The bottom line is, they both got on the phone and chopped things up which is much better than airing out each other on social media. Sources say they had a relatively long conversation about it and ended the call on good terms.

Nevertheless, that talk must be pretty awkward for Kanye West who has serious problems with anyone who smash or talk about they smash his wife. Tyson Beckford and Drake still has not responded to Ye’s rant and why should they. After all, the whole Drake thing is just a rumor that Kim Kardashian has since denied. Ye problem is that Drake didn’t deny the rumors and is letting it play out.

There are also some talks about Kanye West making an appearance on Nick Cannon’s show Wild ‘N Out, which should be interesting if it does happen.


Kanye West BLAST Drake, Nick Cannon & Tyson Beckford Over Kim Kardashian Cheating Rumors {VIDEO}

Wild ‘N Out host Nick Cannon is telling fellow rapper Kanye West not to tell him what to say, according to multiple reports.
Cannon’s comments made via Instagram came after West’s latest rant – one in which he takes issue with comments that Cannon, Drake and Tyson Beckford made about West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West. Cannon dated Kardashian briefly from September 2006 to January 2007.

“First off let me say, ‘Welcome back, Ye, from the sunken place,” Cannon said in a video posted to Instagram. “It’s a beautiful thing.”

Cannon added, “Honestly, I got to say this my dude … I have never said anything disrespectful or harmful in my opinion to your marriage or your union. I salute it … keep it going. But you’re not going to tell me what I can and what I can’t say.”

Cannon continued, “I am a solid individual. Somebody asks me a question, I am going to answer it to the best of my ability. I am going to give my opinion … no harm, no foul.”

Cannon added, “I know it got your spirit feeling weird. Holla at me, you know where I am.”

Cannon’s speech was in response to four clips that West posted to social media in which he addresses some things “that were not sitting right with my spirit.”

West said specifically to Cannon, “I understand you used to date my wife, but you get in an interview – don’t mention my wife. If someone brings my wife up, say, ‘Hey, I respect that man, I’m not speaking on that.’ Don’t be making no suggestions like nobody f—ed my wife.”

West’s social media rants about the world as well as posts in vehement support of President Donald Trump have drawn global attention. Members of the public took the rapper to task when he suggested that slavery was a choice as opposed to something that was forced upon people.


Kanye West Says He Is Moving Back To Chicago From L.A. {VIDEO}
Kanye West and Drake

Kanye West chided Drake for not dismissing the rumors about his wife, Kim Kardashian.
In light of his beef with Kanye West and his soldier Pusha T, Drake stirred up some recent controversies claiming that he nailed Kim Kardashian while she was with Ye. The reality star has since dismissed the rumors, and now Ye is calling out Drizzy for not doing the same thing. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper has been pleading with his OVO counterpart to sit down and chop things up and make peace, but so far Drizzy has put him on ignore more.

In his latest social media rant, Kanye West uploaded some clips address the rumors, as well as, Nick Cannon and Tyson Beckford talking about their past relationships with Kim Kardashian.

“If I wsn’t in a medicated state I would’ve had the thought to say ‘hey Pusha don’t diss Drake on my beat’ and I spoke about that and took accountability for that,” Kanye West said. “Now what I am looking for to take accountability is the fact that people making rumors or thinking that you f*** my wife and you’re not saying nothing and you carrying it like that, that don’t sit well with my spirit.”

It seems the whole fiasco has been weighing heavily on Kanye West, so he made it his duty to address it, but I doubt Drake even care. The 6 God is probably sitting on his private jet watching the clip and laughing with his crew. Nevertheless, you have to respect Kanye for defending his wife honor because that’s what real men do.

Kanye says Drake knows exactly what he is doing when he let the rumors float. “If I had a girlfriend from Chicago and her name was Reneta, and then you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song call RiRi,” Ye said. “So when you’re like ‘I don’t know where it come from’ you too smart for that bro, you know where that come from. Don’t make no record with nothing that could be confused.”

