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The most interesting aspect of the stealth sequences

While I don't think these light-action sequences would have been the game's highlight on any platform, they are where the console port stumbles the most. When skulking around the war-torn ruins, its important to stay as quiet and out of sight as possible, which is why the PC version comes with a distinct “sneak” button. On the console, sneaking is done with a light touch on the analog stick. Lean on the stick  sell csgo keys  a rabbit's breath harder than intended, and the scavenger will burst into a full-out sprint. This would be annoying in its own right, but it is compounded by the awkward controls that make moving up and down stairs or choosing between opening a door and looking through the keyhole a chore. More than once I blew my cover dashing left or right while trying to get down a set of stairs, or accidentally throwing open a door after carefully scoping out the situation through the peephole.

The most interesting aspect of the stealth sequences is when you bump into other survivors. Everyone is on edge, and it's easy for a slight misunderstanding to spiral into a frantic, fatal exchange. However , many of the survivors in the ruins are just scared and desperate people themselves not looking for a fight. Some will be willing to trade supplies, others will beg, some will puff up their chests and toss out threats only to fold when pushed back.

There is a wonderful sense of unease and tension in these moments. I was never quite sure who to trust and who to bash in the skull with a crowbar. With the permadeath stakes and the knowledge that my party waiting at home was depending on my scavenger making it back in one-piece, each time I ran into someone else was a minor crisis. The fear and uncertainty of living in a war-zone made crystal clear in one heart-skipping moment.

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