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“The New Jim Crow” Author Says Black Americans Need To Seriously Rethink Their Support For Hillary Clinton

Acclaimed author of The New Jim Crow and Ohio State University professor Michelle Alexander, is credited as the one who drew America’s attention to the new form of slavery – mass incarceration. She recently posted to her Facebook page to give her educated opinion about Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the African American support that surrounds it:

If anyone doubts that the mainstream media fails to tell the truth about our political system (and its true winners and losers), the spectacle of large majorities of black folks supporting Hillary Clinton in the primary races ought to be proof enough. I can’t believe Hillary would be coasting into the primaries with her current margin of black support if most people knew how much damage the Clintons have done—the millions of families that were destroyed the last time they were in the White House thanks to their boastful embrace of the mass incarceration machine and their total capitulation to the right-wing narrative on race, crime, welfare and taxes. There’s so much more to say on this topic and it’s a shame that more people aren’t saying it. I think it’s time we have that conversation.

According to, Hillary strongly supported her husband’s 1994 crime bill, which built more prisons and extended prison sentences (and which Bernie Sanders voted for). Alexander remembers Bill Clinton’s seminal role in creating “the current racial undercaste” which she talks about in her book:

In 1992, presidential candidate Bill Clinton vowed that he would never permit any Republican to be perceived as tougher on crime than he. True to his word, just weeks before the critical New Hampshire primary, Clinton chose to fly home to Arkansas to oversee the execution of Ricky Ray Rector, a mentally impaired black man who had so little conception of what was about to happen to him, that he asked for the dessert from his last meal to be saved for him until the morning. After the execution, Clinton remarked, “I can be nicked a lot, but no one can say I’m soft on crime.

Alexander goes on: Once elected, Clinton endorsed the idea of a federal “three strikes and you’re out” law, which he advocated in his 1994 State of the Union address, to enthusiastic applause on both sides of the aisle. The $30 billion crime bill sent to President Clinton in August 1994 was hailed as a victory for the Democrats, who “were able to wrest the crime issue from the Republicans and make it their own. “The bill created dozens of new federal capital crimes, mandated life sentences for some three-time offenders, and authorized more than $16 billion for state prison grants and expansion of state and local police forces. Far from resisting the emergence of the new caste system, Clinton escalated the drug war beyond what conservatives had imagined possible a decade earlier. As the Justice Policy Institute has observed, “the Clinton Administration’s ‘tough on crime’ policies resulted in the largest increases in federal and state prison inmates of any president in American history.”

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Comment by mr1stroke on March 9, 2016 at 1:36pm

You may read some of my blogs at this link

Comment by AfricanGoddess on March 7, 2016 at 11:33pm

All She has to do is,show up with her jig to get the black votes...nothing else matters to most black folks.

We don't have a group thinking,that's another big hinder to progress as a group... We get what we get!

What about the important issues black people???

This is why we are secretly the laughing stock to this world...

Comment by mr1stroke on March 7, 2016 at 4:07am
But negros are loyal to the masters do you see how they are kissing Hillary ass they. Have no shame they are as dumb as they. Come out there crying Hillary
Comment by AfricanGoddess on March 7, 2016 at 1:15am

Hillary Clinton's mind games with black people

Comment by AfricanGoddess on March 7, 2016 at 1:13am

Hillary Clinton's Connections To The Private Prison Industry Are Disturbing

Comment by AfricanGoddess on March 6, 2016 at 6:20pm

A friend of mine wrote the following...

March 2 at 2:39pm ·

"Clinton is as Robotic as the Masses of those who Just dont Give a F---. Hillary is gonna Bring Pain just like the Masters Wife Did During Slavery punishing her Servants with the Masters agreement that Mothers Know Best."

Comment by mr1stroke on March 4, 2016 at 2:11pm

Bernie sanders was fighting for injustice long before there was Al sharpton, he puts him self in the front line for human rights since he was 20 years old, for more than 40 years he kept the message and kept pushing for the same cause long before no one would support a black man for president, before any one was thinking "Obama" Bernie sanders was the only one supporting Jesse Jackson for president in 1988, when no one would come out and support gay rights Bernie sanders was fighting for transgenders and gay rights since 1972, but in this serious time when our future is in danger, where is Jesse Jackson, where is the gay community, where are all the black folks who always crying wolf about injustice? Today I ask you is that the thanks he gets, do your home work and research and from there start voting Bernie sanders, unless you have a strong reason as a black person or a gay person why you should vote Hillary, we really dont need another Clinton, we have enough prison with innocent black men behind bars, when Clinton took the money that they pledge for Haiti, the last time we look haiti is still in poverty, no rebuilding, no schools, no jobs, the people are still dying, the last time i check Bill clinton was building fancy hotels for him and his friends, or may be you dont have to take my words for it, next time you go to a Hillary rally ask her what happened with the million of dollars that the world pledge to help haiti During the Earth Quake? Bernie Sanders have always kept his promise no matter how many people who walked away from him, when all the democrats whites or blacks walked away from him for supporting Jesse jackson in 1988 he kept fighting, when he walked on that stage he gave the speech to support Jesse jackson and that white lady walked over and slapped him by asking him "how can you support that n***** for president?" he continued to deliver his speech and never gave up on us, Today im calling on all true black folks who are tired of being taking advantage by people who have no interest in us, take a few minutes research about Bernie Sanders and I guaranty you will vote "Bernie Sanders" for president in 2016.

Comment by AfricanGoddess on March 4, 2016 at 10:46am


...and with he right frequency of  music,the goal is to destroy the Black minds.

Our people mindset has truly gone backwards without realizing it...cacooned in this matrix of evil!

Comment by mr1stroke on March 4, 2016 at 8:39am
AfricanGoddess they were taught how to be cool and to be cool is to be dumb many of them realize being cool is like mastubation it will make you feel good but at the end there is no true satisfaction it is sad a community who cares about the latest gears the nicest cars almost every one are in debt they are more concern about material things. But will not think about college funds for their kids they will take a chunk of money put it in the bank in a savings account as they spend but won't think about investing black people are more concern about savings than investment they think backward about everything
Comment by AfricanGoddess on March 4, 2016 at 12:05am

@ Conscious1

"Right wing, left wing = same phucking bird."

No Doubt!

Agrees with everything else you touched on...thumbs up*

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