Ye also made it clear once again that he never told Pusha T about Drake baby.


Kanye West & Lil Pump’s “I Love It” gets the James Corden parody treatment

Kanye West says he is planning to pack his family up and move back to Chicago from Los Angeles.
Kanye West, who is a proud resident of Calabasas, says he is ready to live in Chicago once again. The Chi-Town native is currently in his hometown working on several projects including an album he is executive producing for Chance the Rapper. Appearing at Chance’s monthly Open Mic event at the Harold Washington Library Center on Sunday, Kanye revealed his intentions to move back to the city where he grew up.
“I gotta let you all know I’m moving back to Chicago and I’m never leaving again,” Kanye said over the microphone to loud applause. Ye also revealed that title of Chance the Rapper’s upcoming album, Good Ass Job.
It appears Kanye West has some explaining to do when he gets back home to Calabasas where his wife Kim Kardashian and his three kids are waiting for him. Ye grew up in Chicago where he started out in the game as a young producer before becoming one of the biggest names in hip-hop today. The city will welcome him back with open arms despite his recent controversies surrounding Trump, and the “Slavery was a choice” comment.
Last month, Kanye revealed that he would be spending a lot more time in Chicago and he wasn’t joking.


Kanye West & Lil Pump ft. Adele Givens – “I Love It” (Official Music Video)

Corden’s version is called “You’ll Love It.”


Kanye West Denies Snitching On Drake To Pusha T, Talks Beef

Kanye rocks oversized everything in his new video with Lil Pump


Kanye West Says He Wants To 'HAVE S*X' With Khloe, Kylie, Kendall And Kourtney? {AUDIO} Drake and Kanye West

Kanye West says he never told Pusha T about Drake’s son Adonis which gave rise to the beef and the vicious diss track “The Story Of Adidon.”

Kanye West did an interview on Chicago’s 107.5 WGCI on Wednesday morning where he was asked about rumors that he was the one who gave his right-hand man Pusha T the information about Drake. King Push famously released a diss track for Drizzy where he called him a deadbeat dad for hiding his secret son. Word on the streets was that Kanye listened to the album Scorpion before it came out and heard the songs that Drizzy rap about having a son.
Ye is now making it clear that he has nothing to do with that because he has better things to do than to instigate a beef and provide gossip material for diss tracks. “Don’t pull me into that type of conversation,” Kanye West said. “That’s what Y’all don’t even understand.” When asked if he didn’t give Pusha T the information, Ye said, “No I didn’t. Don’t pull me into this conversation like am Ye, I got major things to do than telling him some information about Drake.”

“I don’t sit around and do that, I honestly don’t care about stuff like that,” he added. “It’s fine but I just enjoy the music and enjoy being with my family and I enjoy making music. That’s not, my head is not in that place.”
Kanye West became a part of the Pusha T and Drake beef earlier this year when the G.O.O.D. Music rapper released “The Story Of Adidon” where he ripped Drake for hiding his son with a porn name Sophie Brussaux.
The Toronto rapper famously raps about hiding the world from his son Adonia on his new chart-topping album Scorpion. “I wasn’t hiding my kid from the world / I was hiding the world from my kid / From empty souls that just woke up and looked at the bait / Until you staring at your seed / You can never relate,” Drizzy raps.

Kanye West says that he hopes one day he and Drake can make peace and make music again.


'I wasn't stumped': Kanye West hits back at claims he went silent when asked by Jimmy Kimmel about his support for Trump and says he 'wasn't given the chance to answer the question'


Kanye West openly admits that he wants to sleep with ALL FOUR of his wife Kim Kardashian's sisters. In a new song, Kanye made the explosive REVELATION. The 41-year-old rapper revealed he would like to 'smash' his sisters-in-law, in his latest track XTCY.
Early Saturday morning, the rapper, 41, released “XTCY” with DJ Clark Kent tweeting a link to the track which West retweeted soon after.
'You got sick thoughts? I got more of ’em,' he raps, before making the revelation, which will surely make the next Kardashian family gathering an awkward gathering.

