A disturbing video is making its rounds online – a woman Livestreamed herself using a STRAP-ON on her boyfriend.
The boyfriend is allegedly part of the BLOODS gang.

It’s not clear whether the man understood that he was being filmed – and that his GF was LIVESTREAMING their act.

Fortunately for him, his face wasn’t shown, only hers (and she was looking very pleased with herself) so hopefully his identity will never be revealed. It seems that people cannot do anything these days without it being displayed on their social media for the world to see.

It does seem to be completely consensual from what we can tell, and there is nobody else on the subway, so it was somewhat private. When are they going to install security cameras on the subway? People really do the most when they’re not being watched and then add it for all to see anyway. Some subways cars do have cameras but not enough.

It was announced back in 2014 that the MTA would be buying and installing 940 new subway cars for its lettered lines and install cameras in them between 2015 and 2019. They need to get a move on. The public should be protected from walking in on things like this.

Take a look at this mess!
Here is the video link