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Teacher ‘too sexy’ for classroom is getting booked for club appearances

Did this curvy 4th-grade ‘teacher’ who went viral, dress too sexy for her students {VIDEO}

(Photo: Instagram)

Patrice Brown, the teacher who was called “too sexy” for the classroom, is taking her “Teacher Bae” title with her to host club appearances.

Brown appeared on a flyer for Club SKKY announcing that she would be hosting on Wednesday, October 28, for their Magic City Classic week.

Her appearance comes after images of her teaching went viral, with many claiming that her clothes were “too tight” and that she was dressed in “clubwear” in the classroom.

Well now, Brown is taking her “clubwear” to the club. That’s certainly one way to turn the situation around on the haters!



Patrice Brown, the curvy Atlanta teacher who was dubbed #TeacherBae by the internet after posting pictures of her outfits that she wore to school, has been reprimanded by Atlanta Public Schools for her wardrobe.
Following the uproar after many critics claimed that Brown’s clothes were “too tight,” with some users on social media even going so far as to call it “clubwear,” APS released a statement on the matter. Administrators said that Brown was not a teacher but a paraprofessional who was “given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code.”

The policy prohibits “immodest dress, tight or otherwise revealing,” and so the tight outfits worn by Brown could be considered to break that policy.
However, Brown’s proponents say that the uproar is more about sexualizing Brown’s curvy body rather than the dress code, pointing out that the clothes would likely fit people with different body types in a manner that no one would call “clubwear.”

School supplies

It was reported that Patricia Brown, a fourth-grade teacher at a public school in Atlanta, wore a form-fitting dress in class that went viral.

A quick scan of Brown's Instagram page shows that photos of her outfits worn to work are fairly similar: she typically pairs knee-length, high-neck dresses with flats or heels and sometimes a cardigan, blazer or sweater, but the attention Brown has received for her clothes has led to many of them being deleted.

That picture being criticized on Twitter -- which launched the hashtag #teacherbae --  and Instagram was deemed inappropriate, but some came to Brown's defense, saying that certain dresses may look a particular way on her because she has a curvy figure.

Some on Twitter criticized the focus on Brown's clothes rather than her work as a teacher and others blamed a culture of sexualizing women.

"I just wish they would respect me and focus on the positive and what truly matters, which is educating the children of the future generations and providing and caring for them," Brown told The Daily Dot.

Brown's decision to make her Instagram account private may have been because og the focus on her attire rather than her job.

"Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that Patrice Brown is a paraprofessional employed with the district," Atlanta Public Schools said in a statement. "She was given guidance regarding the APS Employee Dress Code, the use of social media, and Georgia Code of Ethics for educators, and she has been cooperative in addressing her presence on social media."

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Comment by AfricanGoddess on October 23, 2016 at 10:19pm

Personally,I never had a problem with her ... most of the photos were personal and not for work... people do have a life out of work regardless of their title.

She was appropriately covered for the classroom,not scantily clad ... her fitted clothing might be too much for some based on their philosophy in life. This is a the modern,selfie generation,she is not doing anything abnoxiously wrong from any of the photos I've seen of her.

These are hardly sexualized pose which would suggest "thotish" behavior on her part... she is probably more conservative than we know,who happens to be comfortable within her body and even in a fitted suit,you would still see that she has curves... We have eyes!

There is so much hypocrisy here too... I said from day one, if this was a female from any other group,she would be called feminine,hot,sexy,beautiful,have marriage proposal and more instantly without all this scrunity...teacher or not!     An in shaped,good body black female who maintains herself,will get called all sorts of name even if she is button up from the neck to her ankle,which is nothing new... historically the black female body has cause contradiction,jealousy,envied,been severely demonized as less than,castrated,hated on and attacked for being.  Any other racial background,this wouldn't even be a conversation.*shrugs*

From what I read about her,coming from other colleagues and students,she is a great teacher. We need more caring black teachers to assured our children are learning and being led in the right direction... that would be my only concerned,if she was my child's teacher.  Her being a decent teacher should be the conversation!

What's the worst that can happen here... little black boys will have their first teacher crush on a black female teacher?  Her students wanting to impress her by actually learning what she is teaching them?  Nothing wrong with any of that ... at least she is not molesting her students as the "others" are doing.