Photographer Accuses Bill Murray Of Assault A photographer claims actor Bill Murray attacked him ...

'You got a sister-in-law you would smash? I got four of ’em.'
He also seems to confess to enjoying photos of his sisters-in-law, rapping, “Damn, those is your sisters/ You did something unholy to them pictures.”
He added: 'Damn, you need to be locked up! Nah, we need a bigger hot tub.' 
People are GOING IN on Kanye for making such an inappropriate and creepy song.
The cover art for West’s latest single, revealed via download, is a photo of his wife with her four sisters at Kylie’s 21st birthday bash, which the father of three also attended at Delilah, a restaurant-lounge in Los Angeles on Thursday night ahead of the Kylie Cosmetics mogul’s birthday at midnight on Friday.
According to TMZ, "Kanye's been very open about his sexual fantasies this week, including talking to Jimmy Kimmel about what kind of porn he prefers ... which led to an offer to direct his own adult film."

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Kanye West silenced by Jimmy Kimmel’s question about Trump

The 41-year-old controversial rapper shared his thoughts on Saturday following his Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

  • The 41-year-old controversial rapper shared his thoughts on Saturday following his Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live 
  • Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! Thursday night to discuss his latest album Ye, his mental illness, and his support of Trump
  • He said: 'Let me clarify the click bait. I wasn’t stumped. I wasn’t given a chance to answer the question'
  • And while he vented his frustration about not being able to speak on his thoughts, West didn't share them on social media

Kanye West took to Twitter to defend his inability to respond to a question comparing Donald Trump and George W. Bush's treatment of black people, stating that he wasn't 'given a chance to answer the question'.

The 41-year-old controversial rapper shared his thoughts on Saturday following his Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, adding that the host cutting to commercial prevented him from answering. 

'On Jimmy Kimmel we had a great time having a dialogue. I’m reading that I was stumped by a question,' he said on Saturday.

'Let me clarify the click bait. I wasn’t stumped. I wasn’t given a chance to answer the question.' 

The 41-year-old controversial rapper shared his thoughts on Saturday following his Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The 41-year-old controversial rapper shared his thoughts on Saturday following his Thursday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

'On Jimmy Kimmel we had a great time having a dialogue. I¿m reading that I was stumped by a question,' he said on Saturday. 'Let me clarify the click bait. I wasn¿t stumped. I wasn¿t given a chance to answer the question'

'On Jimmy Kimmel we had a great time having a dialogue. I’m reading that I was stumped by a question,' he said on Saturday. 'Let me clarify the click bait. I wasn’t stumped. I wasn’t given a chance to answer the question'

'The question was so important I took time to think. And then I was hit with the let’s go to commercial break. That interview showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil conversation.'

West utilizes the moment to voice his disdain for 'click bait' but fails to take the opportune chance to give his answer on Twitter.

The controversial rapper has used social media to clarify his questionable points in the past. 

After West's debacle on TMZ where he alluded to slavery being a choice, the artist took to Twitter and posted a quote from Harriet Tubman in an effort to better support his point. 

He added: 'The question was so important I took time to think. And then I was hit with the let¿s go to commercial break. That interview showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil conversation'

He added: 'The question was so important I took time to think. And then I was hit with the let’s go to commercial break. That interview showed strong personalities with different opinions having a civil conversation'

President Donald Trump thanked Kanye West for telling 'the truth' during West's Jimmy Kimmel Live interview.

'Thank you to Kanye West and the fact that he is willing to tell the TRUTH. One new and great FACT - African American unemployment is the lowest ever recorded in the history of our Country. So honored by this. Thank you Kanye for your support. It is making a big difference!" Trump tweeted Friday afternoon.

