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There are many saddening tales of games that failed

Yet, despite receiving heavy publicity and almost universal praise from reviewers, Giants didn’t sell particularly well. This could have been due to gamers reporting glitches. Most notably, glitches that would cause the game to crash and difficulty connecting to the online server. Unfortunately, even though these issues were fixed by patches not long after release, the damage had already been done and it may have put some consumers off. In contrast, there have been a handful of recent games that have sold millions of  sell csgo skins  copies despite suffering from far worse issues including crippling glitches, highlighting that established brand identity can sometimes allow companies to unfairly ride through waves of criticism.

There are many saddening tales of games that failed to translate great ideas into sales, but Giants is one of the more unfortunate stories in the history of videogames. It is an all-round great game and it wasn’t just the graphics and unique concepts that made it a classic; it also had a wonderfully vibrant orchestrated soundtrack, an electrifying range of powerful weapons and cracking comedy that didn’t once let up.

The understated soundtrack was composed by Mark Morgan and the incomparable Jeremy Soul. The music can, like the game itself, be broken down into three main segments. Each one having been specially composed to match the tone of a particular campaign: Symphony Meccaryn, a dizzyingly extravagant segment that includes brass, wind and string, captures the essence of an unpredictable adventure by regularly changing up the tempo; Sea Reaper Suite is ethereal and heavily uses wind instruments to encapsulate magical vibe of the Sea Reapers, but mixes in bongos, pitched percussion and flutes giving it tribal, ethnic undertones; Kabuto Concerto is bolder and heavier and hits the listener straight away with percussions to convey the titular character’s terrifying presence.

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