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Man Arrested Who Recorded Murder of Ahmaud Arbery [VIDEO]

Video Shows Ahmad Arbery Being Racially Harassed By White Brunswick Cops in 2017 [WATCH]

William “Roddie” Bryan, the man who filmed the fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery, has been arrested in connection to the young man’s murder.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation confirmed Thursday that Bryan has been hit with charges of felony murder and criminal attempt to commit false imprisonment, per Complex. 
Roddie has insisted that he was simply a witness to Gregory and Travis McMichael hunting and killing Arbery on February 23, claiming he had zero involvement with the slaying. His arrest comes after increasing public outcry after over his cell phone footage which captured Arbery’s killing, and catapulted the case into the national spotlight.
Bryan said after his video leaked online, he started receiving death threats.   
Attorneys for Ahmaud’s parents — S. Lee Merritt, Benjamin Crump and L. Chris Stewart — tell TMZ …”We called for his arrest from the very beginning of this process. His involvement in the murder of Mr. Arbery was obvious to us, to many around the country and after their thorough investigation, it was clear to the GBI as well.”
Merritt also told CNN this week, “We are going to continue to push for the arrest of William Bryan for recording and participating in the ambush of Ahmaud Arbery.”

GA Bureau of Investigation@GBI_GA

On May 21, 2020, the GBI arrested William “Roddie” Bryan Jr., age 50, on charges of Felony Murder &

Criminal Attempt to Commit False Imprisonment. Read the updated press release here 

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Ahmaud was unarmed when he was shot on February 23 by Travis, 34, and his father, Gregory, 64, a retired cop, who had seen Arbery jogging in the area and decided to arm themselves, chase him down in a pickup truck for over four minutes and kill him.

The sister of Arbery’s killer, Lindsay McMichael, 30, admits she posted a picture of his dead body to Snapchat because she is “a true-crime fan.” 

Lee Merritt noted that the posting the gruesome photo online “fits the pattern” of the family’s thirst for violence.

Gregory claims he leaked the video of the killing thinking it would exonerate him and his son. But as one Twitter user noted, “Lynching tradition is to take souvenirs. If there weren’t so many witnesses, someone would have a coin purse made of the brother’s private parts.”

“First you have (Gregory) McMichael sharing with a news station a video of the murder, then you have his daughter sharing an image of Ahmaud’s bullet-ridden body on Snapchat,” Lee Merritt told The Sun. “It’s deeply disturbing behavior.”

Adding, “The picture Lindsay McMichael posted was very disturbing and very disturbing to the family. It actually fits the pattern of the McMichael family engaging in a weird, violent form of voyeurism.”

Arbery was shot twice with a shotgun at close range during the confrontation with the McMichaels. 

Georgia authorities initially declined to pursue charges against Gregory and Travis, claiming the father and son had acted in self-defense. However, after footage of the deadly shooting surfaced online in early May, sparking a national call for justice, the McMichaels were arrested on murder and aggravated assault charges.


Video Shows Ahmad Arbery Being Racially Harassed By White Brunswick Cops in 2017 [WATCH]

Video has emerged showing lynching victim Ahmaud Arbery getting harassed and frisked by cops in 2017, and many believe the footage highlights the Glynn County PD’s racist attitude toward Black people. 

According to a police report from the November 7, 2017 incident, an officer was patrolling Townsend Park when he noticed a vehicle parked in an area allegedly “known for drugs and other criminal activity.”

Two officers found Arbery, 25, alone and unarmed in the car and asked to search his car. When he refused, the scene quickly turned tense. 

TMZ breaks down what happened next: 

The officers immediately told him to stop and get his hands out of his pockets. Despite the fact Ahmaud immediately obeyed their orders — and had his hands in the air — one officer pulled his taser and fired it. Now, the weapon malfunctioned, but Ahmaud was already getting down on the ground anyway.

About two minutes earlier, the officers had asked for ID, and Ahmaud complied and explained he’d been rapping in his car on his day off. When the officer came back with his license, Ahmaud said, “I ain’t got s**t on me. What the f**k you f**king with me for?”

The officer told him the area was known for drug activity and then proceeded to frisk Ahmaud for weapons. He had nothing on him, and there was nothing illegal about him parking in the area.

Arbery was not arrested or cited because he committed no crime, other than sitting in his vehicle while Black in the eyes of white supremacy. 

S. Lee Merritt, Esq.@MeritLaw

Police told the homeowner where was last seen to contact Greg McMichael if his cameras caught someone on his property. McMichael in turn gathered a posse & began hunting for Ahmaud, or someone who fit his description, catching up with him on 2/23/20– killing him.

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In a statement to CNN, S. Lee Merritt, Benjamin Crump and L. Chris Stewart, attorneys for the Arbery family said, “The video released today regarding an incident involving Ahmaud Arbery from 2017 clearly depicts a situation where Ahmaud was harassed by Glynn County police officers. This type of behavior by the department is well-documented.”

“Initially, Mr. Arbery is rightfully upset by what he perceives as being approached for no legitimate reason,” attorneys for Arbery’s family said in the statement. “The officer acknowledges that he hasn’t done anything wrong. Ahmaud Arbery maintains his composure, however, even when the second officer to arrive on the scene immediately escalates the situation, pulls out his Taser and attempts to use it on Mr. Arbery for no justifiable reason. Ahmaud was not arrested or charged with any crime.”

Be A King

4 minutes.

They hunted a human being for 4 minutes.

And they would have gotten away with it if ’s family hadn’t persisted and if people hadn’t passionately raised their voices.

When evil shows up and systems bow down, the people MUST. 

New video shows Ahmaud Arbery chased for 4 minutes by father and son who shot him: lawyer

Ahmaud Arbery, the Georgia jogger gunned down by a white father and son with links to local law enforcement, was chased for more than 4 minutes by the duo and a neighbor who filmed the incident...
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Arbery was jogging in a neighborhood outside Brunswick on February 23 when former Glynn County police officer Gregory McMichael and his son Travis chased and hunted him for 4 minutes before murdering him in broad daylight. 

S. Lee Merritt, Esq.@MeritLaw

This is the man that set the plan in motion that led to the murder of .

ROBERT RASH is a Glynn County Police Officer.

He instructed a homeowner to contact Gregory McMichael to deal w/ trespassers.

McMichael and his son formed a posse and murdered Ahmaud Arbery.

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Comment by Harry Toddler on May 20, 2020 at 5:17pm

WTF is wrong with these hillbilly cops , I mean dyam " I tried to taze him" " dyam it got to the point where you had to taze him " " well I did see a wallet " WTF so displaying your wallet is grounds to be shot now-a-days ,  Africa here I come , I'll take my chances there , fk this s***.

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