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The Christmas Crate is single use only, so once the crate has been used, the player will receive the given weapon, and the crate will disappear from the battlefield. You will get to RS Gold try the weapon until you die, then you have to go find another crate if there are any crates left on the map.Soviet PPSh 41 for Friday Dec.

The weekend gets kicked off with Christmas Crates containing the Soviet PPSh 41 . These will be available from Friday 00.00 CET to Saturday 00.00 CETUS Thompson M1A1 for Saturday Dec. 5thSaturday is your opportunity to try the US Thompson M1A1. These will be available from Saturday 00.00 CET to Sunday 00.

CETGerman MP 40 for Sunday Dec. 6thFor Sunday the Christmas Crates will contain the German MP 40. These will be available from Sunday 00.00 CET to Monday 00.00 CET Week long sales on SMGsThe Christmas sales has begun! This week, from Tuesday Dec. 1st. until scheduled server maintenance Tuesday Dec.

There is a huge 25% discount on all SMGs.You have just unlocked a new SMG on the ribbon, but lack the funds to Runescape Gold pay the full price? Fear not, with this Christmas 2015 event sale, you can now afford to buy the SMGs you have been waiting for!The special limited Christmas SMG skinsCheck out these awesome limited edition Christmas 2015 skins.

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