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WHAT ELSE WOULD YOU EXPECT FROM THE ULTIMATE "PIG"-------Chris Christie: Black Lives Matter Movement Not "Justified"


Speaking on CBS's Face the Nation on Sundayfloundering presidential hopeful and current New Jersey governor Chris Christie blamed President Obama for encouraging a prevailing "lawlessness" in America, specifically by speaking out in favor of the Black Lives Matter movement.

"He [President Obama] doesn't back up the police. He justifies Black Lives Matter," Christie said. "I don't believe that that movement should be justified when they're calling for the murder of police officers."

CBS host John Dickerson pressed Christie on this. "They're not calling for the murder of police officers," he said. To which Christie responded, "Sure they are. Sure they are. They have been chanting in the streets for the murder of police officers." (Video of a protest march in Manhattan last year showed demonstrators chanting a demand for "dead cops now.")

Addressing a Criminal Justice Reform panel last week, President Obama had positive, if not effusive words for Black Lives Matter. The movement is "real," he said, "and there's a history behind it and we have to take it seriously."

Christie is not the first public figure to speak out against the Black Lives Matter movement and question the timing of a large-scale, celebrity-endorsed anti-police-brutality march in NYC this weekend, less than a week after the murder of police officer Randolph Holder, allegedly at the hands of an armed suspect.

In the wake of Saturday's protest, Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Pat Lynchencouraged NYPD officers to boycott Kill Bill and other Quentin Tarantino films, after the "cop-hater" director gave a brief speech condemning civilian deaths at the hands of police officers.

Carl Dix, co-leader of this weekend's Rise Up October protest in Manhattan and founding member of the Revolutionary Communist Party, condemned Lynch's statement.

By "distorting reality and attacking the people fighting for justice [Lynch asserts]... that people should stop protesting the rampant, ongoing, systematic murder carried out by the police," Dix said. "This is wrong and upside down."

Speaking with us this afternoon, Dix insisted that Christie and Lynch have pulled the idea of an organized "war on police" out of "thin air." Nationwide, shooting deaths of police officers decreasedin the first half of 2015, from 23 to 16 in 2014. According to the Washington Post, 800 American civilians have been fatally shot by police officers this year to date.

In New York City, four NYPD officers have been fatally shot in the last 11 months. NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton recently called this stretch the highest concentration of consecutive officer deaths that he's dealt with in his career.

As for allegations that Black Lives Matter protestors are calling for the officers to be killed, Dix said, "What Rise Up October says is 'stop police terror.' We ask 'which side are you on,' and bring... the reality of how many people are losing their lives at the hands of the police."

WNYC reports that a branch of the American Civil Liberties Union in New Jersey is looking to establish a Civilian Complaint Review Board for the state. Rick Robinson, a member of the Newark NAACP and appointee to the proposed board condemned Christie's comments.

"Black Lives Matter is not a vigilante organization," he told the news outlet. "[The Newark NAACP's] position is we want to actually stop any kind of violence, whether it's against police or against residents in the community."


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