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Van Jones breaks down in tears live on CNN in emotional speech as he says its 'easier to be a parent' and shows 'being a good man matters' after the network calls the election for Biden

CNN commentator Van Jones, pictured, broke down in tears as he delivered a highly emotional live reaction to the network calling the presidential election for Joe Biden

  • Van Jones broke down in tears as he delivered a highly emotional live reaction after CNN called the election for Joe Biden
  • The 52-year-old was forced to compose himself and wipe away tears as he said that Biden's win shows 'being a good man matters'
  • The father of two also declared that Trump's loss made it 'easier to be a parent'
  • He told Trump supporters he was sorry they lost
  • The network called the race for Biden shortly after 11am on Saturday morning 

CNN commentator Van Jones broke down in tears as he delivered a highly emotional live reaction to the network calling the presidential election for Joe Biden

Jones was forced to compose himself as he claimed it's 'easier to be a parent this morning' and said that the end of Trump's presidency would make life 'easier for a whole lot of people'. 

The 52-year-old father of two added that Biden's win shows that 'being a good man matters' and hopes he 'sons look at this'.   

The former Obama administration adviser spared a moment for Trump supporters stating that he was sorry that they lost but that 'for a whole lot of people it's a good day'.  

CNN commentator Van Jones, pictured, broke down in tears as he delivered a highly emotional live reaction to the network calling the presidential election for Joe Biden

Jones was asked for his thoughts seconds after CNN and multiple other TV networks called the race and projected that Biden is president elect. 

He immediately had to compose himself as he began his impassioned take and stopped on several occasions to wipe his tears.     

'It's easier to be a parent this morning,' he began. 

'It's easier to be a dad. It's easier to tell your kids character matters. It matters, telling the truth matters. Being a good person matters. 

'It's easier for a whole lot of people,' he added, before listing different groups who had been affected by Trump's presidency.  

'If you're a Muslim in this country, you don't have to worry if the president doesn't have to want to here,' he said. 

Jones also repeated his statement on Twitter as he said: 'Today is a good day'

Jones also repeated his statement on Twitter as he said: 'Today is a good day' 

The former Obama staffer began the celebrations on Twitter Saturday morning

The former Obama staffer began the celebrations on Twitter Saturday morning 

 'If you're an immigrant, you don't have to worry if the president is going to be happier to have babies snatched away, send dreamers back for no reason. 

'It's vindication for a lot of people who have suffered,' he continued before referencing Black Lives Matter.  

'I can't breathe wasn't just George Floyd, that was a lot of people who felt they couldn't breath,' he said.  

'Every day you're getting these tweets and you just don't know. 

'You go into the store and people who have been afraid to show their racism have been getting nastier and nastier to you and you're worried about your kids. 

'Your sister, can she just go to Walmart and get back into her car without somebody saying something to her and you spent so much of your life energy just trying to hold it together.

'This is a big deal. For us just to be able to get some peace and have a chance for a reset. The character of the country matters. 

'Being a good man matters,' Jones reiterated. 

'I just want my sons to look at this. It's easier to do this the cheap way and get away with this but it comes back around, it comes back around. 

'I'm sorry for the people who lost, for them it's not a good day,' he concluded, 'but for a whole lot of people, it's a good day.' 

It's over: CNN calls the election for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris on Saturday morning
The President was dressed casually with a white MAGA hat and sweater as he went to play a round of golf Saturday, just before Biden was announced as the next president

Jones also tweeted his congratulations stating: 'CONGRATULATIONS, AMERICA !!!'  

Biden was named the next president of the United States at 11.25 a.m. Saturday morning by television networks and the Associated Press - as Trump played golf.

CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, the AP and USA Today all made the call and Fox News followed suit 10 minutes later. 

Biden will address the nation tonight. 

Votes in Philadelphia pushed his margin in must-win Pennsylvania to 34,558, more than 0.5%, just after 11am - putting the result in the state beyond doubt.

That took him to 273 electoral votes - placing the 77-year-old on a clear path to the White House.

The states of Nevada, Arizona, Georgia and North Carolina were still to be called. Biden was ahead in all but North Carolina, and if he stays that way he will have 302 electoral college votes, the same as Trump in 2016.

Kamala Harris, his running mate, becomes the first female vice president, and the first black and Asian-American vice president.

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Comment by mr1stroke on November 11, 2020 at 12:32am

caribmama so if everyone is so against Trump now that he is going back to the private sector if creates job for his companies and giving jobs are those who hates and against him going to turn away and not working for him or will they take orders from him as a racist boss, i like who is he is because he will tell.

As for biden if he delivers for the community ill be the first in line next 4 years at the poll.

As for the black community this is the most hateful community against each other, black businesses well not survive, they will disrespect and rob those businesses, today i got a call they broke 2 windows in the vehicles i was selling and stole parts from them, because the alarm went off they left, but i know dealing in the negro community there will always be a loss, the guy that checks on the lot, hours have reduced, they just hate to see another person who looks like them do good, thats why i do broker for hire when it times to do business with them

Comment by caribmama on November 11, 2020 at 12:12am

I wasn't crying for Biden or what I feel he can bring to the table. Dump is an embarrassment to our country every time he opens his mouth and the sentiment was felt around the world from the posts that I have read online. No person should act the way he has acted and really...It's not even about his politics. He made a lot of people uber rich, the man knows how to maneuver business wise and I will not take that away from him. I'm from NY, so I know what he's all about. Some things he did for this country is a plus and somethings is a minus. He is not a politician and should have never been voted into office.