On Thursday, the controversial rapper and fashion designer spoke with Jimmy Kimmel about his support for Trump explaining that other people cannot control his actions.

'Just as a musician, African American, everyone around me tried to pick my candidate for me and then told me that I couldn't say that I like Trump,' he said.  

Kimmel went on to ask about Kim Kardashian's recent visit to the White House where she met with the president.
'Were you ever concerned about her being alone in the Oval Office with President Trump?' Kimmel asked. 
'Well, he is a player,' Kanye joked.

Kanye West appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday night the talk show host asked him about his support for Trump and mental illness


Kanye West Revamps Entire ‘YE’ Album After Saying ‘Slavery Was A Choice’ {VIDEO}

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night, Kanye didn’t have an answer when Kimmel asked him “You famously said ‘George Bush doesn’t care about black people.’ It makes me wonder, what makes you think that Trump does?”


Kanye West Previews his ‘YE’ Album & Has Listening Party in Wyoming Featuring Nas, 2 Chainz, Kim K, Chris Rock + More
Kanye West

Kanye West confirmed what we already suspected that he revamped his entire YE album after saying “slavery was a choice.”

Kanye West got hammered in the media last month following his controversial interview on TMZ where he said 400 years of slavery was nothing other than a choice. While he said other controversial things in that interview, that statement alone was enough to earn him the ire of the entire world. But get this, even though a lot of folks say they will cancel him going forward, they were all bumping his new album YE this weekend when it was finally released.

Earlier this year, Kanye and a bunch of his friends including producers and rappers went up in the mountains of Wyoming to work on the album. After he did the controversial interview, Ye was spotted back in Wyoming presumably working on more new music and now we know why.

Kanye West did an interview with Big Boy at his album listening party in Wyoming where he revealed that he revamp the entire album after his TMZ outburst because he felt like the original was too sensitive in light of what was happening with his love for President Trump, saying slavery was a choice, and that infamous photo of him wearing a Make America Great Again hat.

“That’s what the universe has given me, that’s the energy, that’s the bars, because that’s what we do when we doing like these albums,” Kanye said. “I completely redid the album after TMZ [interview]. We just sat there and really honed in on the words because now it’s all headlines, it’s like every bar can be used.”

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper then revealed that he removed the bar from the album because it was just too sensitive. He didn’t reveal the lyrics in question but you can imagine its likely about slavery or Trump. “I took a bar off the album,” Kanye said. “It was just too sensitive. It was about that topic. And I just let go. ‘I’m gonna just chill right now, let’s just keep making some music.”

Perhaps some folks gave Kanye West a good talking to and he finally listens or maybe he just felt like the controversy just wasn’t worth it. Nevertheless, I’ve listened to the album and its fire.


Whitney Houston’s Family Angry At Kanye West About Pusha T Album Cover Art

Kanye West Ye album

Kanye West drops his new album “YE” on Friday (June 1st) and you can now stream and download it on Apple Music below.

Kanye Westflew out a bunch of his celebrity friends and a couple journalist to the mountains of Wyoming on Friday night for his YE album listening party. The 7-track project has been rave reviews from fans on social media since its release early this morning. Nicki Minaj, Ty Dolla $ign, Young Thug, Francis and the Lights, Dej Loaf, Kid Cudi, Charlie Wilson, 070 Shake, and Jeremih, all made the guest list.

Nicki Minaj delivered a short outro at the end of the single “Violent Crimes,” but it would’ve been dope if she put a verse on that joint. Kanye West addresses a number of topics on the album including his controversial statement about “slavery is a choice.” He also raps about Stormy Daniels and took a jab at Russell Simmons.

“They said build your own, I said, ‘How, Sway?’ / I said slavery’s a choice, they said, ‘How, Ye?’ / Just imagine if they caught me on a wild day,” Kanye raps. Kim Kardashian revealed on Twitter that Kanye West used his iPhone to take the photo for his album cover while heading to his listening party in Wyoming yesterday.

