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Is there a big difference?

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Comment by Craig Jackie on August 28, 2012 at 5:43pm
Jackie- LOL @ Barrington
Comment by barrington james on August 28, 2012 at 4:20pm

evolution be careful they will trick you, we have a saying see me and live with me is too different 

Comment by Craig Jackie on August 28, 2012 at 10:08am
Jackie - Evolution that's an interesting story, but that just goes to the character of the woman. She claims independence, but secretly wants to be dependent upon a man. I know a handful of West Indian Women that have done similar things.
Comment by evolution on August 28, 2012 at 9:30am

I got this conversation from another site and I don't think a west Indian woman would behave like this.

Well, I tried...I even gave up NA for her. WTF??? But the fact is, I could NEVER be who she wanted me to be. I thought she was 'Ride Or Die' but I found out she was just 'Ride...'

A few months ago, I thought I'd met the PERFECT WOMAN.I called her 'Nurse Goodbody' (some of you may remember).She was a bit older (7 years, 34,41) but she didn't look a day over 30. She was also a personal trainer; the face was beautiful and the body was BANGING!!

We started talking in Feb and started dating in Mar. During this time she was having problems with her apartment complex about assigning parking spaces because once she got home from the gym at night (if she wasn't coming to my place) she'd have to park close to a block, block and a 1/2 away from her apt. Even after having most of the residents sign a petition, the mgmt still wouldn't budge on the issue so she decided to move and let them know. HOWEVER- she decided to rent a house instead of getting another apt, wasn't able to find one that suited her needs so about 2 weeks before her scheduled move out, she went to the apt mgmt and wanted to sign a month to month lease but they said her apt was already set to be rented. She has no fam in Jax so I suggested she move in with me until she found a place...


She moved in at the end of Mar and from Day 1 set out to change me...I'd come home from work and my livingroom would be rearranged...come home, bedroom rearranged...Then she'd get upset if I said anything about it.

Apr creeped into May and I went looking at a few places with her but nothing was 'right'.May slipped into June and she still hadn't 'found a house'. She took sometime off of her Personal Training gig so she could have more time to 'find something' but still, nothing. When I asked her if she needed my help finding something, she got upset, 'Oh, you don't want me in your house? You wanna put me on the street, now?' I told her I had no problem with her living with me, I just expected her to have a place sooner...Then she went with the,'You don't want to be with me' along with tears for effect. I said no more...

Around the middle of June, after she'd been living with me 2 1/2 months, I suggested she put in on groceries and at least pay the light bill...She went ballistic...

I wasn't about to keep falling for the 'okey doke'.

Before she moved in with me, she'd been paying $1050 in rent, @ $180+ electric bill, $120 cable bill and in Apr, she proudly proclaimed she'd paid her SUV off ($570 a month). So, in essence, I was saving her @ $1350 and she had another add'l $570 she didn't have to pay out and she was upset that I asked her to chip in on groceries and pay the electric bill. WTF??? She's potentially SAVING @ $2k a month and is having a fit about a $260 bill??? WTF?? Her reasoning was that as my woman, she shouldn't have to pay for anything, I should take care of her...

My answer: BULLSHIT!!

NA, I'm a single parent with only a modicum of support from my son's mother so I'm not trying to support anyone that wasn't a child of mine.

Begrudgingly she gave me $40 on groceries and then only paid $185 of the $260 electric bill. She finally paid it in full after I kept on her about it.

Before she moved in,when we had officially started dating, she told me about how her fam rents a luxury cabin (6-8 bdrm) cabin in TN for the 4th July and she hoped I'd go; we'd split the cost for our room at $300 a piece (6 days/five nights) but after we got serious, she actually expected me to pay for her...

Of course, I was like Whitney (RIP) 'Oh, hell to the nawl!'

We split the cost of the accomodations but when we got there, she once again expected me to pay everytime we went out to eat or any activity we went on...

Once again, I had to channel Whitney (RIP). 'Oh hell to the nawl!'

We argued almost the whole time and things went downhill fast once we got back. S***, I was taking time off of work looking for her a place...

The tension got so bad that I stared sleeping in the guestroom in my own house.WTF??? Things really blew up last Tuesday when, after weeks of reminding her to pay the electric bill (again) she pays it on the due date but once again, she doesn't pay the whole thing (bill: $292, she pays $200). I confront her and she challenges MY MANHOOD by saying that as a REAL MAN I should have no problem taking care of my woman. So I told her, "As a real man, I'm letting you know, if you can't pay ONE bill and put money on groceries, you need to get the f*** out of my house!"

She got .38 hot, started calling her girlfriends to come help her move her stuff out. So they're helping her pack her stuff while I'm in the livingroom watching a bootleg Bruce Bruce stand up and laughing my ass off.

Before she left, she gives me a speech-as her girlfriends mean mug me-about how I wasn't a real man, I don't know how to treat a woman, I ain't s***, etc, etc...

One of her girlfriends let her stay with her the first night but after that, none of the others would take her in (so much for her 'friends') so she had to stay at a hotel. She called me Saturday, apologizing for the way she acted...then she told me that she'd found a place, was to move in on 15th Sept and wanted to know if she could stay with me until then...

I wondered, "WWWD?" (What Would Whitney Do?)

So I told her, 'Hell to the nawl!' And hung up...

Damn, it feels GOOD to be single again!! I'm going back to FWBs/JOs (Friends With Benefits/ Jump Offs)...

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