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Trail-blazing feminist and author Alice Walker's daughter discusses their dysfuntional relationship

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Comment by JamRockLady on March 9, 2011 at 11:47pm

Feminism "and the feminist movement" is ORIGINALLY the Caucasian woman's battle (not black female's).


The black women was NEVER oppressed by her black man (and if he tried, she'd set him right).  Caucasian females dragged females of other races into that 'fight' but it was never our 'fight' to begin with.


During World War One (and two), women took the place of men, laboring in factories for less pay, and "the capitalist western world" enjoyed the benefits of that.  When the men returned, Caucasian men returned back to doing the same work, as Caucasian women, for twice the pay, which seemed unfair to Caucasian women, who then later gathered, protest and demanded change.  Again, this mostly effected Caucasian women. Black females where still working on plantations, being "Massa's" slave and such.


The government enjoyed this imbalance in the "Caucasian" home (men getting paid a bit more for the same work Caucasian women did), so they kept formula (to this day).  It created "disharmony" and "contention" in the Caucasian home, which works for the government because that's all they want (to break down the family institutions of ALL RACES living in their society).


Today, this formula is felt by women of ALL RACE who reside in Babylon.  This "formula" (men getting paid a bit more than women for the exact same work), is in-line with The New World Order agenda (because if husbands and wives are constantly at odds, or working too many hours, trying to climb over each-other in the corporate arena, or divorcing...they're not making lots of babies)....which is what the government wants because they "claim" the world is over-populated, which is a lie, because for every child born, someone/somewhere in the world dies...(*rolling eyes). Tricky demons...aren't they???

Comment by BigginsMarie on March 9, 2011 at 4:44pm

The link you posted there is dead, but I read this story a while ago.


Although this woman makes a few good points, all and all she sounds like the typical spoiled rich kid. My mother also wasn't particularly affectionate. Would speak to me enough for me to even know what she felt about child birth and mother hood. The older generation of black women were cold, because they had to be. They had to be tough and no one was hugging up on them calling them little black princesses. 


The problem is this woman was raised around a lot of wealthy white folks, and yes wealthy white women are as affectionate as pet store puppies because they can afford to be and they grew up being little princesses. They are use to that kind of attention so it's automatic that they give it to those around them. Now there's a little bit of a shift because I see some rough ass white girls out there. They like to mess with black men and most of the black guys treat them just like they treat us, so now the white girls are getting ghetto and gansta!lol!


Anyway, she hardly says anything about feminism. Did her mom make her burn her first bra? Stuffed in an all girls school and kept away from boys? No. Her mother might have been a bad mother, but the feminism had nothing to do with it. My mother is pretty much as anti-feminist as you can get but my mother was almost the same way. Except she didn't have money and I didn't have no rich jew daddy to run to.


So basically, I ain't the one feeling sorry for this girl. Though i do agree her mother might be spoiled herself and needs to go see her grand baby. But still why would you turn around and betray your mother like that? She didn't say her mother beat her, pimped her out, called her names or anything like that. She maybe wasn't a great mother but she doesn't sound so bad to me.

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