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I Just want to take the time to tell you whats going on in my life. I used to keep it to myself, but I'm not going to keep it to myself anymore. I am ready to let the world know what the federal government is doing to me:

They sabotaged my divorce
My expungement
Stop me from putting my name on my son's birth certificate
Give me a criminal record when i didnt have one
Stop me from getting a job

Federal government destroyed my life because they want me to keep my mouth shut. I am trying to find a lawyer who is not corrupt it doesn't matter if she/he is black or white, as long they believe in equal rights, so I'm asking you please do not pitch this piece of paper in the trash, because this is not a lie, its real. There are two types of evil people in the world, one who does evil things to people and the other who know about and do nothing about it. So my question to you, which one are you?. My two son's are being punished because "the feds broke the law and i know that's not right. I love my two boys more than life itself and it breaks my heart when my sons ask me to buy something and i can't , I cried but i'm not going anymore. I want to be able to work and buy my sons whatever they need but I can't. They are going behind my back and talking to my bosses and then they fire me and thats illegal. Also every female I've met in the street and we exchange numbers once i call her and she calls me its over. The federal government is making sure that i dont have a girlfriend or get close with anyone that can help me expose them. I'm asking you favor because i can not do it on my own. What i am asking from you is to tell someone who can help me with legal problem posted on MYSPACE, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE because you may know someone who knows someone that may be able help me. Because I'm not getting any help from the press, I went to the press but they refuse to release my story are covering up for the feds. I 'm going to ask you put yourself in my position: if you were to give this piece of paper how would you feel if i were to pitch this piece of paper and turn my back on you? I know not everyone is corrupt and I'm praying you are one of the good ones, because its good over evil and theres only one GOD, and he's the one I believe in.

Thank you


If your interested in making a change this is how you contact me:, and Rodney 3476022660

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