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Whatever happened to healthy debate and discussion?

So I have noticed here, that there is a true lack of maturity and strength on the parts of all who participate in these forums for discussion and advancement of not just the Caribbean people, but Negro people as a whole. What I have seen in spirit and truth, is hatred and ignorance masquerading as logic and facts. Why is this? Why is it so hard for people to simply accept that we have a different viewpoint from one another.

The answer is far simpler and easier to contrive than one might initially think. As we, the Africans in Diaspora, are so wound up in trying to preserve who we are, we essentially are losing it to something that was a tool to enslave us to begin with. Violence, hatred...two of but many terms one can quintessentially use to describe us as a legitimate whole. Most of us, don't understand the pangs of the next man, let own our own troubles, yet we are quick to rail against someone who offers a different viewpoint. Worse still, when we, as a people, come into public forum, it seems only controversy draws us together like flies to filth and we wallow in it like pigs. Again, can anyone answer this question? So it would seem that anyone who would attempt to answer this quickly, answers this on impulse because this question must be put to deep thought before it is answered, and when it is answered, it must be truly from one's soul and not from a fiery spirit that seeks to boil over. When we discuss matters of faith, law, principle , history, culture and pride, I have noticed the dividing line come through this place like the divisions between Purgatorio and Inferno, and this absolutely sickens me. Even I have lately become victim of embitterment. In Truth, we are acting like a pack of rabid dogs. That, Ladies and Gentlemen, simply will not do.  My people, we can only learn from each other if that is who want to be. Yet we must be factual and be wise in this regard, for there are wolves in sheep's clothing who come to kill, deceive and destroy and if we are to have any chance and raising ourselves up, we have to learn to share our ideas and difference and put these matters to discussion, so that we can truly learn what it is we are after.

Then again, if we can't even get ourselves off of simple conspiracy theories and hackneyed observations by two bit charlatans, I shudder to think what it is we are really imprisoned by: The Man or The Man, who in reality is Ourselves. 

Still, we must now move forward in this day and age to promote cultural learning. It is my sincerest hope that we move forward from blaming others for our faults embrace our own faults and mistakes as our own . We need to learn from each other. Yet that means, that we must be factual when we prove our points and views and not resort to childish name calling and yelling obscenities when we cannot control our frustrations a moment further.

I Leave you with this:

As We, the Race of Men, are meant to be the pinnacle of existence, we have substantially taken ourselves to a new low by allowing ourselves to divide what was not meant to be divided. More or less, If we, are ever to achieve new found knowledge and therefore, power, we must do something we have never done before. We must listen to one another; respect, will endear and empower us to do what is both right and necessary for the survival or we are doomed to return to slavery. Only this time, we will be the ones keeping ourselves  in bondage

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Comment by evolution on December 22, 2011 at 1:13pm

Well put@ Johnathan. Respect is due to all points of views.

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