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Most of the ones around that mark have proven themselves in the big leagues for more than one year. Charlie Austin also had a breakout year, scoring 18 goals in the prem on a QPR side with undoubtedly much worse service than Kane had at Spurs, but I don't see anyone mentioning him in these threads.

I don't think Austin or Kane should be 80/81 because of a lot of Fifa coins. I won't go as far as saying he is overhyped, but I think high 70s would be more fitting. I could be wrong, just my opinion.

I mean I'd be perfectly okay with Charlie Austin being an 80 as well, but that's just me. Don't really think 80-81 is all that high of a rating unless it's a fullback.

I totally agree but there's a lot of hype around Kane. He'll be around there or thereabouts regardless, and it's be a massive upgrade either way.
I can't think of many others though apart from Clyne. I certainly can't think of any other Arsenal players apart from Koscielny, Coquelin, Monreal, Alexis and Cazorla who will get upgraded.

I can't see clyne getting that big an upgrade. His second half o the season wasn't that impressive and shaw the year before only got a slight upgrade while being the second best lb in the league

How is Henderson 82 rated? If you're gonna do that Herrera needs to be 83 or 84 and Ramsey needs an upgrade too, both are far better than Hendo.

Don't be ridiculous, Herrera and Ramsey are similar, Henderson is no where near as good as either. Henderson spends all game chasing after his s*** first touch.

Sterling will be the biggest downgrade from 81 or whatever to only being able to put him on your bench. He will also need twice as many fitness cards than a regular player because he gets pretty tired counting his money.

Balotelli - should drop from 82 to a 79, cause EA don't like massive downgrades. Henderson, Coutinho and Can should see decent upgrades.
Martin Skrtel should get a boost to pace back to around 70. It was a joke how they dropped it. He was always a pretty quick CB, and nothing changed.

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