Stream and download Kanye West new album “YE” below.

Kanye West previews his ‘YE’ album and has the listening party in Wyoming inviting a variety of guests from well-known celebrities to media journalists the night of May 31st


Pusha T and Kanye

Whitney Houston’s family is not happy about Pusha T using her bathroom photo for his album cover art.

Pusha T says it was Kanye West idea to acquire the rights to the photo for $85,000 and slapped it on the cover of his new Daytona CD. The G.O.O.D. Music rapper says Ye called him up in the middle of the night and informed him of the decision saying the image represents what the album is about.
Nevertheless, Whitney Houston’s fans and family are pissed off about it and are considering what legal action they can take. “I get it. I get the correlation (sans my aunt but the photo itself), and I actually love the album,” Whitney Houston’s nephew Michael Houston told GMA.

Pusha T Daytona artwork

Other members of the Houston family have also been weighing in calling the album art despicable and tacky. Still, Pusha T and Kanye West have not wavered in their decision to use the photo and their marketing stunt might be working because the album has been well received since its release on Friday and is projected to sell 75,000 units in the first week and is expected to debut at number three on the chart.

The album could get a small bump thanks to Pusha T’s beef with Drake, but so far he has been getting pummeled by the 6 God.

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Comment by Lu on December 17, 2018 at 12:21am
SMH. Everything is in Disarray and Dumb Down...
Comment by vaughn mitchell on November 22, 2018 at 9:27pm
If all these b**** ass rappers suddenly vanish, I would lmao. They have done nothing to help black people, except cause mayhem.
Comment by bally general on November 22, 2018 at 7:42pm
Uncle toms
Comment by mr1stroke on October 29, 2018 at 12:30pm
And please pardon the typo or any other mistakes im on my way to a meeting i had to pull over because conversation like that is very important to me that was one of the hot topic diacussed by 500 black men making a difference at the circle of sisters this year i know many like to confuse the public by picking mistakes or what ever we are not correcting we are discussing the matter so lets address whats at stake just like i address your comment
Comment by mr1stroke on October 29, 2018 at 12:26pm
Take your time this is a serious conversation that the community need to have so let see if you can make every one understand your argument
Comment by mr1stroke on October 29, 2018 at 12:24pm
vaughn mitchell i will address you personally because thats what true men do, now im sure you are one of those highly intelligent individuals in the community if you know your history yoi should know about the slave owners they either were democrats or have ties in politics but you can tell us when the republican party was formed and how poweful was the democrats and still is thays why they do what ever they want at all cost

If you know the 13th amendment can you tell us about the reconstruction of that amendment and by whom follow by the 14th amendment
Now you are a fan of Obama you called Kanye a coon name 3 things that obama did directlu for the black community and i can name 3 things he did directly for other communities that had nothing to do with blacks im sure you know the difference between general policies and direct policies, and also during his 8 years in office how come he mever addressed the issues that Kanye brought up if he did please give us the facts and the resources so we can research just like every one else im here to learn form others so this is not an argument so take your time read thr full comment like i did yours and address the questions otherwise we know who is who

Now you ask what did Trump did for me well on his first year he took office he promised he would lower health care for those of us who were being ripped off now your president obama said his health care plan would not raised premium and also people did not have to switch providers well unless anyone here been living under a rock search my comments back in 2015 and 2016 i was one of those who posted the facts how that house negro who was placed there to serve white people was a liar my premium was $222 biweekly before obama when his dumb n***** health care passed it went to $457 when Trump took office during that same January his plan was already working i got a refund from my provider for $1375 than it went down to $267 not bad, last year i was able to extend my investment to 3 start investments now please go to previous comments for 2016 and 17 also go to my previous posts

This year i did 2 start up onvestments one of them ill be proud to tell you about because i told every dumb niggers on here to invest please invest but as the slave mentality theu believe in 9-5 and slave for the white men