As far as Biden is concerned, he owes a lot of black people in high power his thanks and gratitude for making sure black folks turned out in record number. I'm sure they are going to stay on his ass and make sure the black community is recognized. Kamala too! Lots of folks were against her for what she did to black people in her state.

As far as all that is going on in the black community, we have to also be apart of what is going on in our communities. We have to stop this no snitching bullshit and continuing to have our babies being killed over stupid syht. Community organizers need to be up in the police percincts captains faces when s*** goes down. Its should start from the bottom up. Stop expecting the government to automatically step into our people getting shot down. Our folks need to help with the healing of their communities and stop letting the dope boys be in control. You know way back when we came up the dope boys took care of the commuties. Fed your families if you needed it, made sure your lights stayed on....etc. 

Comment by mr1stroke on November 10, 2020 at 11:40am

caribmama i undestand where you and the rest are coming from which is personal and emotional feelings, i get it, now to the serious of issues that is going on it is bigger than Trump who have been president for only 4 years, now you guys are crying for what exactly, because the issues are going to be resolve or white people are going to be comfortable again? 

Now if watching them being comfortable make every one feel good, that is cool, but no more complaining and marching if that is the change you seek, will Biden change what has been going on for black people, will he treats black people like he does to other communities, will he address the issues, will the police shooting stop, or black people will ignore the next innocent black man kill by cops because Biden is president, every one arw on the streets and celebrating like its the end of slavery, what are you guys celebrating for? If you ask me this is an embarrassment, that is the same man who have caused the pain in the community now he gets a pass lol, if he does treat the community like he does others ans give out fair share for the next 4 years i will be the first in line to vote for him, but if its the same nonsense i will rally and campaign against him, more black men are tired of the nonsense so the next 4 years will be easy to open others eyes

Comment by caribmama on November 10, 2020 at 10:15am

For one thing, this country should have never been run by someone who had no political experience. While Dump has business experience, we were a joke to the world for 4 years. I will say if you invested you profited well and I can vouch for that. Other than that, that man was a classless sexist bully. It says a lot when his own party won't go up against him cause he knows he will retaliate against them. Why didn't another republican run up against him, cause they know the type of person he is. I'm with Van Jones, I cried for a whole hour that we know longer have to see him, hear him or listen to his craziness. The White House should not have ever been run in the manner of which he ran it. We finally are going to have some decorum and decency returned to the White House. The name calling, handicapped bashing, sexist orange turd will be gone. America has had enough! If you are a repub, pick a better candidate. Shoot....even most repubs crossed party lines to get rid of him! I would love to see how many crossed those lines.

Comment by mr1stroke on November 8, 2020 at 11:51am

Melly Mel lol seriously even if it one page at least in 4 years he plans to address the majority of the people who dont vote for him and against him. Now for the many years how have the democrats respond to black votes, what have been the reward to the black community, ok Biden plan had 100s of pages that is the same biden from 1972, 92, and 96 with damages he had done to najorly black men. If you dont see anything wrong with that i do understand, im sure you have rad that plan is there a page where he explain how is going to give back to the majority of families he had destroy to mass incarceration, how exactly he is going to heal the nation, what is he is going to do for black people? The issues have been there so we will observe, but negros will find an excuse to forgive their masters

Comment by Melly Mel on November 8, 2020 at 11:32am
Trump's plan had 2 pgs on how he's going to help blacks, while BIDENs plan had hundreds of pages on how he would help blacks, written in May of 2020, before his win!!!!!!
Comment by mr1stroke on November 8, 2020 at 7:18am

vaughn mitchell you have got to be the dumbest n***** ever i swear, what is your major from that college you got that degree in, so let see biden is the savior he is going to stop police shooting right lol ok let see, there will be more black businesses in the black community, lets wait and see, rich people are going to pay more taxes, there will be more black home ownership instead of project apartments, let see how that works, and the proud will no longer exist, no more racist people, wow what a gift to be a slave n*****, so the rest of us will watch all those changes in 4 years, thank God there will be no more marching or the slaves will just accept what massa give them. You sound little b**** lol why cant you contact them on here, why facebook? You niggers are weak sit your dumb n***** ass down you slave n*****

Comment by vaughn mitchell on November 8, 2020 at 12:23am
Guess, what people Trump is a white man,who is also racist, who hate black people. Well the world is a better place. Over two hundred thousand dead because he lied about a virus. Police reform, less cop shooting black people in the back. The rich paying more in taxes. All the proud boys, run back in the closet. I will be on Facebook, to contact the people that run caribfever, it's time for a change, to get your racist off this site. Mr 1bitch.
Comment by mr1stroke on November 7, 2020 at 5:43pm

Lol go on negro praise the white men, well since he says he is going to bring the country back together, i guess all the problems in the black community will now be over, no more marching, by the way what is he going to do with the racist people Trump have exposed, are they going to space, since they were not in America before Trump are they going to disappear or go back not be racist, oh may be biden is going to cure them? Well since the negros believe he is the savior or the solution to their problems pets wait the next 4 years, which black president is he now, he is # 3 since the negros still cannot make up their mind about which one is number one Clinton or Obama lol niggers love their masters

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