As Yiannopoulos — a senior editor at Breitbart — offered his view on feminism, demonstrators stormed the stage and started shouting “dump the Trump.” The event was hosted by the school’s College Republicans chapter and Yiannopoulos is an outspoken Trump supporter.

Moments later, an unidentified female protester ripped the microphone out of the event moderator’s hands, walked over to  Yiannopoulos and shouted, “What do you have got to say?”

Content warning: Strong language 

Yiannopoulos, known for his provocative remarks, shot back a few comments.

“I worked out why there are so many black girls here. I think it’s because I f***ed their brothers,” the openly-gay Yiannopoulos said.

“Imagine going home to your parents and having to explain that you were in prison for protesting a f*****,” he later quipped. “Well mom, there was this gay man who just had the wrong opinions.

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Security was called to the scene, but when officers arrived, they only stood by and watched. Eventually Yiannopoulos got word that they would not remove the protesters, despite him saying that one had threatened to physically assault him.

Appalling that @DePaulU security, which I paid for, refused to remove a man from stage who threatened to hit me.

“I asked them why they didn’t do that and they didn’t give an answer,” Yiannopoulos told TheBlaze. “[T]his is a college that sprung security costs on the students at the last possible moment. Tried to make them pay thousands in security costs. … And security just simply didn’t do their job.”

A representative for DePaul University was not available for comment to TheBlaze Tuesday evening.

Yiannopoulos, who told TheBlaze he would like security costs refunded, was forced to end the event. He instead led hundreds of student supporters in a march toward the university president’s office to ask why security failed to do their jobs.

Yiannopoulos also offered a strong critique of the student demonstrators.

“This is precisely why people are losing interest in the Black Lives Matter movement,” he told TheBlaze. “It is why you have achieved nothing. It is why you will achieve nothing. And every time this happens, people at home are more and more horrified at your childish and authoritarian tactics.”

This is far from the first time college protesters have attempted to shut down an event featuring a conservative speaker.

The issue was even raised by President Barack Obama earlier this month when he addressed the “trend  around the country of trying to get college to disinvite speakers with a different point of view or disrupt a politician’s rally.”

“Don’t do that, no matter how ridiculous you might find the things that come out of their mouths,” Obama said. “Because, as my grandmother used to tell me, every time a fool speaks, they are just advertising their own ignorance. Let them talk.”