One of the companies i am proud of is knightscope i do have a few people that i interact with om here via phone and email they did take a chance i purchase the first security early 2016 when Trump passed the new bill to boost up security at $1.52 than early last year i purchased again at $3 now they just realsed more shares at $8 i jusy did another purchased because the government just placed another order please undestand i am a private investor thta company is not yet public so just wait for the big bang, they jusy opened one of their east coast head quarter in timesquare so feel free to go see your self now if you do the math you can see what the president met with the young black business leaders those are the people who take advantage of his policies instead of sotting and complainy depending on racist democrats, the last thing he did was put more money into fema and gave federal credit to certain states you have to do your research my state sent me a property refund for a total of $3000 thats for one property if you have others under your business as rental it may be more, now thats just a few things i took advantage of not even the stocks i purchased because its a good times for the stock market some of us dont have to sit and beg or wait on some dumb party who have been enslave for the community for too long you asked i asnswer with facts

Now please can you tell me exactly what have the democrats done for the black community that change the community for the better compare to other communities?

Many of you are intelligents unless you can address these questions with the facts and proofs you really not representing your self well
Comment by caribmama on October 29, 2018 at 10:57am

F**k Kanye. Put his crazy ass in the nuthouse.

Comment by vaughn mitchell on October 29, 2018 at 9:29am
Good morning g black people, unfortunately us negroes, do know what the 13th amendment detail, we also know that the racist Democrats back then switch to the Republican party, and the not so racist Republicans switch to the Democrat party. Unfortunately alot of us know a coon like Kanye, who bash Obama did nothing for black people, when that coon drop dead, or get killed, he will be remembered as a brilliant artist, who was a coon, who contributed nothing to black people but being a straight up self serving coon. What has the Republicans done for Black people? Nothing but spread hate, we are all free to choose, unfortunately some people on here will try to let us go back to the 13, amendment, and put it on the old Democrat party, who left their party and went over to the Republican party, and the Republicans, move over to the Democrat side. Self hatred is a b****, good for all those black Republicans, I hope they get what they deserve. I leave one last Question, what has Trump done for you?
Comment by mr1stroke on October 28, 2018 at 11:46pm
Negros are so ignorant to politics its beyond unbelievable, i dont care what party you votw for if you vote without demands your vote only gets that candidate in office but it does not mean nothing to do anything for you

You listen to those dumb rich niggas like Steve harvey and Al Sharpton telling you to vote and who to vote for, but they do not educate you about voting if you sit down and do your hone work your vote is an exchange to the politicians you give them something they give you something back otherwise explain why the big businesses support them and get favors in return your dumb ass is the only one who gets nothing
Dont you think is weird the same candidates the demicratic party support are the same canfidates those negro leades tell you to vote for? Its because theu get pay for it

Why do you think those politicians campaign why do they raise so much money you dumb niggers you are the only group in America who have no concern but quick to ceiticise others sit down and complaint ans than kill each other you niggers get me sick im so glad i moved out that dumb community i no longer have to be around dumb niggers thats how so many failed
Comment by mr1stroke on October 28, 2018 at 11:38pm
Im with him only a house negro with the slave mentality will continue to vote democrats, niggas are as dumb as they come in NY theu vote for Cuomo but thats the same Governor who neved come to the black community during his terms, he never addressed the victims families who is been dying by gun violence or by the cops he only came to one church in crown heights before the primaries

In Brooklyn the older people who owns their homes and paid for, the mayor and the governor and the mayor are illegally taking those homes and give the land to be developpers to nuild fancy building and move white people to the community

Now to any smart negros who will votw for Cuomo in Ny since you are so intelligent give me one reason duuring his 8 years that he did for the black community that will convince you to vote for him for a 3rd term

If your only reason is to vote democrat, id your reason is to vote against Trump you have so much problem ahead you will wish you listen to the rest of us

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