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Not complaining about the lack of autobuyers but there are definitely some crazy high priced players and with player prices dropping it's still difficult to obtain them. I'm also shitty at working markets so there's always that.

Do people actually prefer the trading aspect of this game to actually playing it? Seems a bit like building a fake card collection. Seems pointless if your main intent isn't to actually use them for their purpose most of the time.

I think building and growing your team is a lot of the fun in UT. The trading aspect is like a mini but more predictable stock market and there's no top fifa coins than getting a good steal or seeing a cards price skyrocket. I think part of what makes FUT successful is there's two aspects to it for any type of gamer

Because you want them to be? they really shouldn't, seeing as the only reason they're that expensive is the from the bots on the webapp. If you remember, earlier this fifa year messi and ronaldo were 2 and 3 mil each. Only a choice few legends were up there near the max price mark. The vicious cycle of coin selling, buying, market flooding, player hoarding, etc all leading to slowly rising prices turned FUT into zimbabwe. Just because you got screwed on your "investments" because fifa tried to do something to help even out the market to a BIT closer to they way it's SUPPOSED to be, doesn't mean you have a right to be salty about it. Fact is, sanchez costa and di maria right now will still get you a TON more than almost every other FUT player.

Temporarily, or for good? Can't honestly see myself bothering with 2016 if there is no Web App considering it's so much easier, user-friendly and less time consuming to trade and build a team online instead of a console. Great for students, professionals, regular travellers and those who aren't able to spend hours a night at their PS4/360 - and when we do, we would rather play the actual game rather than trade.

That's what I loved about the Web App. I could make coins and build a squad while travelling with fifa ultimate coins, then actually play the game when I got home and not feel as though I was missing anything, or behind too many other players.

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