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It is a sad shame when a country that is so culture rich and full of pride for their country decide to throw a section of people away because they don't "FIT IN". In my visit to Trinidad and Tobago, a country dear to my heart, I was sadden by the life that the children of Russell Latapy Secondary school in Morvant is having to endure in such a country that seems to only afford the necessity of education to the "ELITE" schools of Trinidad. Russell Latapy is a school full of bright, loving, and caring students that just feel thrown away by their country because of the area they are from. During my visit, I found that these student only want someone to care for them and take interested in who they are as individuals, not what community they live in.


Trinidad is suffering from community prejudice which is a sad thing for a country that is so diverse. However, the real problem comes down to the fact that the children feel thrown away and branded because of their area, they in turn give up and become apart of the negativity going on in the community which is the gangs, murders, and drugs.  WE CAN CHANGE THAT OUTCOME!


This blog post is an effort to bring awareness to this serious FIXABLE problem. If we reach the children Morvant, the future of Trinidad, a lot of the violence Trinidad is facing can be prevented. Implementing afterschool programs, recreational activities, putting CARING counselors within the schools, and reaching out to the parents/ adults of the community to band together for positive change in their community, if not for themselves, at least for the children,Trinidad would have a much better quality of life...but it starts with us!


The people and the CHILDREN of Morvant is apart of Trinidad whether you want to acknowledge it or not! There are good people in Morvant trying to survive and live a descent life but unfortunately their financial circumstances have them where they are...THEY SHOULD NOT BE DISREGARD! The children of Russell Latapy Secondary and children throughout the community need to know that TRINIDAD and the world cares about them and their future.


DIP Publishing House is establishing a foundation for the Russell Latapy Secondary to be able purchase educational items for students, clothing, grooming items, counseling, and literacy tools. If you would like to donate any monetary amount to our efforts please send to:

DIP Publishing House

P.O 376

Marietta, Georgia 30061

For more information on this serious situation please call (877) 430-7769 ext 700. Thank you for your support.

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