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V. Stiviano’s Alleged Affair Is Costing Her More than Just Her Reputation

V. Stiviano’s Alleged Affair Is Costing Her More than Just Her Reputation


Stiviano is the alleged girlfriend and mistress of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. We were first introduced to her when Sterling got caught making racist comments on a phone call between the two. Sterling basically said that Stiviano could not bring black people to his games which is funny because the LA Clippers are filled with black men. Funny, right?

Anyway, Sterling already got his public shame. Now Stiviano is getting hers, and it is coming from none other than Sterling’s estranged wife Shelly Sterling.

Shelly claims that Stiviano seduced her husband into buying her expensive things, including a $1.8 million duplex and a couple of cars, while also engaging in a sexual relationship with him. Now Stiviano’s attorney said that Stiviano never claimed to be Mr. Sterling’s mistress or girlfriend, but on the recording we can hear her saying that Mr. Sterling was in love with her.

Either way it goes, Shelly Sterling, the original, is not having it. She has been married to Mr. Sterling for 51 years so she is not letting Stiviano get away with everything that belongs to her, no matter the current status of her marriage. She took Stiviano to court, and she came out on top.

Stiviano has to give Mrs. Sterling $2.8 million, plus the duplex that Sterling gave her. Mrs. Sterling initially tried to get $3.6 million out of Stiviano, but the judge could not find any evidence to support that amount. She was not playing about what is owed to her.

It looks like Shelly Sterling is the real MVP. She got the last laugh after all of the drama that her husband has swirling around him, and now he and Stiviano have to pick up the remaining pieces. As much as Stiviano wants to deny that she was sexually involved with Mr. Sterling, her involvement with him, no matter what kind, cost her a great deal of money. Lesson of the day: do not be a sidepiece.

Do you think Shelly deserves all of that money from Stiviano? Share your thoughts.

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Comment by El-Bull on May 23, 2016 at 8:47pm

Regardless of how you look at it, the wife knew what was going on and did not have to deal with her husband and had a surrogate fill in for other duties. 

V. Stiviano deserved everything she got from DOnald Sterling and more---after all like Donna Summers sang: She Worked Hard for the Money" The judge should be shot who made the decision in the wife's favor, out of bias

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