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I'M JUST HERE TO MAKE YOU THINK: Watch if you're not afraid to wake up; Untold Truth About The Duplicity Of The Public School System - Who Made African-American History?

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Comment by AfricanGoddess on August 20, 2017 at 8:06pm

There is nothing stopping us from knowing the truth if we really want to deprogram and reprogram from all the lies...most just don't care and are comfortable living in their state of being.

Comment by rastafari on August 19, 2017 at 11:02pm

Edward James Olmos said during his speech at the 16th Annual Journalism Opportunities Conference for Minorities: “We stand for what this country really is. What makes Los Angeles unique is the diversity of its people. It is the key to us as a human species. The written word has such profound power, but the problem is our history needs a strong augmentation...” To make his point, he asked a white man in the front row to stand, and said: “CHRIST should be represented by a person of color; HE should have woolen hair and bronze skin. I have only seen HIM represented by you, with white skin that almost glows!”

Comment by Ivan Butcher II on August 19, 2017 at 6:45pm

Our history has to be written, rewritten and illustrated from our perspective. There is a big world market out there that needs access to a new truth. This will not happen if it is left up to the prejudiced, mind-controlling, self-interest for profit entities.

From my experiences as an educator, to inspire and to encourage reading, I feel that the best way to address the literacy issues with our children today, especially with all of their distractions, is through illustration.

Students writing, illustrating and reading theirs and other students' writings may encourage and inspire others to begin reading, much like how when they go home with a cold infecting everyone in the house.

I believe the way to reach the dysfunctional and the disenchanted youth is by having their younger siblings be their mentors showing them that they themselves should and could be doing better.

Today's drive for paperless information via the internet, cable, phone, etc... is an attempt to destroy the significance of having access to books. If books are not available very few will even bother to seek out information are ripe for indoctrination.

Fahrenheit 451?

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