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This Is Insane: 90 Girls Are Pregnant At One High School, Who's To Blame? The Parents, The School, Television Or The Kids Themselves? [2 Videos]

*Approximately 90 students at Frayser High School are pregnant or have recently given birth

*The startling numbers fall in line with high teen pregnancy rates in the entire Frayser community


*A new initiative to help combat the problem will soon be introduced

About 90 students at a Memphis High School are either pregnant, or have been recently.

The startling news was confirmed by a high ranking city official and comes as the community plans to roll out a new initiative to help combat the problem.

However, one Frayser High School graduate says teen pregnancy is not a new problem for the school.

"When we would come back from summer break, there would be a thousand people pregnant. We were like, what's going on?" joked Alicia Williamson, who graduated from Frayser in 2004.

"There were a whole lot of bellies. You had to watch out so you didn't bump into them. Being 2011, I thought a lot of them would have thought this is not the right way to go, having babies during school time," she added.

The organization, Girls, Inc. teaches girls about preventing pregnancy.

Deborah Hester Harrison, who heads the organization, says Memphis' teen pregnancy rate stands at between 15 and 20 percent, almost twice the national average.

In the Frayser zip code, the rate is about 26 percent. Harrison partly blames the media.

"So much of our society is sexually oriented. As adults we can look at that and it doesn't impact us, but kids are different," Harrison said.

It's why Girls, Inc. offers classes where teenage girls "care for" computerized babies to give them a feel for what teenage parenthood is like.

The organization will also be part of a new initiative tentatively scheduled to be introduced next week.

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Comment by Mr Right on February 12, 2013 at 11:06pm


Comment by Joann Spencer on April 12, 2012 at 12:30pm

Ok not in my house

Comment by lauren paul on November 16, 2011 at 10:57pm

*Correction* 13 yr olds raping 5 yr olds

Comment by lauren paul on November 16, 2011 at 10:30pm

First lets start by not being so appalled and shocked that young women "are STILL" getting pregnant at such a young age.This has been going on way back since our greatgrandparents time and even further....Second, people should really stop scoffing at these youngsters and do something about it.Blaming the media is not the answer, when the problem is taking place within the house hold. What are you teaching and not teaching your children,nieces, nephews,cousins and grandchildren about sex to prevent this from becoming a bigger epidemic? Stop pointing fingers at everyone around you and take a look in the mirror!!! No one talks about sex and the consequences of engaging in ANY kind of sexual activity in full detail. Simply saying dont do it or else is not enough..Children push boundaries and are willing to fid out what that "or else" is. Speak to your children, give them information in full detail and leave nothing out..Last and certainly not least..TAKE OFF THE BLIND FOLDS AND WAKE UP, NO AGE IS TOO YOUNG to start this conversation!!!! STOP thinking that your child is too young to be given "the sex talk". That he/she doesnt need to know the all the nitty gritty about such "adult activities" and that they are "too young" to be engaging in such things.(WHY?)--simply because there are 5yr olds raping 3yr olds...and 14 yr olds are videotaping themselves engaging in these sexual acts and posting them on the web. Wake up people give your child the right information and all of it before they explore with peers and get the wrong info on their own...

