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The Difference Between Herbs and Spices

This is a quite difficult question. There is a short explanation that is given by some sites that deal with herbs and spices.chicken essence wholesale

They say that herbs are fresh leaves of green plants. Spices are dried pieces of various parts of a plant. This is very simplified. It is half-way true but half-way it is not.

Let us see what is true and what is not.

Herbs that are used in kitchen to season dishes, are not always fresh. They may be dried. And this is more often the case than being able to use them while they are fresh. Not many people have the fortune to plant the herbs in their garden or on their balcony.China chicken essence wholesale

Herbs that are used in the kitchen are for example oregano, marjoram, parsley, sage, basil, rosemary.

These herbs are sold in supermarkets or in drug stores. Obviously, they are all dried. Their use in a dried form is better because their preservation is not guaranteed if they are fresh.

If we speak of spices, we are speaking of various parts of the plant. Most of them are sold and used when dried. Only a few are on the market while they are fresh.

Spices are roots, barks, flowers or seeds. There are also stigmas like saffron which is used to give a special flavor to various dishes, on the basis of meat, rice or even of pasta.

Among the spices that are dried fruits or seeds we find fennel, mustard and black pepper. They are used to give flavor to main dishes.

Flower buds are the basis of cloves. Cloves are used both in salty and in sweet dishes. They are also used as a medical help. For example, they are said to alleviate tooth aches. You can chew them or keep them in your mouth where they develop their particular flavor and help sooth your tooth ache.

Ginger and turmeric are dried roots. Ginger is also available in its fresh form. It is used for various preparations.flavorings manufacturers

Some of the spices as well as of the herbs are not only used in kitchen, to give flavor to dishes. The herbs, like rosemary and sage, are used for teas. You may use sage if you have a sore throat. It has a soothing effect. And not only, it is really curing your throat. Rosemary is used to alleviate especially women's pains if taken in the form of a tea.

Fennel that is considered to be a spice, can be used as a tea too. It helps your intestines to calm down. It is also used for small children if they have a bloated stomach or if they vomit.chicken essence benefits

Both, herbs and spices are great gifts of Mother Nature. Use them wisely, but use them often.

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