This isn't the worst thing she could do as a teacher,let her be. I am more elated to see black teachers(females or males) doing their best for our community than anything else,but that's just me... she is alright in my book!

Concerning the club appearances ... the kids need her more right now.  These promoters can collect and send her a gift for her effort with the kids,but I doubt they care about that.

Comment by lynz on October 21, 2016 at 1:00pm
Our point exactly! Look at the type of attention she attracted!
Comment by The Future on October 21, 2016 at 12:54pm
That's probably what the trick wanted anyway, soon she will probably leave her teaching job to become a stipper, hahhahahahhaaaa!!!!!!
Comment by mr1stroke on September 26, 2016 at 1:47am
kathy m unless you living in world we don't know about or haven't been out everything you type looks good but I wish it was a reality now we did not say alla women we say the majority or most of them I am a single business I travel most of the time and I deal locally not to mention online now we talking about grown women some of them in their 40s and over 30 doing the nonsense you need to visit some of the websites about 60% of women online are not into dating they are selling ass now just because you are not doing the same thing does not mean you represent all women if you are a good woman we cannot all marry you if we are looking for one so the reality is the stupidity is out there more than you think let's not defend that kind of behavior take a look around we are not making this thing up many women out there are pretending to be good but as men we always know it's how e get what we want just go with the flow act like we believe them if you do the survey for one day how many good women you think you will find and how many are truly lying like I said we are men we are out there if women were so good we would not be playing. The game over and over as we move on to the next so if you are a good one stay good otherwise get play like the rest either way as a men we are going to keep on smiling
Comment by Big Shot... on September 26, 2016 at 12:12am

@Mr1stroke: I know what you mean, I agree with much of it. Especially the girl friends always injecting poison in their relationships because they are lonely, not happy or theyre jealous of it all. They all want a story to tell, and if they dont have one, they will go out there way to mess her happiness up (& this is suppose to be her friend/home girl). Thats a huge, common one.

But I also realize we cant keep bad cycles going so I attempt to help/show those that dont seem to know. Many are damaged for all different kinds of reasons, and at the end of the day they are our counter parts. I dont believe in hurting or perpetuating the problem if I can help it because Ive always got my share, and always have left them in better shape then when I met them. Thats just me, unless that person gives me a reason to do the latter. Yes some are beyond our repair, but we are smart enough to see "those" type, and when I do, I still put forth a little effort, (The old college try) and If she cant be reached then its nothing but fun for how long it will last or until Ive had enough. No harm no foul...

Comment by kathy m on September 25, 2016 at 7:07pm
To mr1stroke and Bigshot I offended that y'all are getting yourselves confused between the difference between a woman and a girl. You see the girls prepatraiting as women are probably girls who haven't or never had their fathers or a positive male role model in their lives and were raised by girls as well. It takes a woman to raise another woman and a man to raise another man. So if there are boys prepatraiting themselves as men as well what do you think is going to ng to happen. Two insecure people getting together is a disaster. Yes, girls are always in some need for attention because they never received it when they were supposed to receive it, so instead of bashing these woman getting down and getting to a place of understanding would be better. I bet y'all made some bad decisions in your lives. There is only one perfect one!!! It's a sad situation but your talking about someone's mother, sister, daughter, aunt, niece!! And some people feel like they work hard for their bodies to look good why shouldn't they be able to show it off. Y'all be looking right! Dicks up asses down! Don't act y'all don't know!!!
Comment by mr1stroke on September 25, 2016 at 6:49pm

Big Shot they are real jealousy towards each other because just about every woman are desperate for a relationship or husband, they are never happy for the others, they can sure pretend even at the wedding they wish they were the one kissing saying i do, some of those women will bash a man telling their friends how bad he is as soon as that woman leave the man the same one who was bashing will take him and willing to kill for me, or if woman trying to be good she got a good thing going as soon as she tells her jealous friend if she does not have a relationship she would advise that woman to leave or step out so she can be single too, majority of relationships are ruing by the women friends it is a big mess, while they going against each other the men are having a f*** fest, men dont ever have to do what a woman say or want because there will always be women available to have sex with, it just dont stop, right now if i step to miami beach or La or vegas i will have so much sex i will need to take a month off my dick will be hurting so many other women who are just out there leaving the life of the party are just living it up, i dont even take a woman serious if she talks relationship unless i truly know that woman and know her values i might catch her before she ruin or taken but that is yet to happen im just going through like a corn field like is too damn good to be committed, and the best part many women do not understand as a single man you pick who you will sleep with and when, or who you will go out with and what occasion the true men know there are a certain women you should see on w holiday weekend unless you are about to get something new, and there are the weekend girls you might want chill with, and the one you call after work or you go over to spend the night with once they know youre single every one are trying to be a winner women have no idea why they cant get married or just getting smash the more they think men are dumb the easier they make the game for us, as you can see they are still making the same mistakes, still getting played by the same game, its just crazy and if you try to tell them they want listen so why try just f*** them all