Comment by Lloyd Fletcher on September 2, 2011 at 1:19am
Once Again We Have Embark on yet Another Phenomena of "TEENAGER PREGNANCY(S)" or as Some Other Definition of "BABIES ARE HAVING BABIES" This Type of PHENOMENA is not NEW to Paraphrase the Quote That States: "HISTORY IS BEST QUALIFY TO REWARD ALL RESEARCH",  Let us Take a Panoramic Visit Into the Archives of HIS-STORY or HISTORY however before I Do I'll like to Erect SOME FOOT NOTES as I read the Comments Made Possible by the Viewing Audience(s) One state that it's the M.E.D.I.A's to be BLAME other say it is the PARENTS others state that Babies are Having Babies While others say it's the TEENAGERS FAULT while they may to an extend have SOME VALIDITY as to the PROLIFERATION of these CAUSES [We] in my Most Humble Dictum must View this as an EPIDEMIC (NOTE: not from a disease stand point as some may come to terms by Definition of the Word, however it also Means: Characterized by very WIDE SPREAD GROWTH or EXTENT: Of, Relating To, or CONSTITUTING an EPIDEMIC span style="text-decoration: underline;">The Practice Had Reached Epidemic Proportions>) As in the of CASE of the FEMALE STUDENTS from Frayser High School THE TRUE SUPREME CULPRIT IN THIS WHOLE SAGA IS "THE SOCIETY AT LARGE" I Know that I'm Stepping on Thorny Grounds here however let us examine THE KHAMIT PHRASE that "IT TAKES A VILLAGE TO RAISE A CHILD" and let me also add another FOOT NOTE that "CHILDREN LEARN WHAT THEY LIVE AND CHILDREN LIVE WHAT THEY LEARN"  these are the SOME OF THE KHEMETIC VALUES KNOWN AS KHEMETIC COSMOLOGY or COSMOGANY that THIS SOCIETY AS NEVER IMPLEMENT IN THEIR SOCIAL INSTITUTIONS BE IT SCHOOL THE C.H.U.R.C.H. Yes I Said It, However IF IT'S NOT FROM A KHEMETIC (An AFRIKHAN) PERSPECTIVE IF YOU WILL THEM IT WAS NEVER CORRECTLY THOUGHT and We MUST TURN TO THOSE who Have these VALUE SYSTEM IN PLACE Meaning via By PRACTICAL TRADITIONAL PRACTICE and or by TEACHING THESE PROFOUND LEGACIES from Some of OUR GREAT SCHOLARS just to Name a Few Such Names: Dr. Francis Cress Welsing, Dr. Patrica Neton, Dr. Jewell Pookrum, Dr. Joyce Leary Dr. Rosalind Jeffrey, Queen Shahrazed Ali WE NEED THESE QUEEN MOTHER VOICES and TEACHING to INJECTED their KHEMETIC THESIS INTO THIS ALARMING EPIDEMIC CRISIS THAT AS SWEPT THE COMMUNITY BY STORM and from a Medical Stand Point when these Become Mothers by the BIRTH of their NEW BORN the MEDICAL INDUSTRY IS ANXIOUSLY AWAITING TO ADMINISTER THEIR GENO PROJECT euphemism for HUMAN EXPERIMENT at the TUNE OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS and RAISING the STAKES OF THESE MULTI-COPORATION and PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIALIST  also to ENLIGHTENING YOU the FORUM VIEWERS EVERY MOTHER DEVELOPED what is called A PLACENTA which is the Nutritional Life Cord That Attaches You To Your Child now after you GIVE BIRTH THIS PRECIOUS COMMODITY call the PLACENTA it is USED (Now this is where I'll be losing some of the viewing audience if I've not already LOST you in the early Segment of my Commentary Thesis, however please stay with ME throughout this commentary and YOU'LL leave this FORUM WITH AN OVERVIEW CHRONOLOGICAL KNOWLEDGE of the DIABOLICAL PROGNATHOUS GAME that as been PLAYED on OUR DAUGHTERS lack for a better word.) TO TREAT OSTEOPOROSIS in ALBINO ADULTS and RICKETS in their CHILDREN or OFF SPRING (the SO-CALLED WHITE RACE) this Definition is the TRUE DEFINITION (ALBINO)  and not the custom term we've been BRAINWASHED to USED Presearch the word for yourself. As I have promise in my earlier segment of my discussion of previsiting  the archives of HISTORY or HIS-STORY One of the Many Contributor to this TREASONOUS ACT that as BEFALL and BEREFT DARK-MELANIN PEOPL
Comment by lisa jones on June 30, 2011 at 12:22pm

Parents buckle down on your kids


Comment by Joyelle on May 15, 2011 at 10:07pm
smh crazy its not only the media!
Comment by Samantha Stallion on April 26, 2011 at 2:15pm
 The bible said babies will be having babies...
Comment by Precious Tyson on April 24, 2011 at 6:28am
I would have to say the blame is a combination of all three parties. Yes the media glorifies teen pregnancy with shows like Teen Mom. They make it seem as if being pregnant is okay. However, the young ladies growing up today are smart enough to know that the rode of having a baby at a young age is a downfall. Believing that all it takes to raise a child making sure the baby looks "fly". Raising a child takes money, love, stable home and two parents. But also, where are the parents? I say this knowing how hard it is growing up with two workingg parents trying to make sure all bills are paid for and that we are stable. With that said, there still has to be family time scheduled. Families no longer eat dinner together which is a time when parents/ child can talk and share events. Fathers aren't in the homes and mothers are just too busy. Overall the communication between parent(s) and child has disappeared. No one talks and by the time they do its too late. Sadly for these young ladies they are going to learn the hard way and their parents are going to be raising these babies.
Comment by elizabeth fouche on February 20, 2011 at 10:55pm
I blame the kids and the parents...They (kids) have more information then anyone of us growing up.  They become super stars from Facebook. At the end of the day, parents know what kids are going to do because they were kids themselves.  That's why at 40 years old, I don't have a kid.  I understand the consequences and do not want to be a single parent at 16 or 40... it is not a game. I told my kids sister when she asked me about sex that her only job was to go to school.  When you are really ready to have the talk, my door is always open.  Shes now 18 with NO babies and going to college.  She has some girlfriends who had kids so she learned the lesson without having to be the student. The school of life is very tough if you don't pay attention in class. God bless these kids. I hope for their sake that they will always have the help that they need.

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