Comment by Big Shot... on September 25, 2016 at 6:11pm
@Mr1Stroke: That's real talk. With most of them, the hate is great between them for sure, and it's usually linked to jealousy or envy by one or all. The lies mixed with deception and phoniness is off the chart, anything to get what they want, then they get upset and flip out when sh*t falls apart or they've been caught up. Just never considered being fair, honest and straight up, all that over smart BS, out smarting themselves.
Comment by mr1stroke on September 24, 2016 at 1:34am
Big are right these days women are in the state of emergency they are getting dumber and dumber by days For the s*** they do they seek attention every whee for anything you know it's bad when a woman can show her body to the world weather it's on video or just pictures in her bedroom or bathroom put it online for every one to see that's a whole new low that's why I say to any man before marrying a woman hire an online investigator so you know who you're marrying if that love s*** exist you will still marry her but you will know who you with don't wait years now you mad you want to divorce or kill her too many trash out there and you can tell they all get f*** and walk right over to the next man and they expect someone to respect them women don't even respect women if you compliment a woman the other one starts to put out her dirty laundry or calling her a whore but I love f****** lol
Comment by Big Shot... on September 24, 2016 at 12:37am
@Mr1Stroke: Oh, I agree 100% with all of that. But I also believe males have a responsibility NOT to sweat, drool or give any attention to those that aren't worthy because this is why they continue it and go over board. People these days love attention, especially females, any type, most are crazy and obsessed with it. It's an addiction as you can see. Being that they chase after what men like and what we all give the slightest attention to, we must put for an effort to flip the script. Props should be given only to the positive, hard working level headed individuals. People striving for greatness, or those that Have proven to be great. If we did that, there would be no time for the sluts and jerks, which would also cause them to be obsolete when it comes to bragging rights of top trends. Everyone is just off the hook right now, copying, and this behavior has become common place even though it's not norm for a civilized society.

Back in the days males and females would keep each other in line by pointing out the problems or shaming them on the regular when a person didn't look or carry themselves with common decency, or to respectable standards. Now due to an epidemic of ignorant people on camera, (many young, w/the "appearance" of having money, doing the corporations slave dance, cooning) they've influinced millions, teaching that anything goes and everything is ALL GOOD, like: tricking, stripping, whoring, reckless careless sex with many partners (& with no protection), slipping up making babies they don't want, while blowing cash like they really got it like that. Basically, not a moral vein in their bodies.

It's time to step our game up. Men and women. Females should never except dudes walking around in slippers all day (never ready) in the streets miles from home with their dirty draws and ass crack out hollering at everyone (including other males) like they're h***'s in jail. (Why would a decent women in her right mind even give her time to this mess any way?) Dudes should also be checking their homies on this crap too. "Why do you have to show us your ass crack man???".

And men shouldn't be giving passes to females looking and carrying themselves any kind of way because he might just want some quick sex for the moment (& even if ya have to go there, a quick bump and dump shouldn't be pure trash or straight garbage). Loud, sloppy, dirty, slutty not sexy, severely out of shape, wearing clothes they can't fit and got no business in, or looking like black versions of white women. (Doing anything for attention, should be a turn off, and it is, for those with class &/or self respect). Then checking the bad attitudes, drop a jewel and leave if they're that stupid, cause you can't fix most levels of stupid. But ya gotta leave them with something.. (Females should be checking their girls on this also, stop lying to each other or giving passes all the time, it's all about communication keeping it real/being honest..)

I'm sayin, it's time for checks and balances, this is why things are getting worse. The younger ones see this mess and continue to copy off of it. And the more they don't have a good mentor/teacher around, the more likely they will be another fool perpetuating the cycle.

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